Nrotc college program application sheet

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1. Enter your full name: Last, First, Middle.

2. Enter your full Social Security Number.

3. Enter your telephone number, including area code – i.e., your cell, dorm, or apartment number.

4. Enter your work phone number, if applicable.

5. Enter your school address – i.e., your dorm, apartment, or house address.

6. Enter your date of birth – e.g., 1982AUG14.

7. Enter your place of birth.

8. Check “Yes” or “No.”

9. Complete if you are a “naturalized” citizen.

10. Enter the permanent address of your parent or guardian: street, city, state, zip code.

11. Check either “Yes” or “No.” If you check yes, enter the requested information.

12. If you have any previous military experience, enter it as appropriate.

13. Enter all the extracurricular activities you participated during grades 9-12. Do not include jobs or athletic activities. Examples might include National Honor Society, Student Government, tutoring, community service.

14. Enter all the athletic activities in which you have participated during grades 9-12.

15. List all the jobs you have held here. If none, leave blank.

16. List all the schools you have attended – from high school onward.

17. Enter scores for the tests you have taken.

18. Enter class rank and class size - e.g., 37 of 310.

19. Enter anticipated date of NROTC enrollment and major – e.g., Fall 06 Economics or Winter 07 Math.

20.-29. Check “Yes” or “No” as appropriate. Answer completely and honestly.

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