Name your region from the above list

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Name your region from the above list

West Africa

First Name


Last Name/ Surname


Email address

Date of Birth

18th of November,1982





Street Address

16 Moieed Sanni Street

City + State


Postal code


Country of Residence


Phone number (specify if it is a mobile number)

+2340(8029001171) mobile

TakingITGlobal Profile URL1

Organization/Network Affiliation

The Intellectual Group

Organization’s Website (if applicable)

How long have you worked at the organization?


1) Are you near a capital/major city? (Yes or no, which one?): Yes, Lagos

2) Do you have daily Internet access? If so, please describe how often you go online, what kind of Internet connection you have (dial-up, cable, DSL, etc) and how often you experience technical difficulties connecting to the Internet. If you do NOT have daily Internet access, please do not apply.

Yes, I have a daily dial up kind of internet access with very little difficulty caused by weather conditions

3) Do you have access to a landline? Is the best way to make international calls on a landline or via mobile phones?

No, mobile phones are better

4) Number of hours you can commit to GYCA per week (Please be realistic and honest!):

8-15 hours per week

5) Kinds of populations that you work with (youth? PLWHA? CSWs? IDUs?):


6) Do you work with youth in resource constrained areas on a regular basis? Whom?2

Yes. Young people in rural communities
7) Please expand on what kind of outreach you do in 3-5 sentences:
Basically, I work with young people (mostly young women) in rural communities. I teach life skills with young people other than HIV/AIDS such as negotiation skills, sexual and reproductive health and basic ICT skills to secondary school students
8) What are your long term goals for the next 3 years? The next 5-10 years?
Develop a comprehensive ethical career in Media that seeks to explore the challenges faced by young people in developing countries especially women using new media tools such as blogs and websites and old media tools such as television.

9) Do you have experience working with different kinds of personalities/people? Please elaborate in 3-5 sentences:

Yes. My experience from working in the past 3 1/2 years as a director of Activity and later as a Director of media (The Intellectual group) has given an insight into the fact that young people do not usually see things from the same perspective and if patience and a high leadership capability is not applied to working with young people, a good idea or project can go to shambles because of communication gap and understanding.

10) Please list any community partners/other NGOs you work with on a frequent basis.

The Intellectual Group Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria

Digital Peers International

Nigerian Youth Network on MDGs

Nigerian Youth ICT4d Network
11) Do you have the capacity to hold meetings or GYCA local gatherings? (This can be any open space to gather people, and can be outdoors in warm climates.) How many people can your meeting space accommodate?
Yes. 50 persons
12) For those RFPs re-applying, (new applicants, skip to Question 13) send a two page report of what you have done for GYCA, (including a list of all the organizations mapped, regional updates and activities, WAD activities, chats attended, newsletter submissions, E-course taken etc.)
13) Applicants must have already taken, or must enroll in one of GYCA’s month-long e-courses by March 2007, offered in Project Management, Political Advocacy, and Grant Proposal Writing and Fundraising:
Course: Grant Proposal Writing Month you took it/can take it (before March): January 2007

14) Please describe any potential problems/difficulties you foresee with taking on the RFP position:

The potential problem I foresee is communicating with NFPs in the region, this is because there are three international language in the west African zone, English, French and Spanish and I can only understand English and very little French
15) Please describe anything else about yourself that would make it a good fit for GYCA:

I enjoy working with young people especially because of my ability to leverage on my Media and communication skills which I feel would help in harmonizing my work as a GYCA REP if given the opportunity to do so.

I also believe that my ability to work with people and deliver on the job when given the grace to use my initiative would fit into the working conditions of GYCA

16) Submit a bio of yourself (no more than 2 paragraphs including information on your experience working on HIV/AIDS):

ewaJesu Asala is a 24

17) Attach your current resume or CV with this application.

18) ______ (Ewajesu Asala) has read out and filled the above application, criteria and duties carefully and honestly. ______ (Ewajesu Asala) agrees to represent the __West African__ region as a Regional Focal Point (RFP) for the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA) starting from January 2007 to December 2007. Should circumstances beyond my control arise and I cannot complete this one year contract, I will find a suitable replacement for my region in collaboration and approval of the GYCA Secretariats.




EwaJesu Roseline Asala


To positively impact my community and add young people’s voices to decision making processes via my media skills and keen interest in Sexual and reproductive Health and ICTs.

