Nanawale community association, inc

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Working to keep Nanawale the Big Island’s most beautiful community

Board Members

Gary Meredith, President Frankie Stapleton, V.P. Andrew Dauz, Treasurer Michelle Aiwohi, Secretary

Peter Altomare, Mary Lou Beardsley, Terrie Monfore, Donald Parry, and Myrene Wold

Aloha fellow homeowners and Welcome to a New Year!

I would like to let everyone know what my priorities are for the coming year. With a solid start from the previous president and Board of Directors, through the purchase of new mowing equipment, we should be able to keep our parks and roadsides mowed and cut back.

We have many properties which are not being cared for by the owners. Many of these have become overgrown with invasive species. Of particular concern is the albizia tree overgrowth. We have had two trees fall on homes this past year from neighboring properties. Luckily, no one was injured. The liability and the cost of removal from the roadway and neighboring property were a hard lesson learned for the property owners. Property maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and we will be asking property owners to voluntarily address these problems. The Association Bylaws allow us to bill owners if the association has to address these problems.

The members of the Board of Directors share a vision of a quality neighborhood that shows pride of ownership and is a great neighborhood to raise children. If you would like to share in this vision, we would like you to join us at our Board meetings, held the second Wednesday of the month. If you have a couple of hours a month to serve your community, please volunteer, we currently need a chairman and members for our Audit Committee and have other positions open as well.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your Association President.

Sincerely, Gary Meredith

Annual Membership Meeting October 6, 2007

The minutes for this year’s meeting have been submitted, reviewed and accepted by the Board of Directors and are available for review at the Longhouse. A summary of the meeting follows:

Members elected three new Directors at this year’s annual meeting and voted for all proposed changes to the Bylaws. Members requested meeting agenda’s and minutes be posted on a bulletin board following their approval. The bulletin board is located in the breezeway at the Longhouse.

Members approved the “business” format of the meeting but requested light refreshments (coffee and cookie, etc.,) be served at next year’s annual meeting.


The County of Hawaii currently has an amnesty program for the removal of abandoned vehicles from private property (up to two vehicles) at no cost to the property owner. They will also remove abandoned vehicles from Nanawale roadsides at no cost to the Association or the citizen. Call 935-3311 to report abandoned vehicles and request removal. Please provide the vehicle’s make, color, license number or VIN number and its location. Thanks for your eyes and ears in keeping our community beautiful.

If a tree falls in the forest....

and it hits a neighbor's home, the owner of the lot where the tree is rooted may be liable for all costs.

This unfortunate fact is now showing itself in Nanawale over and over again.

Rain and windstorms in Puna in November and December produced many downed albizia trees that not only disrupted electric, phone and cable services but threatened homes and lives!

Many of us have purchased land here without knowing the dangers of this esthetically beautiful tree which at maturity creates a full and giant canopy at least 50 feet wide and more than 100 feet in the air.

But they look a little different if you are living in the fall line of one, or ten. Just ask the Wexlers whose home on Molokai Road suffered major structural damages when albizia on neighboring Nanawale property fell on their home and utility lines. Luckily no one was at home at the time or they could have been a casualty!

Albizia has invaded Nanawale Estates in a major way. Albizia is now more common in Nanawale than the native ‘ohi’a. And something must be done before our community is uninhabitable.

The new Nanawale Community Association board of directors is committing 2008 to developing strategies to SAVE OURSELVES from this imposing danger. The plan -- ALBIZIA PUSH 2008 -- includes surveying properties in the subdivision to designate albizia threat zones 1-5 similar to the government’s lava flow threat zones. Albizia Zone 1 would indicate areas where homes or other structures are threatened, Zone 2 would signify threats to utilities lines, and so on through Zone 5, which would be the albizia-free zone, where no albizia, including seedlings, are growing.

Working in cooperation with the county and state, our goal is to work for Zone 5 throughout the subdivision. The plan includes placing a color-coded map at Nanawale’s Longhouse to track the zones as clean-up
occurs. The Environmental Committee is also compiling a list of licensed and bonded tree fallers and surveyors for your assistance. And to promote proper disclosure for potential Nanawale owners, we plan to inform local real estate brokers of our albizia efforts.

What we need from the Nanawale community is:

Ø Awareness of your property boundaries, to accurately locate any trees for which you

may be responsible;

Ø Volunteers to join the Environmental Committee to assist with eradication efforts and

ideas for funding

Ø Surveyors living in the subdivision who could assist with locating boundaries.

To join ALBEZIA PUSH 2008, please call the office at 965-8080
And stay tuned for our upcoming, updated website:
Your support of the Environmental Committee’s goals is appreciated.
Aloha & Mahalo, Terrie Monfore, Chairman

RR 4 BOX 2250 * PAHOA, HAWAII 96778-9703 808 965-8080 E-mail

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