Module work must be submitted during the same semester the student received the package from a teacher. If the module is not submitted during the same semester students

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CTR 1010

Independent Module Workbook

Mrs. Laturnas

Student Name: _______________________________

Date Received: ______________________________

Date Submitted for Marking: ____________________

Module work must be submitted during the same semester the student received the package from a teacher. If the module is not submitted during the same semester students may be asked to complete additional assignments as assignments are updated on a regular basis.

Outline of Assignments for CTR1010 Independent Module

If you are completing this module independently you must complete all assignments and achieve a passing grade on each assignment or it will be returned to you. Many of the assignments ask you to be reflective – to think about how you feel and a topic and then answer questions. It is expected that your responses are both thoughtful and thorough.

Assignment #1 - Portfolio Cover – 5 marks

Along with this package you have been given a plastic folder to store your CTR 1010 assignments. Create a cover for your portfolio which includes your name, images that describe you and CTR 1010. This could be done on the computer or be drawn on a sheet of paper. It should be attractively presented. Your cover should be descriptive of you.  

Assignment #2 - Career Spotlight – 20 marks (computer required)

Assignment #3 - Life/Work Map – 15 Marks

Assignment #4 - Interest Quiz – 15 Marks
Assignment #5 Self Assessment – 10 Marks
Assignment #6 - Bridges Career Explorer - 20 Marks (computer required)

This assignment requires internet access. See attached assignment sheets for Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment. You MUST remember you username and password. Write it in a safe place! Complete both bridges assignments.

Assignment #7 – Volunteerism – 10 Marks

Assignment #8 - What do Occupations Have to Offer – 15 Marks

Assignment #9 – Resume – 30 Marks (computer required)

Create an up-to-date resume that could be used to apply for a job.

Resume template – 10 marks

Resume checklist – 5 marks

Perfect copy of you resume – 15 marks
Assignment #10 – Cover Letter – 15 Marks (computer required)

Assignment #11 – Prepare for a Job Interview - Be Your Best 10 Marks

Assignment #12 - Post-Secondary Research Assignment – 10 Marks (computer required)

Assignment #13 - Setting Career Goals – 10 Marks

Assignment #14 - Work Safety – 15 Marks

Assignment #15 – Employment Standards – 15 Marks (internet access required)
TOTAL /220

Career Spotlight

Assignment #2

You can choose a career to “spotlight.” Your task is to give a brief overview of the career and to share some useful information about entering this profession. You must prepare a poster in Microsoft Word which outlines the information you have discovered.

Your poster should be eye-catching and graphically pleasing. People should look at your poster and want to read it!
When researching your career please consider (but do not limit yourself to) the following areas:

  • Main tasks of someone in this field

  • Required training

  • Characteristics

  • Average income

  • Employment outlook

Your poster should include information from at least three sources. Please document these sources on your poster. The Alberta Learning Information Service website contains information specific to Alberta and should be used for income and employment outlook information.

Place a copy of your finished poster in your plastic CTR 1010 folder.


Appearance /5

Content /15
Total /20
Life/Work Map

Assignment #3

List 10 events that may be significant in a person’s life between the ages of 18 and 80: (these do not necessarily need to be your own)

What have you included? Are educational milestones, career achievements, major purchases, family decisions and important events included on your list above? Everyone’s important milestones are different. For you, one milestone might be graduating as an apprentice electrician. Another might be getting married or starting a family.

Where are you now? What do you see as your life path? Life maps are the paths our lives take guided by your skills and interests. What will the future hold for you? Your assignment is to draw your own Life Map. This map may be drawn with paper and pencil or be completed as a word processing document and printed.

Your Life/Work map must contain 10 significant events or 10 snapshots of your life between the ages of 18 and 80 (death not included). This map is a visual representation of where you see your life headed. A great starting point for the first circle is high school graduation.

Your map must include the year(s) or age you hope that this will occur, a description of the event and a graphic to represent this stop on your map. Your map should be realistic - although many of us would like to win the lottery it is unlikely that it will happen.


Interest Quiz

Assignment #4
Mark an X in the YES or the NO column for each question. There are no right or wrong answers. Answer each question honestly, and take as much time as you need. If some questions are hard to answer, discuss them with a partner. This quiz will assess your interest at this particular moment in your life. Your interests will continue to change, so you may want to take this quiz again at a later date.


