New app from merritt hawkins offers first-of-its-kind physician job search and market data

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IRVING, Texas -- A new iPhone and iPad app from Merritt Hawkins, the nation’s leading physician search firm and a company of AMN Healthcare, gives doctors and allied health professionals quick access to job opportunities nationwide, as well as a wealth of physician demographic, physician income and other health industry related data.

The app, which can be downloaded for free at or directly from the Apple App store, is the first of its kind to be offered by a physician search firm, according to Merritt Hawkins’ president Mark Smith, and represents a break-through in the way physicians can search for new practices and stay on top of physician compensation, supply, and related trends.

“Due to the national doctor shortage, physicians are the targets of a tsunami of recruiting activity,” Smith says. “Merritt Hawkins’ new app puts the job search process back in the physicians’ hands.”

MHA (Merritt Hawkins application) allows doctors and other clinicians to access detailed job descriptions by medical specialty and by geographic region at the touch of a key pad, and, should they choose, to connect directly with Merritt Hawkins’ recruiting consultants. The free application, which features no advertisements, also offers instant access to a wide range of clinical staffing related data useful to clinicians, health facility administrators and recruiters. Users can quickly determine how many physicians there are in a particular specialty, how many are board certified, and how many are U.S. trained. It also links to various Merritt Hawkins’ surveys showing physician income, practice patterns and related trends.

The app represents a further enhancement of Merritt Hawkins’ and AMN Healthcare’s robust social media and mobile marketing strategies, which also employ Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and other sources to disseminate information to clinicians, health facility administrators and others. A similar Merritt Hawkins’ app for Android market is in development.

Additional information about Merritt Hawkins’ social media and mobile marketing strategies, surveys, educational programs, and thought leadership initiatives is available at


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