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Dr. Amakhmakh


The concept of Music

According to Oxford Dictionary, Music is defined as a set of sounds arranged sequentially together in a pleasant or exciting way. Music is a tool of communication, since communication requires two parts a sender and a receiver. Also the composer (who is the sender) of music has a message, and this message has a receiver, who is the listener. However People don’t perceive music in the same way, because of the culture and experience differences that have a major role on the perception of the sounds, as it’s the case for language. Music is played on instruments, such as the guitar, drums, flute, piano etc... These instruments differ from one culture to another depending on the availability of these instruments, and the variety of local tones.

Music is associated with culture, because every culture has a particular musical aspect that has to do with the kind of instrument used, and also the purpose of the music in that society. Moreover we find that members of the same culture have different tastes in music. Anthropologists consider music to be an important vehicle in the development of any culture, and also an important component of the culture through which they can study whole the society. People sing to describe their culture, tell about their problems, and call their people and so on. Music has a powerful message than a written book, because music has a larger public that reaches children, young, women, men, scholars and illiterates.

Melody as defined in Oxford Dictionary is the tune in a piece of music written for several instruments or voices. In music the melody part is much more important than the lyrics part. There are some songs that we like without understanding its lyrics. For example the famous Amazigh song of Idir ‘Avava Inouva’, that was released in 1973 and is still alive till today. Technology has developed the music melody composing methods thanks to the development of programming in the field of computing, and physics for sound quality and biology for better understanding of the human body needs.

Tone is one of the fundamentals of music; with your voice you can make infinite numbers of sounds, but only a small number of these are considered to be musical, to be a musician you must not vary your vocal chords wildly. Thousands of years ago, singers noticed that even though they could make a very large number of musical tones with their voices, only few of them sounded good when sung one after the other. They also noticed that when they try to sing with someone’s voice, only few have sounded better.

Music is a very important tool in the human life. It shows the intellectual level of the society, and the way the society thinks. However music is losing its value today, because it is associated with business. Businessmen don’t care about the message the music they make, they only care about the income, and they exploit the body of the women to make video clips hoping to generate more sells. And that’s what leads to change the status of the music in the society.

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