Newsletter Term 2 Week 3 6 May 2015 principal’s prattle

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Newsletter Term 2 Week 3 6 May 2015


Week 3 is already upon us and once again it has been a very busy week with lots of events occurring. Each and every day, students are engaged in a variety of learning activities that aim at improving their knowledge and understanding of the subject area.

On Monday, students were reminded to see feedback from their teachers. Feedback ensures students know where they are with their learning and how they can improve their grades. Feedback is given orally as well as in the written form.

On Friday, each week, I collect books from each year level and in the Secondary School from each subject area not only to check student book work but to also ensure teachers are providing individual written feedback to students. Please take the time as parents to read the feedback in your child’s books.


It has come to my attention that a number of students are not wearing the correct uniform. As the weather cools down it is required that students still wear the maroon and gold uniform. Jeans are not acceptable. As it is now week 3, which is enough time for parents/guardians to organise uniforms, I will be requesting students change out of unacceptable items of clothing into uniforms provided by the school for the day. With many visitors coming into our school it is important to convey the pride we have through students wearing the correct uniform. Please refer to the uniform policy below. The uniform policy is also printed in the Secondary diaries.


• Maroon skirt/shorts (can be elasticised waist or tailored). Skirts must be 12-13cm above the knee when kneeling. Shorts must not be too short but a reasonable length. No football shorts to be worn.

  • Gold polo shirt with collar, can be worn out (no longer than 150mm below the waist; shirts longer than 150mm must be tucked in). Shirts are available from the school.

• Maroon bikepants to be worn ONLY during sporting activities (Workplace Health and Safety Policy. The design and fabric can and often does cause thrush).

• Shoes are to be fully enclosed uppers with non-marking soles. These shoes must be worn in all practical subject areas eg: Design and Technology, Engineering, Science, Home Economics and Art. Without proper footwear the student will not be allowed to enter the subject as they are not meeting Workplace Health and Safety requirements. Non marking soles on shoes must be worn on the Multi- Purpose Court as all others styles mark or ruin the court surface. Shoes can be black, or white. No canvas street or slip on shoes. Shoes can either be lace up or Velcro. Socks to be white ankle length – no long socks to be worn.


• Maroon tracksuit/tailored slacks with maroon jumper or jacket may be worn in winter.

The school tuckshop runs a second hand and new uniform shop for your convenience.

Maroon shorts (P-10) and Gold Polo shirt (P-10). Maroon bikepants may be worn for sporting activities only. (Workplace Health and Safety).

Polo shirts in house colours (Purple for Ajax and Green for Milo) may be worn on days of Interhouse competitions. These shirts can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. No other shirts will be permitted on these days with exception of the gold polo uniform shirt. Maroon shorts/skirts are still to be worn

To meet Departmental requirements, students must wear a hat/cap for all outdoors activity including HPE classes, excursions and all lunch breaks.


Inappropriate dress refers to clothing or apparel that the student wears that is, or could be deemed to be:

(a) offensive;

(b) likely to disrupt, or negatively influence, the normal operation of the school;

(c) unsafe for the student or others; or

(d) likely to result in a risk to the health of the student or others.

Items not to be worn

• Flannelette Shirts, Denim Jackets

• Torn and ripped clothing

• Singlet tops / low cut tops or blouses

• Midriff tops

• Jeans - unless invited to as part of a fundraising venture

• Coloured tracksuits that are not part of the uniform

• Jewellery, other than a watch, 1 flat ring and either a bracelet or necklace (for medical identification only), or stud/sleeper earrings, (2 pair maximum lower ear lobe only). No spacers are permitted.

• Body piercing is not recommended during the school year, and may be required to be removed.

• Makeup for example eye shadow, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, concealer etc.

