Notice of discontinuance of [*appeal / *cross-appeal]

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Form 126

Rule 36.73(1)

Notice of discontinuance of [*appeal / *cross-appeal]

No.       of 20     

Federal Court of Australia

District Registry: [State]

Division: [Division]

On appeal from the [*either]Federal Court [*or specify other court]

[Name of First Appellant] [if 2 or more add "and another" or "and others"]


[Name of First Respondent] [if 2 or more add "and another" or "and others"]


[Name of First Cross-appellant] [if 2 or more add "and another" or "and others"]


[Name of First Cross-respondent] [if 2 or more add "and another" or "and others"]


[Name], the [*role of party eg Appellant / *Cross-appellant] discontinues [*either]the whole of the [*appeal / *cross-appeal] [*or if part of the appeal/cross-appeal, specify part with reference to claim numbers in the relevant appeal/cross-appeal].

[Select one of these 3 options and delete others]

[*]Each party consents to the discontinuance.

[*or]The discontinuance is by consent on the following terms:

  1. [specify in numbered paragraphs the terms of the consent].

[*or] The Court on [date] granted leave to the discontinuance.

Date: [eg 19 June 20..]

Signed by [Name]

[Insert capacity eg Appellant / Lawyer for the Appellant]

[If the discontinuance is by consent, each party or the party’s lawyer must sign the notice of discontinuance]

[*]Date: [eg 19 June 20..]

[*]Signed by [Name]

[Insert capacity eg consenting Respondent / Lawyer for the consenting Respondent]

[* Delete if inapplicable]

Note in relation to costs

Under rule 36.73(4), an appellant who files a notice under rule 36.73(1) must, unless the parties otherwise agree, pay the costs of each respondent.

Filed on behalf of (name & role of party)

Prepared by (name of person/lawyer)

Law firm (if applicable)




Address for service
(include state and postcode)


[Form approved 01/08/2011]

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