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Ortiz, Gabriela

(b Mexico City, 20 Dec 1964). Mexican composer. She graduated in composition (1990) from the Escuela Nacional de Música, where she studied under Ibarra; she also took classes there in analysis and composition with Lavista (1985–90). She went on to study in England with Saxton, as well as attending courses at London Contemporary Dance Theatre (1992), Dartington International Summer School (1992) and Darmstadt (1994). Her works have been performed widely and commissions include Altar de muertos (1996) for the Kronos Quartet.

Ortiz’s music, for the most part conventionally notated, combines a free use of tonality with references to traditional and popular styles, rock, African and Afro-Caribbean music. These are particularly evident in the rich rhythmic nature of works such as Altar de neón and Concierto candela for percussion and orchestra. Her experimental electro-acoustic pieces have led to a more complex manipulation of sounds.


Dance scores: Hacia la deriva, 1989; Eve and all the rest, 1991; Errant maneuvers, 1993

Orch: Patios, 1989; Concierto candela, solo perc, orch, 1993; Altar de neón, perc qt, chbr orch, 1995; Zocalo-Bastille, vn, perc, orch, 1996

Chbr and solo inst: Danza, prep pf, 1984; Patios serenos, pf, 1985; Divertimento, cl, 1986; Str Qt no.1, 1987; Huítzitli, ganassi s rec, 1989, pic, rev. 1993 Apariciones, ww qnt, str qnt, 1990; Elegía, 4 S, fl, vn, va, vc, db, perc, hp, 1991; En pares, 2 fl, 2 cl, 2 tpt, 2 hn, perc, 2 vn, 2 vc, db, hp, 1992; 5 pa’2, gui, fl, 1995; Río de las mariposas, 2 hp, steel drum, 1995; Atlas-Pumas, vn, mar, 1995

El-ac: Magna Sin, steel drum, tape, 1992; 5 Micro Etudes, tape, 1992; Things like that happened, vc, tape; El trompo, vib, tape, 1994; Altar de muertos, str qt, tape, 1996

Other works: Music for sculptures, 1989 [for works by E. Osterwalder]


Y. Moreno: La composición en México en el siglo XX (México, 1994)


Ortiz (Alvarado), William

(b Salinas, 30 March 1947). Puerto Rican composer. He studied composition with Campos-Parsi and Veray at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music (BMus 1976), continuing with Billy Jim Layton and Arel at SUNY, Stony Brook (MA 1978). His doctorate in composition followed studies with Lejaren Hiller and Morton Feldman at SUNY, Buffalo (PhD 1983). He was assistant director of Black Mountain College II (1982–), and in 1986 was appointed a teacher at the Bayamón campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

A great deal of Ortiz's music is associated with the ‘street music’ of the Latino and black sections of the great US urban centres, principally New York City, where he lived during much of his youth. This ‘urban-folk’ usage, often evoking the style and the spirit of youthful street-corner gatherings, reflects Ortiz's vision of his music as the ‘violent beauty of urban life: the expression of the shouts in the street – those that are felt, that are muffled’. His expressed intention was to ‘convert the language of the street into a legitimate instrument’, a goal realized to a great extent in such works as Street Music (1980) and Graffiti Nuyorican (1983). Ortiz's palette has more recently expanded to embrace a broader range of stylistic references, including insular Puerto Rican and generalized Caribbean allusions; characteristic of this broader vision is his Suspensión de soledad en tres tiempos (1990).

Ortiz has actively participated in international congresses since early in his career, and has received commissions from such organizations as the Guitar Society of Toronto, the Puerto Rico SO, the New York State Council on the Arts, Seton Hall University and the National Association of Puerto Rican Composers.


(selective list)

Op: Rican (bilingual street op, W. Ortiz), 1986, American Opera Projects, New York, 8 June 1991

Orch: Kantuta, ritual, orch, 1976; Antillas, 1981; Resonancia esférica, 1982; Llegó la banda, 1984; Joceo, str, 1987; Pasacalle, band, 1988; Concierto de metal para un recuerdo, brass, metal perc, 1989; Suspensión de soledad en tres tiempos, 1990

Vocal: 9 poemas Zen, S, T, fl, gui, 1975; Canto: 28 de septiembre, S, pf, 1975; 3 Songs from El Barrio, Bar, pf, 1977; Elegía a los inocentes caidos, SATB, orch, 1978; A capella, 4vv, 1983; Madrigal, Ct, T, B, 1984; A Delicate Fire, A, gui, 1986; Mano de hielo, A, gui, 1987; Romance, boy S/S, gui, 1988, arr. chorus, 1988; Unknown Poets from the Full-Time Jungle, S, pf, 1992

Chbr: Str Qt no.1, 1976; Suite, Tercer mundo, fl, rec, 2 gui, perc, 1977; Música, 2 vc, fl, cl, 1978; Rumbo, vc, pf, 1980; Street Music, fl, trbn, 2 perc, 1980; Cool Breeze, fl, bn, cl, 1982; Graffiti Nuyorican, perc, pf, 1983; Housing Project, sax qt, 1985; Bolero and Hip-Hop on Myrtle Avenue, ob, pf, 1986; Str Qt no.2, 1987; Caribe urbano, fl, ob, cl, hn, pf, 1990; A Sensitive Mambo in Transformation, elec gui, synth, drumset, elec db, 1991; Obra pública, wind qnt, 1992; Loasisai, b cl, mar, 1993; Trío concertante en tres realidades, vn, va, vc, 1995

Perc: Tamboleo, 1972; 124 E. 107th Street, 6 perc, tape, nar/actor, 1979; Bembé, 4 perc, 1981; Urbanización, 1985; Palm Tree in Spanglish Figurines, timp, 1987; Rapeo, snare drum, 1988; Eco pare un grito gris, mar, 1994

Pf: 4 piezas, 1974; Montuno, 1981; Del tingo al tango, 1984; Danza pare Rhonda, 1986; Mulata fantasía, 1987; Bella Aleyda, 1989

Gui: 3 fragmentos, gui, 1973; Pavana, gui/pf, 1977; Dualidad, 2 gui, 1979; Síntesis, gui, tape, 1979; Piezas típicas puertorriqueñas, 2 gui, 1981; Toque, 4 gui, 1981; Abrazo, 4 gui, 1984; Fotografía de Méctor, 1997

Tape: Composición electrónica, 1978; 3 estudios, computer, 1979

Principal publishers: American Composers Editions, A M Percussion, Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, North/South, Quadrivium Music, Smith Publ.


D. Thompson: ‘Contemporary String Music from Puerto Rico’, American String Teacher, xxxiv/1 (1984), 37–41

‘La musica contemporanea en Puerto Rico’, RMC, xxxviii (1984), 110–17

C. Aharonián: ‘Die gewaltsame Schönheit des urbanen Lebens’, Musiktexte, no.61 (1995), 33–4


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