Mun 1370-2371-2372 show choir fall 2006 Course Description

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MUN 1370-2371-2372

Fall 2006

Course Description:

A study of the fundamental techniques and principles of integrating dance, voice, music and acting into a performance show choir ensemble. Training in voice, jazz movement, character interpretation and personality presentation is covered. Membership is open to all part-time or full-time students on a credit or non-credit basis. Public performances will be scheduled at frequent intervals throughout the year. Prerequisite: Audition or consent of department. Credit will be granted twice for each course. 2 semester hour credit.

Texts / Materials:

Music and miscellaneous supplies will be provided by the department. Students are expected to contribute $200 towards the cost of performance outfits, shoes, etc. Students may expect to incur some expense for personal khaki pants or shorts and meals during travel. Musical outfits and music lost or defaced will be replaced at the student’s expense.

Grading and Attendance Policies:

With everyone starting out with an “A” for the course, the formula below explains how a lower grade would result involving attendance at weekly rehearsals:

Three unexcused absences = B

Four unexcused absences = C

Five unexcused absences = D

Six or more unexcused absences = F
Three tardies and /or early leavings = one unexcused absence. In addition, since performance is the final demonstration of acquired knowledge and skills, and is also a representation of the work and profile of both the music program and the college, it is to be considered of the utmost importance; therefore, anyone with an unexcused absence from a performance may receive a failing grade. Additionally, absence for any portion of load-in and load-out assignments may result in lowering of a student’s grade.
Course Objectives:

The main goal of the course is to learn music literature assigned in preparation for public performance. Secondary goals include vocal development, improvement of music reading skills, ensemble awareness, communication, and personality skills.

JAZZMATAZZ concert is Jan. 11, 12, 13, 2007 (Thursday-Friday). Each Show Choir member is required to sell at least $300 worth of tickets. Tickets go on sale December 1. Rehearsals, in addition to regular noon rehearsals and extra late night rehearsals may be scheduled the week of the performance.

October 25 – Senior Day

January 3-10, 2007, Show Choir Workshop, times TBA.

January 11, 12, 13 JAZZMATAZZ 2007

(High School Show, Thursday, Jan. 11, 10:30 a.m.)

February 11 – OWC/Niceville Snowbird Concert

March 15-23, 2007 Spring Choir Tour (tentative)
There will be other community performances during the semester yet to be scheduled.


September 4 Labor Day Holiday, College Closed

September 8 CLAST Registration deadline

September 11 Theatre Auditions for fall production, I HATE HAMLET, 6 p.m.


September 22 ACT Registration deadline

September 26 The Tallahassee Ballet (Artist Series event), 7 p.m., Theatre

October 3 Last day for vertical transfer

October 4 Fall Festival. Classes dismissed 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

October 16-17 Fall Break, College Closed

October 28 ACT Test

November 2 Last day to withdraw from a class for Fall term

November 2-5 Fall Theatre Production, I HATE HAMLET, Theatre

November 9 The Fabulous Limeliters, (Artist Series event), 7 p.m., Theatre

November 15 Last day to resign from all classes for Fall term

November 22-24 Thanksgiving Holiday, College Closed

December 8 Last class day academics for Fall term

December 11, 12, & 13 Final Exams

December 18-31 Christmas Holidays – College Closed

Joy Buczek

Angie White

Rebecca Parmer

Joan Stadsklev

( Revised August 2006)
Members of Show Choir shall be exemplary representatives of Chipola College in all policy and program matters. These policies are as follows:


The Chipola College Show Choir program is a class as well as a student activity. The program should aid in developing the student participant into a responsible, mature, and independent adult.

The primary purpose of the Show Choir is to (1) be a member of a “team” which has as its goal a study of the fundamental techniques and principles of integrating dance, voice, music and acting into a performance show choir ensemble which serves as public relation ambassadors for the Fine and Performing Arts Department and Chipola College, and (2) to uphold, reflect, and project the goals and ideals of the college; to appear at college activities, functions and programs, at charitable and public causes to promote the performing arts and the college.


Membership number is determined by the directors and is open to any full-time or part-time student who meets the following qualifications:

    1. Submits an application

    2. Has at least a 2.5 cumulative G.P.A.. (if coming from high school—students with college credits must have a minimum 2.0 G.P.A.) at time of auditions

    3. Auditions are before the directors. (All members who wish to continue must re-audition.)

    4. If a member suspects she is pregnant, she has the responsibility and obligation to notify her directors. The participation of a pregnant member will be determined after consultation with a physician and the directors.

NOTE: Additional members may be added following auditions when:

      1. The directors deem the additional member(s) will improve the show choir.

      2. The existing members may recommend the additional member(s).

      3. The additional member(s) meet(s) all requirements other than participating in the formal auditions.


The directors will be appointed by the Director of the Fine and Performing Arts and have the following duties in addition to the normal director responsibilities:

    1. Handle all discipline problems and take the appropriate measures to correct them.

    2. Be the final authority in all questions dealing with the Show Choir.

    3. Make and keep account of the budget of Show Choir in accordance with college policies and procedures.

    4. Determine the number in the Show Choir.


    1. Complete dismissal shall result if these rules are broken:

Show Choir members must

      1. maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average after auditions (To continue receiving scholarship money when available, they must maintain a 2.0 cumulative G.P.A.).

      2. be enrolled as a student at Chipola College.

      3. be thoroughly familiar with and carefully abide by the Chipola College Show Choir Policies, Restrictions, and Regulations.

Show Choir members should not

  1. use illegal drugs

  2. be suspended from college for any reason

  3. be insubordinate to the directors or other college officials.

  4. consume alcoholic beverages or use tobacco products before

or during a rehearsal, performance, or other college activity, or while in costume/uniform.

  1. Show Choir members are expected to display good citizenship through the following attitudes: respect for others, personal responsibilities, integrity, sense of service, willingness to cooperate and respect for authority.

  1. Transportation to out of town performances and other show choir activities will be as a group to and from the activity. Any member who wishes exception to this rule must receive permission from the directors and provide a written permission form from parent or guardian. The person providing alternate travel for the member must sign the member out with the directors and must assume the full responsibility for the safe delivery of the member to the destination/home.

  1. Show Choir members are expected to attend classes regularly. Show Choir responsibilities may require several absences from classes; thus, it is important to avoid other absences. Progress reports will be received from instructors at least two times during each semester.

  1. No tattoos should be visible when in performance attire.

  1. Show Choir members should avoid personal conversations during rehearsals and performances.

  1. Show Choir members should not leave the choir at any time during a rehearsal or performance without permission from a director.

  1. Each member is responsible for all of the clothing, uniforms, and equipment assigned to him/her. Care must be taken to insure such clothing, uniforms, and equipment remain in a clean and presentable condition. Each member shall safeguard his/her clothing, uniforms, and equipment and shall be, therefore, personally liable for its replacement due to loss of the uniform or damage such as melting from a hot iron or shrinking from excessive heat in a clothes dryer, excluding normal wear and tear. Members who turn in soiled uniforms at the end of the year shall be presented with the cleaning bill in the form of an official college indebtedness claim that will prevent access to college records or receipt of diploma until the bill is paid.

  1. During overnight trips, at no time shall anyone from outside the personnel of Chipola Show Choir occupy the Show Choir rooms.

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