In the likelihood of individual cases of conflict with a student dress code, or persistent failure to uphold the code, the Principal may decide on the following actions:

• If the student is reasonably dressed, but does not conform to the student dress code, the principal or nominee should:

(i) offer appropriate item/s from the bank of uniforms held at the school;

(ii) take action that prevents risk to the student or others, or action that maintains the normal operations of the school

(iii) inform the student's parents or carers to prevent recurrence. Discussions should be held with the parents or carers, the P & C, and the student;

(iv) implement a process of conflict resolution or mediation if, after discussions have been held with the student's parents or carers, the student persistently wears inappropriate dress.

The Parent body of Biggenden State School endorses the wearing of school uniforms and this policy was reviewed in 2013.


A reminder to parents that the school has a mobile phone that can be used as an alternate contact number to the main office if unattended. The school mobile number is: 0408747301. Parents/caregivers can use this number to send text messages to inform us when a student is absent.



At the time of print, the results of the North Burnett Cross Country were not available. The North Burnett Cross Country was cancelled last week and was held on Wednesday, 6th May, 2015. A big congratulations to all the Biggenden State School students who participated and a list of results will appear in next week’s newsletter.

A big thank you to Mrs Carolyn Holmes for organising the event and ensuring everything ran smoothly.



hursday and Friday this week is Winter Carnival. Winter Carnival is for 10 to 12 year old students who have made selection in one of the following sports: netball; soccer; rugby league (12 years); hockey and tennis. Dustin Fawckner will represent the North Burnett for boy’s soccer and Britney Hardy will participate as part of the girls North Burnett soccer team. We wish both students all the very best for their time away.

Mrs Carolyn Holmes, Mrs Nicole Gibbs and myself will also attend the carnival as coaches and managers for netball, tennis and rugby league.

School Times:

The school grounds will open each morning at 8.15am with students entering class at 8.30am. Fruit and Protein break will continue for all the school in the morning. Break times will be the same length in duration but will now occur from 11.00am to 11.30am and again from 12.40pm to 1.20pm. School will conclude at 2.30pm.

Please note that on Wednesday mornings Breakfast Club will start at 8.00am.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Extra-Curricular activities continue once again this term. A big thank you to the staff who have committed to giving up their time to provide extra activities for our students. Activities that will be occurring include:

  • Biggenden State School Choir (Wednesday lunch times) Please see Mrs Garrigon for further information.

  • Biggenden State School Instrumental Music Program (After school) Instrumental music will be held on Thursday afternoons each week.

  • Art Club (Thursday lunchtime) Please see Mr McGregor

  • Dance Club ( Friday – lunch time) Please see Mrs Tobin

  • Homework Club – Monday each week from 2.30pm – 3.15pm. Students from Years 2 to 10 are welcomed to attend. Students must bring homework or assignment work with them to complete during this time.

  • Tennis Club is held each Thursday at the second break in the multi-purpose court. Miss Brook runs this club and has been inundated with buddy players. Fantastic to see.

  • Robotics - Monday with Mrs Tobin.

  • Athletics training with Mrs Dohle at lunch times on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Biggenden State School certainly offers a wide variety of opportunities for all students of all ages.


Biggenden State School is Big On – Heart, Responsibility, Respect and definitely Big On Learning. This term the focus is on Big On Learning. Learning occurs every minute of every day at Biggenden State School. This week’s topic is setting high expectations and striving to excel. From the feedback teachers provide to students, they should be able to set their individual goals and aim at excelling. Secondary students should be using their diaries to record their goals.


Once again this year attendance is a key focus area for our school. The goal has been set at 96.3% attendance for all year levels. Please refer to the below table that tracks each year levels attendance to date.

























There were no classes that had 100% attendance last week. Please remember it is important for your child to attend school each and every day. Refer to the attendance poster that is inserted into this newsletter.


Please remember that the school has an active website which is constantly being upgraded with newsletters, information and documents. Please go to Biggenden State School also uses the QSchools App. Please contact the school if you need further instruction on connecting to the App.



