National young filmmakers award

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ENTRY GUIDELINES (please also fill in the ENTRY FORM) Deadline for entries

Fri 13th Feb 2004!

  • What is the National Young Filmmakers Award? The NYFA is designed to show the very best films made by young people in the UK as part of Leeds Children and Young People’s Film Festival, a part of Leeds City Council.

As a Film Festival we want to encourage good filmmaking and there are some notes below about the

kind of film we are looking for.

  • Will all the films entered into the Festival be shown? Not all films sent to the Festival will be screened. We will select the films by screening them for a panel consisting of members of the Film Festival team, Laurence Boyce ~ film reviewer and journalist for magazines including Leeds Guide, Hotdog and, and a panel of children and young people from our Young Consultants group who will be working with us to plan the Festival.

  • Whilst there are no strict rules about the kind of films that should be entered for the Award, the selection panel will be looking for talent and originality in one or more of the following areas:

If your film is successful, then we will contact you by the beginning of March 2004. If you do not hear from us then your film has not been selected but there are many Film Festivals that accept films made by children and young people and if you are interested in knowing more about these please contact us and we can send you a list.

To enter your film into the Festival it MUST be:

  1. Produced by children/young people.

By this we mean that the majority of the people involved in the production must be aged between 9 and 18 years old. In addition, the script or story must have been written or devised by young people aged 9 - 18 or under and young people must have been involved in using the camera and sound equipment and been involved in the editing process for the production.

  1. Fiction (live action or animation) or Documentary

  1. No longer than 10 Minutes

  1. Completed after July 2002

The films will also be divided up into the following sections according to the age of the filmmakers:

  • 9 - 14 years

  • 15 -18 years


  • 9 - 14 years

  • 15 - 18 years

NTRY FORM - Please use one entry form per film and fill in all the boxes clearly.

Please send your film to the address now if it is ready - the deadline is Friday 13th February 2004

Name of group:(if applicable)/Individual

Title of production:

Year of Production: Running Time: (mins)

Type of film (please tick) : Fiction [ ] Documentary [ ]
Format: Screening format: 35mm[ ] 16mm[ ] Beta SP[ ] Digi-Beta [ ] Mini-DV [ ] other

More than half of the young people in the core production team (direction, camera, sound and editing operators) were:

Aged 9 - 14 [ ] Aged 15 - 18 [ ] (Please continue overleaf if necessary)
Directing team: Age(s):
Camera Operator(s): Age(s):
Sound/Microphone Operator(s): Age(s):
Who edited this film? Age(s):
Who wrote this script/story or came up with this idea?

Where else has the film been shown?

Please write a brief synopsis of the film (max 25 words - please use over page if necessary)

Contact name: Relationship to film:

Email address(es):
Telephone No: ­­­­­­­ Fax No: ­­
Full address:

__________________________________________________________ Postcode:

What to do next?

  • Please send this form and a VHS Pal tape or DVD of the film to the following address: BY Friday 13th February 2004!!

  • Leeds Children & Young People’s Film Festival, ENTRY 2004 (NYFA), The Town Hall, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 3AD Tel: 0113 247 8398 Fax: 0113 247 8494 Email:

  • [ ] YES [ ] NO I agree that the Film Festival can keep the tape for its archive film libraries for viewing by other film festivals and organisations.

Signature of contact: Date of signature:
If your film is screened as part of Leeds Children & Young People’s Film Festival 2004, you must have gained permission for any copyrighted material including music and soundtrack.

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