  1. Do you like to have a lot of freedom when you do an assignment ____ ____

or a job?

  1. Do you like to be a leader? ____ ____

  1. Do you like to finish one job before you start the next? ____ ____

  1. Are you generally cooperative? ____ ____

  1. Do you like to work on projects by yourself? ____ ____

  1. Do you keep your things neat and tidy? ____ ____

  1. Do you enjoy writing poetry or stories? ____ ____

  1. Would you enjoy selling things, from apartment rentals to

newspaper advertisements? ____ ____

  1. Do you plan carefully before you start to do something? ____ ____

  1. Are social activities very important to you? ____ ____

  1. Would you like to work on research projects? ____ ____

  1. Do you like to follow directions carefully? ____ ____

  1. Are you sensitive to your own feelings? ____ ____

  1. Do you usually look on the bright side of things? ____ ____

  1. Do you like to build things and/or repair them? ____ ____

  1. Are you able to explain things clearly to other people? ____ ____

  1. When you learn something new, do you often try to find out

more about it? ____ ____


  1. Do you have clerical ability? (filing, keyboarding) ____ ____

19. Do you like to create things, for example, inventing gadgets or

designing posters? ____ ____

  1. Would you describe yourself as being ambitious? ____ ____

  1. Are you uncomfortable when a lot of people pay attention to you? ____ ____

  1. Can you discuss difficult subjects with people without hurting

their feelings? ____ ____

  1. Would you want to work in a science laboratory? ____ ____

24. When you do a project or another job, do you do it carefully,

one step at time? ____ ____

  1. Do you have musical, artistic, or dramatic ability? ____ ____

  1. Do you like speaking in front of a group of people? ____ ____

  1. Do you enjoy working with tools and machinery? ____ ____

  1. Are you able to help people who are upset or worried? ____ ____

  1. Do you read scientific books or magazines? ____ ____

  1. Would you like to prepare letters and written reports? ____ ____

  1. When you have been assignment a project or task, do you like to

do it differently from most other people? ____ ____

  1. Are you a person who likes to try new things or experiences? ____ ____

  1. Do you see yourself as a practical person? ____ ____

  1. Are you a good listener? ____ ____

  1. Do you like solving mathematical or chess puzzles? ____ ____

  1. Do you arrange your papers, locker or binders in

an organized way? ____ ____

  1. Do you express your emotions easily? ____ ____

  1. Do you think you can sell an idea or a product? ____ ____

  1. Do you often take part in sports or athletics? ____ ____

  1. Can you meet new people easily? ____ ____

  1. Do you dig deeply into topics to satisfy your curiosity or to

solve problems? ____ ____

  1. Do you see yourself as being calm rather than emotional? ____ ____

  1. Are you basically independent? ____ ____

  1. Are you good at arguing your point of view? ____ ____

  1. Do you think you have mechanical ability? ____ ____

  1. Do you enjoy giving information to other people? ____ ____

  1. Would you rather investigate something for yourself than take

another person’s word for it? ____ ____

  1. Would you like to work at a job where you would operate a

computer or other machine? ____ ____

  1. Do you have a good imagination? ____ ____

  1. Would you be interested in organizing a club or other group? ____ ____

  1. Would you rather work at a task than socializes with people? ____ ____

  1. Would you describe yourself as generous? ____ ____

  1. Are you more of a thinking than an emotional person? ____ ____

  1. Do you enjoy working with numbers? ____ ____

  1. Are you able to design, invent, or create things? ____ ____

  1. Have you considered starting your own business? ____ ____


  1. Do you like working with your hands, doing things such as

plumbing repairs, fixing cars, sewing or wallpapering? ____ ____

  1. Are you interested in looking after people when they are sick? ____ ____

  1. Do you have mathematical abilities? ____ ____

  1. When you are given an assignment, do you like to show how ____ ____

well you can do it?

How to Score the Quiz
The graph below contains 60 numbers, one for each of the questions you have just answered. For every question you answered Yes, mark and X on the corresponding number. For example, if you answered Yes for question 1, you should put an X on number 1. Then count the number of Xs on each line. Write that number in the space provided at the right. The lines with the most X’s are your strongest areas.
Artistic/Creative 1 7 13 19 25 31 37 43 49 55 ____
Enterprising 2 8 14 20 26 32 38 44 50 56 ____
Practical 3 9 15 21 27 33 39 45 51 57 ____
Social 4 10 16 22 28 34 40 46 52 58 ____
Investigative 5 11 17 23 29 35 41 47 53 59 ____
Orderly 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 ____

What are your top 2 areas?

