Northrepps Aeronews

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Northrepps Aeronews

Summer is drawing to a close and the nights are getting longer. We have, though, enjoyed the warmest September on record and also one of the driest so we can’t complain. Whilst we have had a busy summer, there is little time to sit and reflect as we have several jobs that need doing and we will be looking for the odd work party or two during the winter months. One or two people complained about the sightline on leaving the airfield, so the sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that we have cut the rails back a bit to resolve this problem. By the time you get this, we will have also have trimmed the hedge a bit and also cut it back, again to improve safety on the blind corner. If you live locally to the airfield, some of you may have seen the recent issue of Crab Tales which has a little article by yours truly about our field. If you can’t find a copy, I have a couple of spare copies in my truck. I believe you can also read it on line at: The issue was 047(10-23 October)
Aero Club; There has been a few changes in the Hangar and the ARV is staying but has changed hands. Paul Thaxter did his First Solo in the flex- wing and several have taken and mostly passed their written exams. Adam Gillespie passed his GST at Beccles in a C150 and is now the proud holder of a full PPL. Andy has been getting to grips with the SSDR MW5 and says its fun to fly if not a little challenging and rather slow
Paramotor Group; The guys have been getting a surprising amount of flying in and earlier this month, 4 of them, led by Chilly flew in for breakfast from Shipdham and managed to fly back…members of this group are asked not to fly over Thorpe Market or to loiter round the village please
Model Flyers Club; no news this month although they have also managed to get a lot of flying in. Next Spring I propose to let them have an old radio so they can listen in and get clear if we are very busy
SAFETY; I have noticed recently that many are starting engines both by the hangars and on the apron without shouting ‘Clear Prop’ there has been a few accidents this year across the UK and we don’t need one here. Lately I have seen members flying friends and family, which is good, but they tend to stop and watch the next one get in….so please, have a good look round and then shout. Even better still, make sure that friends and family are behind the fence and take care when the apron is busy.

Parking by the hangars: I have also noticed that some people are parking their cars outside the hangars…we had a situation on a busy weekend earlier this month when 2 members were unable to fly as they couldn’t get their aircraft out. I appreciate that members may wish to drive over to drop their gear off but please, please can you either bring your cars back to the car park or put them in the bund by the trailers. It’s not so bad during the week but then, if you are working on your aircraft, please park sensibly and do not block access to the hangars and if you go flying….simply move your car, it takes two minutes.

Silly Quiz Time;

  1. Where are the following Airports? Dyce, Turnhouse, Speke and Ronaldsway

  2. Where were the two original London Airports?

  3. Where was the large annual National Air Show held between the Wars?

  4. How many Airports either serve London and/or have London in their name?

Local Airfields News; No news this month as I have been too busy

Other Fields; Sadly, the flying press is full of yet more closures or those on the danger list. The closed list includes Blackpool, Panshangar and Battleflats and the critical list includes Bentwaters,North Coates, North Weald and Hucknall…. Bourn and Wellsebourne are currently at the Public Consultation stage. One airfield in the Home Counties is in danger of closure but not by ‘Nimbys’ but by lack of movements…..
From The Flying Press; The proposed changes to EASA Aircrew Licenses have again been put on hold so suggest you check the CAA Website for full details. Those of you that own an aircraft on an Annex 11 CofA will no doubt be glad to hear that any Mods that you may require will no longer need CAA approval if already approved in a Country that has a bi-lateral agreement with the CAA. There are also changes to what you can/cannot do with a PPL…. I have a copy in my truck or check out the CAA Website.

And Finally: The FAA in America recently announced that you can no longer call unmanned aircraft Drones or UAV’s(unmanned aerial vehicles) you must now call them RPA’s or Remotely Piloted Aircraft…..

Don’t forget the Club Nights in N.Walsham. We will be having the usual Bonfire Night party and see Smiffy for details

Chris and the team 23/10/14

Stop Press: More Airfield News…Sadly Hucknall is now Closed and Rochester is now added to the critical list. The ‘grapevine’ suggests that Blackpool is still open at the moment for GA but now de-licensed so no commercial traffic but strongly suggest that you check before a visit….

Quiz answers:

  1. Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Liverpool(John Lennon) and The Isle of Man

  2. Croydon and Hanworth with Brooklands for light aircraft

  3. RAF Hendon

  4. 7(seven) Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, London Luton, Stanstead, London Southend and RAF Northolt(VIP flights only)

PS Anybody forget to change their clocks….

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