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Theses 29

  1. Asher C (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Leeds) The dynamics of reproductive dominance in dinosaur ants (NBAF-W)

  2. Bristol R (2013) PhD thesis (University of Kent) Evolutionary genetics and reintroduction ecology of the critically-endangered Seychelles paradise flycatcher. (NBAF-S)

  3. Daly B (2014) DPhil thesis (University of Oxford) Avian malaria in the montane tropics. (NBAF-S)

  4. Dos Remedios N (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Bath) The evolutionary history of plovers, genus Charadrius: phylogeography and breeding systems. (NBAF-E /S)

  5. El Nagar A (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Nottingham) The role of parasites in the ecological speciation of three-spined sticklebacks Gasterosteus aculeatus. (NBAF-S)

  6. Ellis RP (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Plymouth). The impact of ocean acidification, increased seawater temperature and a bacterial challenge on the immune response and physiology of the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis. (NBAF-B)

  7. Farrell L (2013) PhD Thesis (Simon Fraser University) Molecular genetics of alternative reproductive morphs in ruffs. (NBAF-E /S)

  8. Farrer R (2013) PhD Thesis (Imperial College) Comparative genomics and epidemiology of the amphibian-killing fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. (NBAF-L)

  9. Fellows SA (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Sexual selection and the rapid evolution of reproductive genes and their products in D. pseudoobscura. (NBAF-E)

  10. Fish K (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) The impact of hydraulic regime upon biofilms in drinking water distribution systems. (NBAF-S)

  11. Fountain T (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Global bedbug spread: planes, genes and insecticides. (NBAF-S)

  12. Hearn J (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Edinburgh) Exploring population history and gall induction in cynipid gallwasps using genomics and transcriptomics. (NBAF-E)

  13. Heathcote R (2013) DPhil thesis (University of Oxford) Secondary contact in the common wall lizard. (NBAF-S)

  14. Holland L (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Exeter) Genetic assessment of connectivity in the temperate octocorals eunicella verrucosa and alcyonium digitatum in the North East Atlantic. (NBAF-S)

  15. Houghton J (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Liverpool) Molecular diversity and functional composition of cellulose degrading communities in anoxic environments. (NBAF-L)

  16. Johnson B (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Birmingham) Molecular mechanisms underpinning insect diapause. (NBAF-B)

  17. Magnus C (2013) MSc thesis (University of Edinburgh) Chromosomal inversions and speciation in cactophilic Drosophila. (NBAF-E)

  18. *Morales M (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Granada, Spain) Heritability and repeatability of egg rejection behaviour in magpies. (NBAF-S)

  19. Muir AP (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Glasgow) Population genetics of the common frog (Rana temporaria) in relation to climate. (NBAF-E)

  20. Nissimov JI (2013) PhD thesis (University of Nottingham) Ecological and functional biodiversity in a marine algal-virus system : genotypes, phenotypes and their ecological significance. (NBAF-L)

  21. Phillips K (2013) PhD Thesis (UEA) Molecular ecology of hawksbill turtles Eretmochelys imbricata in the Seychelles. (NBAF-S)

  22. Poynter A (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Birmingham) Impacts of environmental stressors on the River Itchen Ranunculus community. (NBAF-B)

  23. Salmon D (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Exeter) Metabolite profiling of the coccolithophores Emiliana huxleyi to examine links between calcification and central metabolism. (NBAF-B)

  24. Sin S (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Oxford) The major histocompatibility complex, mate choice and pathogen resistance in the European badger Meles meles. (NBAF-S)

  25. Smith G (2013) PhD Thesis (University of St Andrews) Investigating the molecular basis of adaptation and speciation in divergent populations. (NBAF-L)

  26. Toseland A (2013) PhD Thesis (University of East Anglia) Computational analysis of eukaryotic metatranscriptomes from diverse marine environments. (NBAF-E)

  27. Tyler F (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Exeter) Behavioural and genomic studies of sexual selection in wild field crickets. (NBAF-S)

  28. Yang G (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Aberdeen) Intersexuality and endocrine disruption in the amphipod Echinogrammarus marinus: from genes to physiology. (NBAF-L)

  29. Walkup J (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Aberdeen) Small scale genetic and morphological structure in an island population of European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). (NBAF-S)

[Joint nodes] 5

  1. *Hansson B, Tarka M, Dawson DA, Horsburgh GJ (2012) Hybridization but no evidence for backcrossing and introgression in a sympatric population of great reed warblers and clamorous reed warblers. Plos One 7, e31667. [NBAF-E/L/S]

  2. Hegarty MJ, Abbott RJ, Hiscock SJ (2012) Allopolyploid speciation in action: the origins and evolution of Senecio cambrensis. Chapter in Soltis D & Soltis P (Eds.) Polyploidy in Plants. Springer, New York. [NBAF E/L/S]

  3. Kuepper C, Edwards S, Kosztolanyi A, Alrashidi M, Burke T, Herrmann P, Argüelles-Tico A, Amat JA, Amezian M, Rocha A, Hötker H, Ivanov A, Chernicko J, Szekely T High gene flow on a continental scale in the polyandrous Kentish plover Charadrius alexandrinus. Molecular Ecology 21, 5864–5879. [NBAF-E/L/S]

  4. McMahon BJ, Johansson MP, Piertney SB, Buckley K, Höglund J (2012) Genetic variation among endangered Irish red grouse (Lagopus lagopus hibernicus) populations: Implications for conservation and management. Conservation Genetics 13, 639-647. (10.1007/s10592-011-0314-x) NBAF E/S

  5. Short S, Yang G, Kille P, Ford AT (2012) A Widespread and Distinctive Form of Amphipod Intersexuality Not Induced by Known Feminising Parasites. Sexual Development 6, 320–324. [NBAF-E/L]

[NBAF-B] 4

  1. Dove ADM, Leisen J, Zhou M, Byrne JJ, Lim-Hing K, Webb HD, Gelbaum L, Viant MR, Kubanek J, Fernández FM (2012) Biomarkers of whale shark health: a metabolomic approach. PLOS One 7, e49379.

  2. Freitag S, Feldmann J, Raab A, Crittenden PD, Hogan EJ, Squier AH, Boyd KG, Thain S (2012) Metabolite profile shifts in the heathland lichen Cladonia portentosa in response to N deposition reveal novel biomarkers. Plant Physiology 146, 160-172.

  3. Liebeke M, Bundy JG (2012) Tissue disruption and extraction methods for metabolic profiling of an invertebrate sentinel species. Metabolomics 8, 819-830.

  4. Ludwig C, Easton JM, Lodi A, Tiziani S, Manzoor SE, Southam AD, Byrne JJ, Bishop LM, He S, Arvanitis TN, Günther UL, Viant MR (2012) Birmingham Metabolite Library: a publicly accessible database of 1-D 1H and 2-D 1H J-resolved NMR spectra of authentic metabolite standards (BML-NMR). Metabolomics 8, 8-18.

[NBAF-E] 17

  1. Amin SA, Green DH, Waheeb DA, Gärdes A, Carrano CJ (2012) Iron transport in the genus Marinobacter. Biometals 25, 135-147.

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[NBAF-L] 15

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[NBAF-S] 23

  1. *Barratt CD, Horsburgh GJ, Dawson DA, Gower DJ, Wilkinson M, Loader SP, Jehle R (2012) Characterisation of nine microsatellite loci in the ceacilian amphibian Boulengerula uluguruensis (Gymnophiona), and their cross-species utility in three congeneric species. Conservation Genetics Resources 4, 225-229.

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[NBAF-W] 4

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