(If you have two areas that rank the same, read the descriptions below and choose the two categories which you think best describe you)

1. _____________________________ 2. _____________________________
What does this say about you?

You enjoy music, art, drama, and literary activities. You are creative. You dislike rules and structures and express emotions more openly than most people. Idea creators prefer to work with their minds, innovating, imagining and creating. They dislike structured situations, rules, and physical work. Your traits include: imaginative, idealistic, original, intuitive and expressive.


You enjoy sales, leadership and management. You like power, status, and can use your verbal skills to direct and influence others. You like to work with people – influencing, leading, or managing them. You dislike precise work, and systematic activities. Your traits include: persuasive, domineering, energetic, ambitious and flirtatious.


You would rather do things than just socialize. When you run into problems you want concrete solutions; you try them out to see if they work. You may feel uncomfortable working out answers in theory only. Technically and athletically inclined people you prefer to work with your hands and tools to build, repair, or grow things, often outdoors. You dislike educational or therapeutic activities, self expression, working with people, and new ideas. Your traits include: Stable, materialistic, frank, practical and self-reliant.


You like being with other people and helping them, or maybe doing work that involves others. You seek close relationships with people and probably have good interpersonal skills. You may feel unhappy when working alone or doing physical jobs. You like to work with people informing, enlightening, helping, training, developing or curing them. You dislike machinery, and physical exertion. Your traits include: cooperative, understanding, helpful, tactful, sociable and ethical.


You like working with ideas. You analyze and think things through. You prefer to work independently. You would rather let others do the persuading to encourage people to accept your ideas. You are an abstract problem solver and like to work on your own, observing, learning, investigating and solving problems, frequently in a scientific related area. You dislike repetitive activities and working with people. Your traits include: analytical, independent, curious and precise.


You like to keep things tidy, perhaps doing forms and reports in business or economics. You enjoy working with details, you have good self-control, and identify with power, status, and well-structured programs. You prefer to work with words and numbers and enjoy carrying out detailed instructions. You dislike ambiguity, unstructured, unsystematized activities. Your traits include: conscientious, orderly and self-controlled.

Connecting Your Personality Types to Jobs
Connect your personality types to the possible jobs on the following chart. Select your strongest category across the top of the chart, and then select your second-strongest category along the side of the chart. Find the intersection of these categories – circle it. These jobs should relate to your interest and personality type(s).








Choreographer, interior decorator, advertising manager, film producer/director

Graphics, photographer, sculptor, sign writer, TV camera operator, drafter

Model, teacher, economist, musician, actor, production manager

Composer, architect, sculptor, sign writer

Props person, costumes person, TV and film technician, camera person, set dresser


Film producer, disc jockey, announcer, baker, lawyer, craftsperson, chef, interior designer

Pharmacist, dietary assistant, sales clerk, tradesperson

Curator, systems analyst, buyer, auctioneer, realtor, sales manager

Insurance investigator, private investigator, security, quality control

Auctioneer, market research analyst, sales agent, insurance inspector


Cook, painter, cabinet maker, mould maker, photo engineer, printer, baker

Plumber, roofer, animal breeder, mechanic

Taxi driver, meat cutter, kitchen helper, server, chef, baker, police officer

Welder, groundskeeper, iron worker, mechanic, jeweler, service person

Dental hygienist, driller, lather, truck driver, letter carrier, maintenance person, assembler


Flying instructor, minister, priest, rabbi, speech therapist, teacher

Counselor, dietician, home economist, restaurant host, driving instructor

Childcare worker, employment counselor, orderly, nurses’ aid, waiter

Community organization worker, social worker, sociologist, probation officer, police officer

Orderly, cashier, server, nurses’ aid, waiter, host, probation officer, police officer


Doctor, law clerk, mathematician, scientist, researcher

Pharmacist, optometrist, lawyer, lab technician, inventor

Electronics technician, computer operator, geological technician

Psychologist, social worker, librarian, veterinarian, order processor/picker

Word processor, camera repair person, law clerk, librarian, instrument repairer


Administrative assistant, drafter, computer programmer, designer

Hotel clerk, stock clerk, travel agent, sewing machine operator

Coding clerk, order filler, bank teller, business machine operator

Travel agent, receptionist, library technician, credit clerk, bookkeeper

Methods analyst, travel agent, bookkeeper, store clerk

Reflection on Interest Quiz

1. What were your two highest areas?

2. Do you agree with the results? Explain.

3. What jobs does this survey indicate that you should consider? (list all)

4. Which of the careers listed are you interested in? If none, which of the career boxes interested you the most - list the personality types associated and the jobs.