16 – 17 Biggenden Show

18-22 Year 10 Work Experience

20 Giddens visit Year 7

21 Deadly Ears

26 WB Cross Country


8 Queen’s Birthday Holiday

15 Year 8 Immunisations 2nd Clinic

29 June – 10 July


The P & C have been asked to assist at the Teebar Show and Rodeo on the 13 June by preparing food and serving in the canteen. The P & C are asking for volunteers to work in the canteen from approximately 7.00am through till 9.00pm on the day. A roster will be drawn up for times throughout the day. Names of volunteers to be given to the school office or Mrs Brandy Nugent the P & C fundraiser co-ordinator. This event would be a great fundraiser for P & C to enable them to receive funds to support the school.


Please ensure your child is at school ready to participate in the NAPLAN tests next week. This year NAPLAN tests will be held on the following dates:

Language Conventions and Writing Tests 12 May, 2015

Reading Tests 13 May, 2015

Numeracy Tests 14 May, 2015

Please read carefully the information brochure inserted in to this week’s newsletter.


Students of the Week
Yr Prep – Yr 2 Sharlie Loader
Yr 3/4 Gerry Houton – for writing a beautiful persuasive piece of writing using big words.
Yr 5/6 Demoya Barkle – for being big on learning

Gotcha Winners
Primary Jasmine Schaper

Secondary Nick Bowering

Achievement Award
Maya Bowering – for achieving her goal of knowing the first set of phonic sounds, letter names and actions.

Reading Awards

Sophie Treloar 20 books

Jacob Aberdein 20 books

Jordan Hawkes 20 books

Tanara Cuthbert 40 books

2nd Payment for the trip to Canberra

$100 NOW DUE.
Thank you to those parents who have already paid this instalment.



Resilience through Problem Solving.

Children with good social and problem-solving skills are more equipped for life. In fact intelligence alone is not enough and it is these skills that lead people to be successful in life. Children who have learnt these skills are comfortable in new situations. They are friendly to others and join in activities. They cooperate and compromise. They trust others and others develop trust in them. They handle conflicts well and respect differences of others. They apologize when they are wrong, but will assert themselves when they believe they are right. They are clear in their thinking and non-threatened nor threatening. They are liked.

For children with poor resilience and/ or at risk of depression, often these skills are lacking.

When children are young they depend on parents to help them solve problems, but as they grow they will need to learn skills to handle the problems they face. With a focus on `remaining calm, Seligman, in his book `The Optimistic Child’ provides 5 steps, your child needs to follow, in order to solve problems effectively,

  1. Slow Down – STOP before acting impulsively, then start thinking. How we handle a problem depends on what we are thinking. Replace hot thoughts with cool thoughts. Hot thoughts often lead to loss of control. Cool thoughts result in solutions that are non-threatening to self and others.

How we think affects how we feel and what we do.

  1. Stand in another’s shoes – understand what the other person was thinking or why they acted the way they did. This is easy to do by meeting with the person, looking at their face, and asking non-threatening questions to get answers (use of

  1. technology won’t achieve true understanding). Set Goals – If you have a problem how would you like things to end eg. You have a fight with your friend, is your goal to restore friendship or have a stand-off.

As your child sets a goal, they should list as many ways as possible to reach it.

  1. Choose a Path – which is the best solution. Look at the pros (any good outcomes that might happen) and the cons (any bad consequences) eg. speaking nicely to someone versus yelling at them.

  1. How did it go? Did it work – if not then don’t give up. Pick another solution and give that a shot.

Notice that all these steps are about you, the parent, training your child in the art of problem solving. It is not about you finding their solutions nor is it about you rescuing them. Our aim as parents is to have well adjusted, social, and happy children who are equipped to handle life in all its forms.

Adapted from Seligman, M – The Optimistic Child

Australian Early Development Census

Playing our part to build a national picture of child health

What is the AEDC?

In early 2015, our school, along with thousands of others across the country will begin preparations for the third Australian Early Development Census (AEDC).

The AEDC measures five key areas of development in children during their first year of full-time school to build a national picture of health and wellbeing. Since 2009, the census results have helped communities, schools and governments plan services and target support for children and families.

