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New Generations ‘Rotary Stars’ Citizenship Awards (District 1070) - FAQs

> What is it?

A Rotary District 1070 project which offers clubs an opportunity to recognise and reward young children for acts of good citizenship.

> How does it work?

It really is simple.

  • Your Rotary Club contacts a local primary school to discuss the project with head teacher.

  • The head teacher is asked to nominate a certain number (club decides number) of children who have been exceptionally good citizens by helping / supporting others, the environment, their school, their community etc. in effect they would be demonstrating ‘Service above Self’.

  • Your Rotary Club recognises and rewards this good citizenship by presenting children with:

  • A Rotary Star certificate

  • A Rotary Star badge

  • A monetary token of appreciation (often a book token to the value of £5). However, club decides type of token and amount – often in consultation with the head teacher.

> Is it an easy project to run?

Yes – it involves a relatively small amount of work by both Rotary Club and school yet the rewards for individual children are immense. The cost to clubs is minimal.

> Why is ‘Rotary Stars’ such a worthwhile project?

Whereas the majority of New Generations projects / competitions cater predominantly for gifted and talented children, the ‘Rotary Stars’ project is open and suitable for all children irrespective of age, talent or academic ability.

> What teachers have said about ‘Rotary Stars’?

  • “The effects of this project on Citizenship and Community Involvement by our youngsters has been amazing. Rotary has provided the carrot to which they have responded”

  • “I sleep at night knowing projects like this exist it’s not all about tests, tests, tests.”

  • “Rotary has given us the opportunity to recognise and reward children from outside the normal school curriculum, this has done wonders for their self esteem.”

  • “This is a lovely project for our children; every child has the opportunity to be a Rotary Star…

  • “Thank you Rotary for the opportunity to allow our stars to shine.”

> Is there an information sheet I can give to teachers?

Yes – A ‘Rotary Stars information sheet for Teachers’ can be downloaded from the Districts New Generations website at

> Can you give me examples of good citizenship?

Yes – Refer to page 2 of the ‘Rotary Stars information sheet for teachers’.

> What does our club get out of running a Rotary Stars project?

It will enhance the profile of your club and Rotary in your local community. It offers great opportunities for local press coverage. It might encourage new members to join your club. The satisfaction of making a difference to your local community.

> What support is there from District?

John Tyers (Rotary Club of the Soar Valley) has recently been co-opted on to the District New Generations committee with responsibility for co-ordinating ‘Rotary Stars’. A new ‘Rotary Star’ logo, badge and certificate have been designed. A stock of badges has been ordered and should be available from the beginning of March. The cost should be approximately .30p each plus p & p. The logo and certificate can be downloaded immediately from the District’s New Generations website at Please contact John at for further information.

> Could my Rotary Club run a Rotary Stars project?

Yes – For all the reasons listed above. What are you waiting for?

> Are there other Citizenship awards?

Yes – There is an RIBI Young Citizen Award for young people up to 25years old. Exceptional Rotary Stars should be considered for entry. For information go to:

New Generations Rotary Stars - FAQs

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