Self Assessment

Assignment #5

What are your areas of strength? Spend some time completing the self assessment below. Before we can begin to decide which careers are best for us we must think about what we like to do and what we are good at. Answer these questions in detail. One word answers are not acceptable.

What do you like to do?

What can you do well?

What makes work meaningful to you?

What level of education are you willing to get?

What motivates you to work?
What are your expectations from work? (What do you expect from a job?)
What type of lifestyle do you want? (hours of work, income, country/city life etc)

What kind of training are you willing to get?

Your interests. Your work will be more enjoyable if you are learning about and doing things that interest you. Which of the following types of activities do you enjoy?

solving problems

helping people

convincing others

using your imagination

being physically active

building or fixing things

working with facts and figures

creating things

List as many of your interests as you can think of. Circle your strongest interests.

Your abilities. Which of the following types of activities do you do well?

working with numbers

performing physical tasks

creating things and using your imagination

noticing differences in detail and recognizing errors

visualizing in three dimensions from a drawing (i.e. a blueprint)

learning scientific and technical principles and gathering information systematically

listening, expressing feelings, working well with others

planning and developing projects, co-ordinating and handling details

using and understanding words and ideas

understanding how things work and putting them together

List all of your abilities, not just ones mentioned above. Circle your strongest abilities.

Bridges Career Explorer – Part 1

Assignment #6

Ensure that you have selected the Site ID tab.
Site ID: 23090

Password: ebhigh

Under the Students Tab select Choices Explorer.
Click on the Sign In link. Choose Create a Portfolio.

Activity 1

Choose the Work Tab

Complete the Interests and Skills Questions.
When you are finished a Career Finder list appears. Print a copy of this list.
Explore the career information about some of the jobs listed that interest you. Print the What They Do profile for 2 jobs that interest you.
Click on the Your Portfolio Tab once you have explored some of the careers and have printed 2 profiles. In the Your Journal section click on Your Journal

In your Journal Entry key today’s date.

Answer the following questions (ensure you have used complete sentences, and that they question being asked is clear in the answer given). Include a question number before each answer.

  1. The Career Finder listed areas where your skills and interests were high. Which were your two highest Skill areas? Which were your two highest Interest areas?

  2. How does this quiz compare to the quiz we completed in class? What is the same and different? Which do you think is more accurate? Why

  3. What were the top five careers listed in the Interest & Skills list (you have printed this)? Would you be interested in exploring these careers?

  4. Which two careers did you choose to print information about? Why did you choose these two? How did they rank on your list?

  5. Describe what someone in this job does – one paragraph for each career.

Print your journal and all other pages as listed in this assignment. Place your print outs in your CTR 1010 plastic folder.

Bridges Career Explorer – Part 2

Assignment #6 continued

  • Log in to Bridges Career Explorer

  • using your username and password you created. (Site ID 23090 Password ebhigh)

  • Complete the Find Interesting Programs Checklist in the Learn section.

  • Check off each of the items that are interesting to you.

  • When finished browse the programs suggested as a result of your answers.

  • Click Print This

  • Remember to include your name on the document.

  • Explore three or four of the programs that are suggested to you. Do they sound interesting?

  • Check out the Getting Ready section for each career. What are the suggested high school classes to study to prepare for these programs?

  • Check out the Student Finance section for each career. What will if cost for you to participate in these programs?

  • Click on the Work tab at the top of the page.

  • Find the section labeled Your School Subjects

  • Click on one or two of your favorite school subjects and read about some of the careers listed.

  • Be sure to check out the Getting Ready and Student Finance section of these careers as well.

  • Click on the Your Portfolio Tab

  • Choose Your Journal

  • Create a new journal entry.

  • Answer the following questions in your journal:

  • What should you be doing now at school to prepare for life after high school?

  • If you were to pursue some of the occupations you explored today, what would the cost of future education be?

  • Save your journal entry.

