Notice to produce

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Form 61

Rule 30.28(1)

Notice to produce

No.       of 20     

Federal Court of Australia

District Registry: [State]

Division: [Division]

[Name of First Applicant] [if 2 or more add "and another" or "and others"]


[Name of First Respondent] [if 2 or more add "and another" or "and others"]


To the [role of party eg Applicant]

The [role of party eg Respondent] requires you to produce the following documents or things [specify the occasion or place eg at the trial or hearing in the proceeding / before the Court, a Registrar, an examiner or other person having authority to take evidence in the proceeding]:

  1. [describe the documents or things]

Date: [eg 19 June 20..]

Signed by [Name]

[Insert capacity eg Respondent / Lawyer for the Respondent]


If this notice specifies a date for production, and is served 5 days or more before that date, you must produce the documents or things described in the notice, without the need for a subpoena for production.

If you fail to produce the documents or things, the party serving the notice may lead secondary evidence of the contents or nature of the document or thing and you may be liable to pay any costs incurred because of the failure.

Filed on behalf of (name & role of party)

Prepared by (name of person/lawyer)

Law firm (if applicable)




Address for service
(include state and postcode)


[Form approved 01/08/2011]

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