Minutes of marchwood orchestra executive committee on

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Wednesday 24th February 2015 at Debs’ house

Present: Caroline, Tim, Alan, Simon, Dave, John B, Debs, Phil (arrived later)


1. Welcome

Caroline welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Apologies




3. Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes were agreed by all.

  • Website entries actioned, an orchestra Facebook page has been set up, members to be notified;

  • Concert details, Dave offered to help Howard if he’s in agreement, Simon and Dave to action programme and posters.

  • Waterside Arts Festival – this year’s venue in Marchwood probably Village Hall, 9th July? Undecided if to take part or not, Alan to liaise with them for further info.

  • Future concerts – see later.

  • Recording the symphony concert – Phil hopefully has in hand. Simon suggested members’ permission is asked first. Dave queried the reasoning behind a recording? It was agreed to be useful for Simon as is his works.

  • Adverts placed and actioned.

  • Tim to write formally to Paul (Viola who left).

  • Charity commission – new name. Alan to progress / research.

  • Concert ticket price agreed at £7 (after consultation with Alan), Debs and Caroline to serve tea and coffee.

  • Next year concert venues – defer to next meeting.







Defer next mtg

4. Committee Reports

Secretary – members database has been completed, will forward a copy to Liz; admissions policy – slightly changed with logo, not required in welcome pack, put on website members page; photos had no objections, parents of children are being contacted; Questionnaire re orchestra direction / 8pm group name responses, Dave queried if domain name would have to change? It was agreed it wouldn’t – defer perusing responses to next meeting; Accessibility and support for Pete – Pete has requested the purchase of a swivel chair to play timps on, designated help in clearing away; Old red sweatshirts – offer out free to members. CQ to action

    Treasurer – £5,312.29; current account; £3,165.75 deposit account. Alan handed out a print out of expenses and income. Small groups fees - £9.70 ph Sunday, £8.40ph weekdays, cellos meet every other Sunday, Wind meet 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. Alan proposes players contribute £2.50 per head in the cello group, £2 per head in the wind group, balance / shortfall met by orchestra. It was suggested the groups could take part in the Marchwood summer fete? Decision made to run the groups funding for a year and review. There is the interest of further members joining the groups so could be work over time, everyone agreed unanimously to Alan’s proposal; internet banking to pay bills instead of cheques – committee approved. Marchwood summer fete proposal 4th July 2015 – agreed to attend and book a space; Charity status research – Alan to action; Alan confirmed the end of year accounts are nearly complete.

Musical Director – thanks to Sian for proofreading his score, symphony parts are now completed, printing costs unknown at present. Simon confirmed he is happy to contribute if he can use for his personal use afterwards, £50 approx fee suggested, split 50/50 if more? Defer to next meeting when costs have been confirmed. Simon confirmed rehearsals are going well, extra rehearsal to be arranged for Friday 24th April. MSSC meeting took place. A few guest players to be sought – essential and unavoidable.

John Bell confirmed all going well, 55 members on the books, pieces on track for the concert. Progression with stamina and ability is noted.

Publicity – Howard sent feedback via email. Caroline presented a recruitment poster, John to come back with an improved suggestion of Prelude description. John suggested we contact Hampshire and Southampton Music Services for younger members as there are poor opportunities on this side of the city for orchestra groups. Southampton is a better primary target but we meet more in Hampshire area. Defer to next meeting; programme compilation? March and April programmes required, agreed to make simple in content. March concert - John to do Prelude notes for programme, cover to be emailed to John by Simon, John to print, £7 ticket; April concert – Simon to compile cover, David H notes, Caroline to collate / compile and print. Tim queried the adverts in programmes, Dave and Viv to research, adverts not to go on website, £25 and £30 fees for a half page advert. Alan queries do we financially need it? Tim proposes it raises the orchestra’s profile.