Print your journal and all other pages as listed in this assignment. Place your print outs in your CTR 1010 plastic folder.

Assignment # 7

Getting volunteer experience in your community can be a helpful step in the career exploration process and can assist all of us greatly in discovering our skills and strengths. Read the two articles below regarding youth and volunteerism and then answer the related questions.

Youth Who Volunteer Get Better Grades and Become Active Citizens
By Devorah Vineburg

Volunteering amongst High School students has reached the highest levels in the past 50 years. Research has shown that those people who have volunteered when they are young , and who have seen their parents volunteer, become the most generous adults for charitable and philanthropic causes.

Why Is It Important for Youth to Volunteer? Youth who volunteer are twice as likely to volunteer as adults. The Independent Sector, a leading organization doing research on charity and philanthropy in the United States, has shown that 6 out of 10 volunteers, started volunteering by age 14. When surveyed, 70% of teens that volunteer reported that volunteering gave them a new perspective on community issues.

Volunteering not only creates engaged young citizens. As a result of their volunteer efforts, teens report doing better in school, improved grades, developing new career goals and of learning about new career options.

Other significant benefits of youth volunteerism include:

- Learning how to respect others

- Learning how to be helpful and kind

- Understanding people who are different from themselves

- Developing leadership skills

- Becoming more patient

- Understanding the qualities of good citizenship.

From their volunteer experiences teens learn:

- How to solve community problems

- Enhanced understanding of good citizenship

- To became more aware of community programs

- More about how government and voluntary organizations work.

Adults who began volunteering as youth, are twice as likely to volunteer, as compared to those who did not volunteer when they were younger. Today, 44% of adults volunteer. Of these adult volunteers, 2/3 of these volunteers began volunteering when they were young.

Encourage a young person to get involved in the community today!

Volunteering is Great for You Too!
By Devorah Vineburg

Margaret Mead once said, "Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has".

Our world benefits from all of the good works that volunteers do. Did you ever stop to realize however, some of the benefits volunteering brings to you, yourself, also?

Here is a list of my top 10 reasons why volunteering is a great thing to do for yourself:

1. Volunteering builds self-confidence.

2. Volunteering helps you learn new skills.

3. Volunteering helps you meet new people and make new friends.

4. Volunteering with your friends and family members helps to build stronger bonds and relationships with the people that you care about.

5. Volunteering keeps you healthy and helps to maintain positive mental health.

6. Volunteering helps you learn more about important social issues in your community.

7. Volunteering helps you to develop a great understanding and appreciation about diversity and other cultures.

8. Volunteering helps you share a lifetime of experience.

9. Volunteering helps build a common bond with others in our community. (Instead of discussing the football game, or the weather, with someone new who you meet, trying telling them about the volunteer projects that you do.

10. Volunteering with our children helps to teach them important values. Be a role model for your children. Show them how important it is to volunteer!

So the next time you step out the door to get involved in a project in your community remember, volunteering is not just great for our communities. It is a great activity that keeps you happy and healthy too!

Volunteerism Questions
1. Why do people volunteer?

2. What skills do you have that would be helpful to a community organization? List as many as you can think of (at least four for each):

Technical (ex. Computer skills, carpentry skills)
Personal (ex. Cooperative, outgoing)

3. What kind of volunteer experience do you have?

4. If you had to volunteer in your community what would you like to spend your time doing?
5. Why would a young person want to include some volunteer experience on their resume?

6. Do you think youth should be required to do some sort of volunteer work?

What do Occupations Have to Offer?

Assignment # 8


Assignment # 9
For this assignment you must create your own error free resume. Read through the tips listed below. When you’ve read the tips, then fill out the resume template. Once you have filled out the template you will be ready to begin. A sample resume for Robin Harrison SHOULD be used as a guide to format your own resume. Resumes must be keyed and must be error free. Errors in formatting and spelling or missing information will result in heavy mark deductions. After your resume is complete go through the resume checklist provided. Ask two adults to proofread and sign your checklist. If you or your proofreaders find any errors you must revise your resume.
If you already have a resume you MUST still complete the template and then revise your current resume. If any information listed in this assignment is missing marks will be deducted.
Resume Writing Tips
“A résumé is a document containing a summary or listing of relevant job experience and education, usually for the purpose of securing a new job. Often the résumé is the first item a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker, and therefore a large amount of importance is often ascribed to it.”
NEVER INCLUDE YOUR SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER ON YOUR RESUME! You may become a target for identity theft!
You will create a “Reverse Chronological Resume” this means that you will list your most recent experiences first. For example: The job you have now is listed before your previous job.
Personal Information

  • Use your full name – no nicknames

  • Include your postal code

  • Supply a telephone number (if you have an e-mail address you check often you may want to include it as well)


    • List your strengths – for example: ability to work with people, leadership ability, experience with specific equipment or machinery, organizational skills, creativity, artistic skills, bilingual.


