Module I practical Skills Competency Profile

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Module I Practical Skills Competency Profile

Student Name (Last, First, MI)


PSID Number


Fire Department / Agency


IDHS Course Number


Mandatory Firefighter Skills


Exam Date

Evaluator Name

Handle business calls and reports of emergencies. (NFPA® 1001, 5.2.1, 5.5.2)



Use a portable radio for routine and emergency traffic. (NFPA® 1001, 5.2.3)



Firefighter Safety and Health

Exam Date

Evaluator Name

Respond to an incident, correctly mounting and dismounting an apparatus (NFPA® 1001,5.3.2)



Set up and operate in work areas at an incident using traffic and scene control devices. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.3)




Exam Date

Evaluator Name

Don PPE and SCBA and prepare for emergency scene use.. (NFPA® 1001,



Doff PPE and SCBA and prepare for reuse. (NFPA® 1001,



Inspect PPE and SCBA for use at an emergency incident. (NFPA® 1001, 5.5.1)



Clean and sanitize PPE and SCBA. (NFPA® 1001, 5.5.1)



Perform emergency operations procedures for an SCBA. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.1)



Exit a constricted opening while wearing standard SCBA. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.9)



Change an SCBA cylinder — One-person method. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.1)



Change an SCBA cylinder — Two-person method. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.1)




Exam Date

Evaluator Name

Clean, inspect, and maintain a ladder. (NFPA® 1001, 5.5.1)



Carry a ladder: One-firefighter low-shoulder method. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Carry a ladder — Two-firefighter low-shoulder method. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Tie the halyard. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Raise a ladder: One-firefighter method. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Raise a ladder — Two-firefighter flat raise. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Raise a ladder — Two-firefighter beam raise. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Deploy a roof ladder — One-firefighter method. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Pivot a ladder — Two-firefighter method. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Shift a ladder — One-firefighter method. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Shift a ladder — Two-firefighter method. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Leg lock on a ground ladder. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)



Assist a conscious victim down a ground ladder. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.9)



Select, carry, and raise a ladder properly for various types of activities. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.6)




Exam Date

Evaluator Name

Ventilate a pitched roof, flat roof and basement. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.12)



Ventilate a structure using horizontal hydraulic ventilation. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.11)




Exam Date

Evaluator Name

Inspect and maintain hose. (NFPA® 1001, 5.5.2)



Make a straight hose roll. (NFPA® 1001, 5.5.2)



Couple a hose. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Uncouple a hose. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Make the flat hose load. (NFPA® 1001, 5.5.2)



Make the preconnected flat hose load. (NFPA® 1001, 5.5.2)



Advance the preconnected flat hose load. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Advance a line into a structure. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Advance a line up and down an interior and exterior stairway. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Advance an uncharged line up a ladder into a window. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Advance a charged line up a ladder into a window. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Extend a hoseline. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Replace a burst hoseline. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Operate a charged attack line from a ladder. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Service test fire hose. (NFPA® 1001, 6.5.5)



Fire Streams

Exam Date

Evaluator Name

Operate a solid stream nozzle. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



Operate a fog-stream nozzle. (NFPA® 1001, 5.3.10)



A foam line in service — In-line eductor. (NFPA® 1001, 6.3.1)



This competency profile is intended to be used as a record of a student's performance of each skill listed and its associated NFPA 1001 2008 edition objective. This sheet should be used for the instruction and evaluation of the student; however, the Instructor should refer to the IDHS Module I Practical Skills Sheets and NFPA standards for additional guidance on the proper completion of the demonstrated skill. Students should place a copy of this document in their departmental training file. REPORT ANY ERRORS OR PROBLEMS TO THE IDHS TRAINING SECTION 317-508-9165


I certify that the student identified on this form has been trained and successfully completed an evaluation of all practical skills listed. Falsification of this information may result in disciplinary action against the Instructor by the Board of Fire Fighter Personnel Standards and Education.




PSID Number




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