Personal Data

State of Origin: Ondo State

Local Govt.: Ose Local Government

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: November 18, 1982

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian

Next of Kin: Mrs. Asala

16, Mojeed Sanni Str,

College Bus-Stop,

Igando, Lagos, Nigeria

Mobile: 08025871998

Professional experience

April –September 2005 Digital Peers International, Abuja

Industrial Attaché / Program Officer

  • Supervised by the Executive Director

  • Take minutes of meetings

  • Handled logistics of DIGITEST 2005

  • Handled fundraising logistics and followed up proposals submitted.

  • Maintain the central administrative electronic files & the hard copies (receives, stores & retrieves all administrative records & information) for DIGTEST 2005

  • Handle all incoming & outgoing correspondence (letters, faxes, telex, couriers, e-mails & telephone messages)

  • Handled Registration of facilitators and participants

Leadership experience

  • 2001/2002: Member; Academic Committee, Student Union LAUTECH

  • 2003/2004: Director of Activities, The Intellectual Group (A Non Governmental

  • Organization)

  • Jan.2005 till date: Oyo State Coordinator: World Summit On Information Society Policy Train

  • April 2005 till September 2005 : Industrial Training (IT) as Programs Officer Digital Peers International (DPI)

  • May 2006 till Date Southwest Coordinator, Post Youth Agenda meeting

  • May 2006 till Date Member, Coordinating Committee, Nigerian Youth ICT4D Network (


    2001 till date Ladoke Akintola University Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State

  • Bachelors degree in Management Science (In view)

1994 – 2000 Ajao Estate Grammar School

  • Senior School Certificates Examination

1993 – 1994 Best International Nursery and Primary School, Ajao Estate, Lagos

  • First School Leaving Certificate


  • Computer Literate

  • Good team player

  • Keen Learner

  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills

  • Good organizational and coordination skills with keen attention to details

  • Good initiative, enthusiasm, readiness to work and highly diplomatic with people and sensitive to local cultures

  • Ability to work under pressure without compromising professional ethics

Conferences Attended

  • June 2006 Presidential Roundtable on Youth Development Council Chambers, State House Organised by Federal Ministry of Inter-Governmental Affairs Youth and Special Duties.

  • May 2006 Nigerian Youth Agenda Meeting

  • May 2006 Mentorship Roundtable for youth in ICTs organized by Lagos Digital Village and Heinrich Boll Foundation

  • October 2005 Leadership Training workshop for young women in Nigerian tertiary Institution organized by the Female Leadership Forum

  • September 2005 National Youth Summit on Corruption and Corrupt Practises, Otta, Oguns State.

  • August 2005: DIGITEST 2005 organised by Digital Peers International

  • May 2005: World Telecommunication Development Conference, Africa

  • Preparatory Meeting, Youth Forum Organized by NCC and ITU

  • Jan.2005 World Summit on Information Society Policy Train. Lagos

  • Dec. 2005: Democratic Leadership Training Workshop Organized by

  • African Leadership Forum, Otta.

  • Sept.2004: Moderator Training workshop organized by Upline Resources

  • Foundation Akure

  • Jun.2004: Public Deliberative Forum organized by West African Non Governmental Organization Network (WANGONET) Lagos.

  • May2004: 4th National Conference on HIV/AIDS.

  • Jan.2004: Information Technology Seminar organized by The Intellectual Group LAUTECH Ogbomoso.

  • Sept.2003: Taikingitglobal Launch Lagos

  • Dec.2003: World AIDS day celebration LAUTECH Ogbomoso



Fluent English, and Yoruba

Interests and activities

  • Traveling

  • Reading

  • Listening to music


1) Ibikun Odusote Director of Information Technology department

Federal Minisrty of Information and Orientation

Radio House

Tel: 08035044213


2) Gbenga Sesan Program Manager

Lagos Digital Village

16, Coattes Street

Ebitte Metta

Lagos State

Tel: 08023456076


1 To find your Profile URL, go to and click on ‘view profile’ to the right. Then paste your profile link above.

2 GYCA is committed to working with and for excluded youth such as intravenous drug users, men who have sex with men, sex workers, and youth in resource-constrained areas without access to information communication technology (ICT)

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