    • Start with your most recent educational experience.

    • Include the name of the school you attended, the course taken or major subjects studied, and the year of the completion of study.

Work Experience

    • Start with your present job (or most recent) and work back.

    • Include the position you held, the place where you worked and the dates you worked there as well as a description of your duties and the skills you learned.

    • You may want to include volunteer activities with work experience or you may want to have a separate heading.

Interests/Extra-curricular Activities

  • Carefully select the interests and hobbies you want to highlight.

  • You may want to include accomplishments you have made in these activities (championships, certificates)


  • This section is optional. Include academic achievements, athletic or arts achievements.


  • Please list three references. References would be people who can attest to your personal qualities and work ethic. Choose people who know you in different ways, a teacher, coach, former employer, neighbor, or a church leader. Include a complete mailing address and phone number (include home and work numbers if possible). DO NOT USE YOUR FRIENDS AS REFERENCES! REFERENCES MUST BE ADULTS!

Resume Template

Personal Information:
Name: ___________________________________________

Address/P.O. Box: ___________________________________________

Town and Postal Code: ___________________________________________

E-Mail: ___________________________________________

Current School: ___________________________________________

Dates Attended: ___________________________________________

Grade you are currently completing:___________________________________
Previous School: ___________________________________________

Dates Attended: ___________________________________________

Grades you completed there:_________________________________________
Other special training: ___________________________________________

School Name: ___________________________________________

Dates Attended: ___________________________________________

Program you completed: ___________________________________________







Work Experience & Volunteer Experience
Job Title: ___________________________________________

Name of Employer (Business): _______________________________________

Dates Employed: ___________________________________________

Duties: _________________________________________________________________



Job Title: ___________________________________________

Name of Employer (Business): _______________________________________

Dates Employed: ___________________________________________

Duties: _________________________________________________________________



Job Title: ___________________________________________

Name of Employer (Business): _______________________________________

Dates Employed: ___________________________________________

Duties: _________________________________________________________________



Job Title: ___________________________________________

Name of Employer (Business): _______________________________________

Dates Employed: ___________________________________________

Duties: _________________________________________________________________



Extra-curricular Activities






References (include full mailing address and phone numbers – home and work if available) – DO NOT write “Available upon request”
Name: ___________________________________________

Job Title: ___________________________________________

Business Name: ___________________________________________

Business Street Address: ___________________________________________

City, Postal Code: ___________________________________________

Work Phone: ___________________________________________

Home Phone: ___________________________________________
Name: ___________________________________________

Job Title: ___________________________________________

Business Name: ___________________________________________

Business Street Address: ___________________________________________

City, Postal Code: ___________________________________________

Work Phone: ___________________________________________

Home Phone: ___________________________________________
Name: ___________________________________________

Job Title: ___________________________________________

Business Name: ___________________________________________

Business Street Address: ___________________________________________

City, Postal Code: ___________________________________________

Work Phone: ___________________________________________

Home Phone: ___________________________________________

Center name and mailing address

PO Box 123

Set a tab to line up dates
edcliff, AB T0J 2P0

(403) 555-1234

Use reverse chronological order
agle Butte High School 2006 – Present

Currently completing grade 10

St. John’s Ambulance Emergency First Aid Course November 2006

Be consistent with spacing, capitalization and font style. Leave two blank lines before a main heading


  • Working with small children and seniors

  • P
    Include at least 5 skills
    roven ability to work as part of a team

  • Reliable and dependable

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Ability to key 40 CWAM

  • Computer skills include:

Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint


Cashier June 2006 - Present

Home Depot, Medicine Hat

  • Handled hundreds of cash sales at hardware show. These transactions involved processing cash, credit card and debit card payments.

  • Provided product information and answered general inquiries in both French and English.

Include your position, place of employment and a description of the tasks
abysitter 2005 – Present

Jim and Patti Smith

  • Responsible for feeding, entertaining and caring for the personal needs of four small children.

