Office of education conditions of sponsorship for third country training

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1. Name of Participant (Mr., Ms., Dr.) (Family, Given, Other)      

2. Name of Program      

3. Brief Description of Program       

4. Name of Activity Provider and Phone, Fax and Address of Primary Contact      

5. Start/End Dates      

6. Expected Training Address      

I agree that, as a USAID-sponsored Participant, I will adhere to my program, devote my time and attention to my program, and conform to USAID regulations. I understand that I must return to my country immediately upon completion of my program and endeavor to utilize the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired under this program for the benefit of my country.

Furthermore, I thoroughly understand the following requirements of USAID: 

1. Return To Home Country: I understand that I must depart the country of training within three calendar days (seven calendar days for long-term programs of six months or more) after the last activity of my program, unless circumstances arise that would preclude such departure and the Sponsoring Unit (or its Implementer) gives me written approval for a later return date. I agree to repay all training costs plus possible penalty charges, administrative costs, and interest in case of late payment, if I fail to return to home country at the end of my program, if required by USAID. USAID will bill me for these costs. I understand that any amounts which may be due USAID as a result of my failure to meet the terms of this Conditions of Sponsorship may be withheld from monies owed me by the U.S. government or may be recovered by such other methods as permitted by law.

2. Medical Insurance: I understand that USAID is not responsible for any costs related to medical care while I am in another country. I understand that I will be enrolled in a health insurance program, and I will be covered only for the coverage/limits provided by that health insurance program. I understand that I am responsible for paying any insurance deductible or co-payment (if required) and for the prompt filing of medical claims. I authorize the insurance company that issued the insurance policy, the premiums of which are paid by USAID, or its stated representative, to release all information related to such medical claims to USAID and its stated representative.

3. Dependents: I understand that I will follow the policy on participant dependents set by the USAID Mission in my country; that if dependent travel is allowed, USAID provides no funds for dependent expenses; and that I must meet USAID requirements regarding dependents, i.e., show that funds are available in a bank that are equal to 50% of my maintenance for each dependent, for each month they are to reside with me in another country, b) my dependents may be required to undergo a medical examination in my home country, c) I will secure medical insurance which includes coverage for pregnancy if appropriate, and d) I will have funds available for the purchase of my dependent’s round trip tickets. I further understand that cancellation of dependent insurance may is grounds for the termination of my USAID-sponsored program. 

4. Employment: I understand that USAID sponsored Third Country Training Participants must not be employed in the third-country where the activity is taking place, except in connection with an assistantship, on-the-job-training, or practical training experience that is an integral, documented part of the sponsored activity, or when otherwise approved by the Sponsoring Unit in accordance with Agency policy. I understand that if I receive a salary or stipend, USAID will reduce my maintenance allowance by the net amount paid.

5. Termination of a Participant Training Program: I understand that USAID reserves the right to terminate Participant Training programs of those participants who: a) change their course of study without prior authorization; b) fail in their studies; c) fail to carry a full-time course of study, unless specific arrangements are made with the monitoring contractor; d) conduct themselves in a manner prejudicial to the USAID Program or to the laws of the country; e) accept any public welfare funds; f) bring dependents to the country without prior USAID approval or violate any of the dependent requirements; g) obtain employment in another country without prior USAID approval; h) are diagnosed as having mental or physical disease, disability or disorder that will unduly delay or prevent successful completion of the program, or render the participant unlikely to contribute to the home country’s development for which the program was designed; and, i) revoke the authorization provided in paragraph 2 above titled "Medical Insurance." 

6. Legal Obligations: I understand that USAID will not provide funds for my legal defense, and will assume no responsibility for expenses involved in my operating a motor vehicle, for expenses involving criminal or civil law proceedings related to the operation of a motor vehicle, or for any other civil or criminal action for which I am held responsible for by local, state or Federal authorities. This applies to arrest and detention as well as fines, taxes, legal fees, and lawsuits and medical expenses for injuries sustained as the result of operating a motor vehicle or any other activity. 

7. Automobile Purchase: I understand that USAID policy prohibits the purchase of a vehicle in the country of training without the prior approval of my sponsoring unit. If I operate a vehicle not owned by me, I do so at my own risk and am personally responsible for: 

  • Determining and complying with all state and local laws, ordinances and requirements of the program locality.

  • Obtaining all necessary personal, liability and health and accident insurance, and licenses to meet state and local requirements for the operation of a motor vehicle.

  • Payment of the cost for medical treatment of injuries sustained as a result of an automobile accident.

I understand that if I drive any vehicle while under USAID sponsorship, it will be to my advantage to obtain the maximum personal liability insurance coverage available, to cover possible claims against me should I ever be involved in an automobile accident.


Signature of Participant: 

Signature of Authorized USAID Official:



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