Mohammad Harb Abdulrahman Curriculum Vitae

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Mohammad Harb Abdulrahman - Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details


Mohammad Harb I. A. Abdulrahman.



Date of Birth

5 December 1950.

Marital Status



B.A. degree in English language and literature, 1971,

University of Damascus,

Syrian Arab Republic.


  • A course on Microsoft Windows (6 July 1996 – 29 July 1996), Computeach International Centre, Amman, Jordan.

  • Basic PC and "Hadeed" Network Training (May 05 -06, 1997).

IT Skills

Microsoft Office Word applications, Email and Internet.

Mobile No.



Career History

  • 01 June 2012 – 31 December 2015 {end of my contract} (indirect hire through Hassan Abdul Karim Algahtai Sons Co. “HAK”)

  • 26 April1982 – 30 April 2012 (direct hire)

Senior Translator, English - Arabic / Arabic - English

Saudi Iron and Steel Company (Hadeed) – a SABIC company.

Legal Department,

Al-Jubail Industrial City,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Duties Performed :


  • Technical translation of documents including Saudi and international standards and specifications of long and flat steel products; technical manuals of plant equipment and material specifications; technical presentations on iron and steelmaking technology; and technical and steelmaking terminology.

  • Legal translation of company contracts and agreements and their amendments including production plants procurement and installation agreements, project close out reports, raw materials procurement contracts, sales contracts, employment contracts, lease contracts, services contracts, loan agreements, in addition to company regulations and other legal documents.

  • Translation of company procedures, policies and job descriptions and their amendments including ISO procedures, company security, safety and health procedures and work instructions, emergency procedures and plans, and personnel policies.

  • Translation of various reports including the Public Audit Bureau related reports, marketing reports; environment reports; industrial accident reports, training reports and medical reports.

  • Translation of miscellaneous company documents such as circulars, correspondence, job titles, job descriptions, memos, questionnaires, certificates, etc.


  • Editing company annual reports, brochures pamphlets, and leaflets; product specification catalogues; and newsletters including safety, health and environment awareness newsletters.

  • Editing company news, press releases and contents of the company intranet.

  • Editing company correspondence, reports and presentations, etc. in both Arabic and English languages.


  • Proofreading of all company printed materials, and ensuring their linguistic accuracy in both Arabic and English languages.

  • Proofreading of contracts and any other documents translated by third parties and submitted to the company.

Linguistic Consultation:

  • Providing English and Arabic linguistic consultations to company employees on the phone upon request.

Nov., 1977 – April, 1982

English – Arabic Translator,

Al-Watan Arabic daily newspaper,

State of Kuwait.

Duties performed:

  • Translation of editorials of prominent American and English newspapers and magazines.

  • Translation of daily news reports from news agencies such as Reuters, Associated Press and United Press International.

  • Translation of other miscellaneous articles normally published in daily newspapers.

October, 1975 – April, 1982

Teacher of English,

The Ministry of Education,

The State of Kuwait.

1972 - 1975

Teacher of English,

The Ministry of Education,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


I compiled an English / Arabic dictionary of steelmaking terminology with explanation of each term in Arabic, for the Saudi Iron and Steel Company (HADEED).


Physical fitness exercises and chess.

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