Lawn Care Attendant Summer 2005 & 2006

Luscious Lawns, Medicine Hat

  • Served customers politely and provided excellent lawn care service. This increased business by twenty customers.

  • Trimmed lawns, moved outdoor furniture, maintained and repaired equipment. These tasks required careful attention to detail.

Include a header on the second page only with your name and page #


Coach Summer 2006

Girls Little League Team

Volunteer experience can be included separately or with work experience


  • Student council

  • Volleyball

  • Guitar

  • Snowboarding


Heather Laturnas, Teacher

Eagle Butte High School

PO Box 281

Dunmore, AB T0J 1A0

(403) 528-1996

Include 3 references with complete mailing address and phone number. Read instructions about who is an acceptable reference.
iolet Taylor, Manager

Luscious Lawns

1234 13th Street

Medicine Hat, AB T1A 1Z9

(403) 504-5555
Jim Smith, President

Sunset Bay Hot Tubs

1111 Dunmore Road

Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1C9

(403) 529-1111

Your resume must be error-free. Ask at least two students to proofread it!

Resume Checklist
You must be able to check off each box on this checklist. If you are missing any items on your resume please add and edit then submit your perfect copy in your CTR 1010 plastic folder.

  • Name and complete mailing address

  • Name stands out on page

  • Consistent heading sizes and font format

  • Organized in reverse chronological order

  • Free of spelling errors

  • There is a space on either side of a dash

  • Header on page 2 only

  • Do not divide a section of your resume onto 2 pages

  • Font size 12 for body of resume


  • Includes High School you are currently attending and the dates of attendance

Skills & Abilities

  • List of specific skills

  • Only the first word is capitalized

  • 5 – 8 items listed

Work/Volunteer Experience

  • Includes job title, employer name and date

  • Includes descriptions of job


  • At least 3 are listed


  • At least three references

  • Complete mailing addresses are given

  • Addresses are formatted the same way as student address at the top of page 1

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Cover Letter

Assignment #10

What is a cover letter?
“A cover letter is a letter that you send to accompany your CV when you apply for job, whether advertised or when you are sending an unsolicited application. Do not over look this tool as it can be a great asset in your job hunt.”
Why should you send a cover letter?
Imagine yourself being a clerk in the human resource department. You receive a resume and there is no cover letter. Now imagine that you have 30 of those in front of you and it's Monday morning? How many of those resumes would you read through?

The statistics show that most of those resumes wind up in the garbage can or in a huge dead end file until they can be shredded. The clerks and managers in the human resource departments are so overwhelmed with work that they have to pick and choose what they do carefully.

The winners are the candidates who submit cover letters along with their resumes. Those who win even more are the ones who submit their resumes and cover letters directly to the person they might be reporting to. That takes a bit of work.
You should never send your resume without a cover letter. Your cover letter should state briefly not only what you have done, your accomplishments, but the type of position you are applying for and most importantly, what you can do for the company in the position you are applying for.
Your assignment is to write a cover letter for the position of your choice as posted in your community. You may use the government job bank website, the Medicine Hat News website or the newspaper to locate an advertisement for a job that you believe you are qualified for. Once you have found an advertisement print it off or clip it from the newspaper. Write a cover letter applying for this position. A sample cover letter is given on the next page.
When you have completed your cover letter, staple the job advertisement to the back of the letter and file it in your plastic CTR 1010 folder. Be sure to sign your letter first!

Cover Letter Example
Your address

City, AB Postal Code


Name of the person receiving applications (if first and last name are given)

Business Name

Street Address

City, AB Postal Code
To Whom This May Concern (or Dear if you know the name of the person receiving applications):
In the first paragraph explain to the reader where you heard about the job. You may have seen it in the newspaper, posted on the internet, or heard about it through someone that you know. Tell the reader which job specifically you are interested in and that you believe that you have the skills necessary to perform the required tasks as listed in the advertisement.
In the second paragraph explain the specific skills and experience you have that would make you the perfect person for this job. If the job advertisement has listed skills or experience that are required for this job then you should use this paragraph to explain that you possess those skills.
In the third paragraph restate your interest in the position. Tell the reader that you have enclosed your résumé. Also, give information about where you can be reached; is there a phone number they can reach you at after a certain time of day? Express you interest in meeting with them for an interview.
Your Name

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