Note-Taking-Frame―The American Revolution―Key

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Note-Taking-Frame―The American Revolution―Key



Actions of the British Government in the colonies after 1763:

  • Québec Act 1774 extended the boundaries of the Province of Québec well into the western region that the Americans considered to be their land.

  • England imposed taxes on molasses and stamps in the colonies to help pay for their war expenses.

  • England allowed their own companies to sell tea in the colonies without paying duties.

  • They made decisions in the British Parliament about the Thirteen Colonies without consulting the Americans.

Reasons why the American Colonies were unhappy with these actions:

  • They wanted freedom and independence from colonial rule.

  • They believed it was undemocratic that decisions about their country should be made by rulers in Britain.

  • They wanted their own system of government, not a monarchy.

  • They did not think they should be taxed to pay for wars that started in Europe.

  • They had become a distinct American culture separate from Britain. They felt it was unjust to be ruled by people who didn’t know their lives.

Actions of protest taken by citizens in the Thirteen Colonies against Britain:

  • They protested British laws in their Assemblies.

  • They dumped English tea into the harbour at Boston (Boston Tea Party).

  • They attacked English soldiers in Lexington Massachusetts.

  • They attacked Montréal and Québec in 1775.

  • They declared their independence from Britain on July 4, 1776.

Reasons why some residents of the Thirteen Colonies were opposed to these actions:

  • They felt loyalty to Britain and the British crown.

  • They felt that the actions of protest were leading to mob rule, disorder, and war.

  • They were worried that a revolution would cause them to lose all the security they had built in the colonies.

Reasons why the Loyalists chose to come to the British colonies in Canada:

  • They were treated as traitors in their homeland.

  • Canada did not take the side of the Americans but remained neutral in the war.

  • They felt there would be more stability and peace in Canada.

  • Canada was less populated and had plenty of land and resources.

  • They were promised help and land by the British government. Most went to Nova Scotia or the southern part of Québec, which were nearby and had English-speaking populations.

Reasons why the colonies in Canada did not join the Americans against Britain:

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