Teachers are trained to assess each child and answer questions. Children don’t need to be present so no class time is missed, and parents/carers don’t need to supply schools with any new information for the census. Teachers’ individual assessments are then analysed by the AEDC and reported as anonymous groups of children in the final report.

In other communities across the country, census results have helped communities to plan new playgrounds and parental services; schools are seeing improved student performance through new literacy programmes; and governments are using the results as evidence to develop better policies for children.

Teachers have also noticed practical benefits in the classroom. Some said in previous years that completing the assessments made them more aware of the needs of individual children and the class as a whole. Others reported that the census results are useful in planning for transitions to school and for developing class programmes.

Participation in the AEDC is voluntary. Parents/carers don’t need to take any action unless they choose not to include their children in the census.

To find out more about the census and how communities are using the data to help children and families visit the AEDC website.


100%  Spellers this week Year 7

Brittany Brookes

Felicity Vea Vea


Ben Buczma

Koori Munro

Britney Hardy

Ethan Clark

Year 9 100% Spellers

Maddi Dundas

Madisson Eggleston

Nick Boston

Tye McGeough
What a great effort.
Students will be working on some entries for the show in the next few weeks and we look forward to seeing them on display at the show on the 16th and 17th May.


News from the P&C meeting -

There will be a pot plant stand at the Biggenden Show selling plants and flowers for $2.00. If anyone would like to donate any labelled potted plants that can be sold for $2.00, please contact Mandy Treloar mobile - 0488 764242. 100% of sales will go to the Canberra Camp Fund.

Teebar Sports Canteen Roster has been started and I would like to thank all those wonderful people who have offered their time. As always, Teebar Sports is a great day out and volunteers will again have free entry. If you would like to help please contact Brandy Nugent Mobile - 0400 745326.
The P&C will be having a Bikeathon/Walkathon on the 1st August, starting at the school grounds, sausage sizzle lunch and rest at Woowoonga Hall then returning to the school. Biggenden State School children will be able raise funds through sponsorship and the chance to get some great prizes. 100% of sponsorship money will to the Canberra Camp Fund. This event is open to all community members, friends and family so see how many people you can get to come along.
Thanks Brandy


Orders need to be made by 15 May for Winter Uniform Apparel. These items are not off the shelf in the Tuckshop but will need to be ordered in – this may be your only chance to purchase school winter uniform items so don’t be late.
Once the orders are placed we would expect them to be sent to us within two weeks. Payment will need to be sent in with all orders for your request to be completed.


After-school Kids’ Club every Tuesday 2.30pm to 4pm. New children from year 4 to 10 very welcome to join up. Great food, interesting learning and lots of fun.
Breakfast Club every Wednesday 8am to 8.25am. Thank you to Rita for her donation of spaghetti and juice and to Foodworks for their ongoing weekly donations.

MUMS’ NIGHT OUT Thursday 7th May

great night out, a chance to dress up, put on some bling, do up your hair, and just be a woman without kids for a few hour. This invitation is extended to all mothers, step-mothers and grandmothers who have children who attend Biggenden State School.

Child minding available.. Dinner is at St Peter’s Centre, 6pm $10 per person for appetisers, mains and sweets. Lots of prizes to be won. Please text Moira 0458365051 ASAP if you are coming for catering purposes.
This event is supported by Biggenden Chaplaincy Committee and Parent Group.


RED Cross for children aged 6 to 12 every Monday 3.30pm at CWA Rooms. Teenagers and adults welcome to join too. $5 membership fee, and a gold coin each week for hire of CWA Rooms and purchase of craft materials. Enquiries Moira Thompson 0458365051

  • Soccer

Junior soccer season has started in Gayndah.
Open to all Junior players including high school. Training Thursdays 4 -5 pm Gayndah Sports field. Fee’s only $25 per player/season.  Come and have a go!!

Wishing all Mother’s a Happy Mother’s


Big on Heart – Respect – Responsibility – Learning. While Striving to Excel

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