Nomination procedure

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48157248-1572.  Nomination procedure

A.  Nominations of candidates at regular elections to the board of directors shall be by petition, in writing, signed by at least five bona fide owners of land in the power district who possess the qualifications of electors provided by section 48 1508.  No person shall be entitled to sign the petition for nomination of a person for director except a bona fide land owner in the division from which the director is to be elected or for one of the directors elected at large which shall be designated in the petition.

B.  At elections held under the provisions of this article, no elector may vote for any director except the director who is to be chosen to represent the division on the board of directors, and the two directors to be elected at large.

C.  Petitions for nominations of directors shall be filed with the clerk of the board of supervisors twenty days before the time fixed for holding the regular election. 481572

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