Concert Manager – March concert - BHF local person to speak, raffle to be organised, dress code – black. April concert – Cello group slot of light music, Symphony and other classical pieces, extra rehearsal agreed on, sound check rehearsal at 6pm, sound recording at a Thursday rehearsal 26th March, to check with members who is available for Easter rehearsals, dress code black, tea and cake refreshments, last date for adverts 13th April.

Librarian / MSG Via Tim from Sian, thanks to Elspeth for guest players organised, all music is in order. Feedback from the MSG mtg : music has been selected for forthcoming concerts, film / children’s concert - a venue to be confirmed? John to research Marchwood Junior School? Tim conveyed the charity proposals discussed at the last Orchestra rehearsal. “Simon Says”, “Wessex Cancer Trust”, “Scoliosis Society”, to plan ahead with local charities. John conveyed wish for both orchestras playing together more. He confirmed he is willing to do an arrangement of the Sound of Music for both orchestras combining an arrangement together. Logistical rehearsal planning would be required though. Venue, and timing - afternoon ??

Marchwood Prelude – nothing to report.
5. Agenda items


Honorariums were discussed. Currently £350 (John) & £250 (Simon). Discussion points included: two very capable people and in some other groups receive £250 per month, £50 per hour, percentage increase appropriate. Also the orchestras are not a large earning group and increases occurred last year, if an increase agreed this year would it set a precedent for forthcoming years? In addition the hourly rates of both MDs, not a professional orchestra, not their main job, therefore a minimal increase would suffice.

Discussions ensued as to what is it worth to the orchestras? The quality of MDs is paramount. Dave proposed £500 each, Everyone was in agreement.

Final details for 22nd March concert 

Discussed earlier.

Update re 25th April concert

Discussed earlier.

Aims of orchestras

No changes necessary. Discussed earlier.

Feedback so far from orchestras to questionnaire so far including possible new names for the 8pm group

Discussed earlier.

Open discussion re use of guest players, repertoire and transition between groups

John conveyed the use of deps, 13 in last concert in the main orchestra, if we are heavily reliant on deps should they therefore be involved in rehearsals? Identification of Marchwood as an orchestra of those members that attend regularly. Simon conveyed Prelude’s music is bespoke for their players, Orchestra is a different approach and more an issue if not a full section and late guests not been a problem, last concert was particularly a one off in numbers due to being anniversary. Prelude movement of players to main could be affected because of difference in music played, John needs to be confident that the transition is right and support is there. Caroline conveyed 8pm members are happy with standard of music to date. Simon conveyed setting harder pieces helps push people with their technical performance and their confidence. Simon felt last term was more problematic in rehearsing smaller pieces. John queries if there is a facility of modifying parts for prelude movers giving them a foot hole to make progress and differentiate. Simon happy to consider and work with carefully. He would like to retain challenging music, people who want to make the transition are encouraged but to accommodate with learning stepping stones. Tim queries to trial at November concert? John can identify potential players from Prelude possibly? Simon questions long rests and counting could however be a hurdle. John suggests players wishing to try the transition are made aware it could or could not work. ‘Moving across’ is paramount not ‘moving up’ and different music entirely. John also conveyed at the beginning of a term Prelude players are asked if they are available for a concert so no last minute guests are required. Actions: Transition players to be identified, identify a concert to aim for, repertoire - music selected appropriately and of paramount (MDs to be happy players able to play), guest players to be thanked generally at a concert, availability of members for a concert at beginning of term.

How to support the 2 new groups - more info needed

Discussed earlier.

Request for orchestra to purchase a cello to loan out

Ian Ferries has requested the purchase of a loaned instrument, CQ to discuss with Iain. Debs to find out Emily’s intention if carrying on (currently has orchestras’ cello) John conveyed Southampton Music Services have a store room of unused instruments, John will research.










6. AOB

  • Website – charities supported to be inserted. A list required. Front page with logos was suggested.

  • Picnic social – 28th June at Foxlease with a couple of activities. Alan to organise.

  • Glockenspiel missing – possible with Shelley? To check.


Tuesday 31st March 2015, 7.30pm, Dave’s house

Friday 8th May 2015, venue tbc



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