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This list will help you submit all the documents required for this vacancy. We recommend that you print a copy of this checklist for reference while completing your application package.  Be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully. 

A few items to remember when applying for Army NAF positions:

  • Read all details of the announcement. Make sure all your questions are answered or locatable.

  • The name used for the application manager profile and/or faxed application documents (SF 1203-FX etc.) must match your legal name as listed on your Social Security (SS) card. Be prepared to present your SS card upon selection.

  • Keep your USAJOBS account current. Notifications/updates will be sent at a minimum during what’s considered ‘four-touch point notifications’. These are intended to keep you informed throughout all the steps of the recruitment process. If you have any questions, the contact information for each individual announcement will be listed within the application status profile.

  • The announcement and application process provides logic behind naming convention of documents being uploaded.

  • Ensure all documents to support your qualifications and/or eligibility as outlined in the announcement are uploaded/faxed. Neglecting to provide all necessary documentation may lead to an ineligible rating.

  • You can find our Agency specific application forms at

  • If you are a NAF/Federal Civil Service retiree or accepted a Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (VSIP), be prepared to address this question as HR will have to ensure there are no stipulations restricting your re-employment.

  • Before you close out of USAJOBS or fax your application package, review the supporting/required documents (located under ‘How to Apply’ – Required Documents) within the vacancy announcement. Certain missing documents will result in an incomplete application package and screen you out of consideration for the position, while failing to submit others will result in not having the appropriate selection preference/priority consideration category assigned.

Additional Information for Fax Applicants:

  • All expert level responses require narrative response in which you identify what position you held that provided that expert level knowledge, skill and ability. You must, on a separate blank document indicate the position title, dates held AND what page on the resume ONLY for each expert level response. Neglecting to provide this additional document may lead to an incomplete application and ineligible rating.

  • You will need a 1203-FX Form to respond to the occupational (assessment) questionnaire questions.

  • Anytime you fax a document, a cover letter is required to ensure proper transmission of your package. NOTE: Do not deviate from the identified name, suffix, SSN etc. you identify throughout your application as this could lead to non-consideration.

Application Documents Checklist

You can locate any documents considered part of the application package or required documents at


When required?


Resume and/or Optional Application Form DA 3433

Always required

Ensure your resume includes where you worked, when, and whether you were full-time, part-time or flexible/intermittent. If you were-part time or flexible/intermittent, be sure to state how many hours you worked per week (If you had guaranteed hours please list those).

Official Transcript OR unofficial copy of an official transcript

Required only if vacancy announcement indicates an education qualification requirement OR if a mix of experience and education are needed to qualify

Education must have been obtained from an accredited College/University. This will be verified by HR.

You can verify accreditation at the following website:

Copy of Sponsor’s Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders (for wife or husband of an active duty military member).

Required if claiming Military Spouse Preference in the application questionnaire

If spouse’s name DOES NOT appear on the PCS Orders, a copy of the marriage certificate must be submitted to verify marriage occurred prior to PCS.

Copy of Sponsor’s Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders (for wife or husband of a civilian spouse or dependent under the age of 23)

Required only if claiming Family Member Preference in application questionnaire

Applies only to Overseas positions. If dependents name does not appear on orders a marriage certificate must be submitted (if spouse) to verify marriage occurred prior to PCS.

Legible Copy of DD-214, Member 4 Copy (or equivalent document) showing all dates of service as well as character of service (Honorable, General, etc.)
Copy can be obtained by calling 800-827-1000 or TDD# 800-829-4833

Required if claiming Involuntarily Separated Military Preference

For involuntarily separated military, military and civilian identification cards bearing the over stamp Transition Assistance (TA) will also be needed to validate the preference.
For active duty members on terminal leave, attach a letter signed by your commander indicating the expected date of discharge and character of service.

Required if claiming Outside Applicant Veteran Priority Consideration

Copy of your most current DA Form 3434, Notification of Personnel Action

Required if claiming Current/Former NAF Employee Priority Consideration

If you are current NAF employee, please have your last appraisal readily available should it be requested.

Copy of your most current SF-50

Required if claiming Current NAF Priority Consideration as a current APF Employee

Must indicate proof of status (for example, you were a career or a career-conditional employee) and should identify your position, title, series, grade, step, and tenure, effective dates.

Copy of your License or certificate

Required if position has licensure or certification requirement

Requirement will be listed in the vacancy announcement.

Statement certifying your typing proficiency in your resume/application.

Required if position requires a qualified typist (i.e. ability to type a specific number of words per minute)

Requirement will be listed in the vacancy announcement.
Example of statement to include in resume/application: “I certify I can type __ words per minute.


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