No. 908 Section: community title: relations with parents/ guardians adopted: revised: fayette county career and technical institute 908. relations with parents/guardians

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No. 908





1. Purpose

Pol. 917

The Joint Operating Committee believes that the education of students is a joint responsibility that is shared with parents/guardians. To ensure that the best interests of each student are served in the educational process, a strong program of communication and cooperation between home and school must be maintained and parental involvement encouraged.

2. Authority

The Joint Operating Committee feels that it is the parents/guardians who have the ultimate responsibility for their children's behavior in school, including the behavior of students who have reached the legal age of majority but are still, for all practical purposes, under parental authority.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

SC 1317

During school hours, the Joint Operating Committee acts in loco parentis, or in place of the parents/guardians, through its designated administrators.

4. Guidelines

Parents/Guardians are requested to keep the school staff apprised of changes in the home situation that may affect a student’s conduct or performance.

The Joint Operating Committee directs that the following activities be implemented to encourage cooperation between parents/guardians and the school:

Pol. 212

  1. Parent-teacher conferences to permit two-way communication between home and school.

  1. Meetings of parents/guardians and staff members to explain and discuss matters of general interest.

  1. Meetings of staff members and groups of parents/guardians of those students having special abilities, disabilities, needs or problems.

  1. An open house in the school to provide parents/guardians the opportunity to see the facilities, meet the faculty and witness school programs.

  1. Special events of a cultural, ethnic or topical nature that are of general interest to the students or community residents.

The Joint Operating Committee believes that parents/guardians have a responsibility to support and encourage their child's career in school through the following actions:

  1. Require that students observe all Joint Operating Committee policies and school rules and regulations and accept responsibility for their behavior.

  1. Send children to school with proper attention to their health, personal cleanliness and dress.

  1. Maintain an active interest in the student's daily work and provide appropriate supervision for completion of assigned homework.

  1. Read, sign and return promptly all communications from school, when requested.

Pol. 212

  1. Attend conferences set up for the exchange of information on the student's progress.

  1. Participate in school activities and special functions.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 1317
Joint Operating Committee Policy – 212, 235, 917

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