Miscellaneous services 962

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Please indicate which products and services your company can supply by checking the appropriate box(es). Check only the first box if your company can supply all of the products and services shown for this class.
 (All sub-items for this class)

05 Amusement and Entertainment Services

06 Animal Care

08 Athletic Training -

09 Auctioneering Services

14 Blue Printing Services: Blue Prints, Blue Line, Large Engineering

16 Boring, Drilling, Testing and Soundings

17 Bus and Taxi Services A

19 Cafeteria Services

20 Cesspool Cleaning and Maintenance

21 Cleaning Services, Steam and Pressure

22 Chemical Laboratory Services

23 Chemical Treatment of Boiler and Tower Water

24 Courier/Delivery Services

26 Diving Services

31 Electrostatic Painting

36 Fireworks Display and Carnival Services

37 Flagpoles

38 Galvanizing, Hot and Cold Dip; Plating

40 Hazardous Material Services (Not Radioactive Materials - See 962-68)

42 Health Physics Services

43 Hotel/Motel Accomodations

45 Industrial Electroplating

46 Installation Services (Not otherwise Classified)

47 Insurance and Risk Management

48 Interior Design/Decorator Services

52 Mapping

54 Marine Buoys, Lights, etc., Servicing (Not Major Equipment)

56 Moving and Hauling Services (Not Material Hauling - See 962-86)

58 Oil Removal Services, Used

59 Parking Services: Operation, Admission, Supervision

61 Petroleum Exploration

63 Piano Tuning Services

64 Power Line Construction, Installation and Repair

65 Protection Services (Not Including Buildings)

68 Radioactive Wastes Disposal Services

69 Records Management and Disposal

70 Recycling Services

71 Religious Services

72 Restoration/Preservation Services (Of Antiques, Costumes, Paintings, and Other Objects)

74 Ribbons, Re-Inking

76 seating and Meeting Services, Public

78 Sewing and Alteration Services

80 Shoe and Boot Repairs

81 Steeplejack Services

82 Silver Recovery Services

83 Stack Work Services

84 Tire Shredding Services


86 Transportation and Hauling of Materials

87 Travel, Local, For Government Personnel (Provided by Third Party)

88 Travel, Non—Local, For Government Personnel (Scheduled and Unscheduled)

90 Upholstering Services

95 Warehousing and Storage Services (Not Storage Space Rental)

96 Well Drilling Services

97 Wrecker and Towing Services


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