No Fail Alfredo Sauce

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No Fail Alfredo Sauce

Makes enough for two Big Bowls of Chicken Rotini Alfredo

1/3 cup Salted Butter + 1 tablespoon

2 teaspoons Flour

½ Cup Half and Half

1/3 cup grated pecorino Romano

1/3 cup Parmesan Cheese

Salt (or Garlic Salt), Pepper to Taste

Chopped Parsley or Basil for Garnish
To Make Chicken Rotini Alfredo

You will Need:

½ pound Rotini

2 Grilled Chicken Breasts (Cut into Strips)

Boil Water and Cook the Rotini prior to starting your alfredo sauce. The Grilled Chicken should be made ahead – I suggest marinating it in a lot of lemon and herbs to compliment the cheesy sauce.
For the Sauce:

Warm up a large Sauté Pan for about a minute and then place 1/3 cup butter. Once it all melts, create a Roux, by mixing in the 2 teaspoons Flour.

Slowly Pour in the Half and Half, stirring as it combines with the Roux. A dash of Salt or Garlic Salt and sprinkling of Freshly Cracked pepper should also be mixed in.
Bring the sauce together by melting in the cheese – using as much or as little as you want (or even More) from the portions I provided.
Finish off the dish by tossing in the pasta. The extra Tablespoon of butter comes into the mix at this point in order to help combine all of the noodles with the sauce. Finally, Introduce the Chicken to the sauce.
Serve the dish with a parsley or basil garnish and a piece of crusty bread!

Recipe adapted from All Recipes by Alexandra Debbas for

From Graduate to Gourmet

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