Minutes of Anderston Community Council Tuesday 2nd, February, 2010, Anderston Kelvingrove Church Present: Members

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Anderston Community Council
Tuesday 2nd, February, 2010, Anderston Kelvingrove Church
Isobel Campbell, Ann Moran, James Rouse, Dory Mackay, Margaret Stubbs, Sam Harper, Asif Majid, Shameem Majid, Caroline McDowall, Irene Loudon, Ramsay Urquhart, Bryan Elder, Malcolm Campbell, Sam Harper
Apologies: Cllr Craig Mackay, Cllr Gordon Matheson, Jim Anderson, Community Police
Ex-officio Members
Cllr. Nina Baker, Councillor Braat who arrived late
Guest Speakers
SVA Associates: Alistair Morris, Gary Clark & Stan Mall
Minutes of Last Meeting
Isobel Campbell welcomed everyone to the meeting, and introduced the Guest Speakers. She asked if there were any matters arising from the minutes. There were none. S.H. proposed and I.L. Seconded.
Isobel Campbell went through received correspondences which were the Stronger Communities event, also the Central & West LCPP. I.C also purposed we send people to the Queen's garden party at Holyrood Palace on 13th July 2010. 4 nominations were asked for and I.S, J.M, A.M and D. M asked and were approved to represent Anderston Community Council. I.C mentioned Planning Aid for Scotland, which were providing Cluster training. This would take place in an all-day event with 7 Community Councils having already shown interest and many others likely to, I.C then realised this was a past event and apologised. Finally the City of Glasgow Licensing board Health policy Board: http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/en/Business/Licences/LicensingBoard/ are carrying out a Health impact assessment invited people to get involved. The invitation deadline is 23/04/2010 and need to contact Joe on 0141 287 5914.
Next a 4 bedroom HMO application on Kent Road had been highlighted. It was discussed that this could be the beginning of many similar applications with many HMO's being issued. 14/02/2010 is the deadline to debate this.
Treasurers Report
James Rouse informed the Meeting that the R.B.S bank balance had gone from £0 to £658.72 with the cashing of 2 cheques received from Grants,. one for the sum of £491.02 and the other for the sum of £163.70. Also an expenditure for stationary had been made of £10.63. J.R. then gave the following statement of account. Balance £648.09. Hire for the hall is £15 per night, although J.R, felt he could try to negotiate it down further and would discuss this with the appropriate people . Due to the receipt of the funds J.R now needed to pay £45 for 3 months rent. Proposed by S.H and Seconded I.L, J.R. agreed.
Area Committee Report – Sam Harper has signed the Secrets Act but had no further notifications since.
Community Reference Group – a previous meeting in Glasgow had taken place with the housing forum, local housing forum and local rules had been voted through.
Irene Loudon had observed the street pastors in action. She informed that everyone had loved them, with youngster beginning to know them and trust them. There had been 37 new street pastors commissioned in the previous week.
Ramsay Urquhart gave an update on the Anderston Website and asked people to help contribute towards it to help him get a fully active and well done website for residents to use.
Annex - will get update shortly
Sage Project – next meeting on Friday with final proposal hopefully announced shortly.
Annex Commercial Units – no idea what to do with shop units, would be desired for businesses such as a Butcher to be reopened
SVA planning consultants provided a presentation on the New Campus in Glasgow combining 3 of Glasgow's city center collages. Initial engagement from 2nd February 2010. This would involve as much engagement with stakeholders as possible to meet planning requirements.
£300 million new project providing 66,000 sq meters of accommodation, educating an estimated 50,000 students with the merging of 3 colleges. Scotland's first college super campus. Work to date has involved: 1.engagement with stakeholders, 2.surveys and 3. programme/cost with public money, 4. Historical and urban analysis, 5. testing scenarios, 6. visits.
Commencement date on site of November 2011 and an estimated completion date between 2014-2015. It is planned to complete before the Commonwealth Games, if not then pause work till after the games.
Car parking is a major issue and they stated that every Community Council previously had raised this, and said underground parking was not an option.
Sam Harper raised the linking between the campuses, Part of the curriculum delivered between campuses. He asked how students would cross from one to the other – they stated mostly by walking between the buildings.
The curriculum for Glasgow had defined numbers so had a rough idea of numbers. Was a concern of population explosion/congestion of roads from S.H. The idea is to move education buildings to 2 areas. Transport Surveys etc, Cathedral Street will be the border between Glasgow Caledonian University and studies will be there.
Cllr Philip Braat discussed the HMO issue from previously when he was not present. There is a dedicated HMO division of the Council, and they carry out spot checks. He gave the definition of a HMO as being a property being let by a landlord with 3 or more individuals not related. When a HMO is run properly then there should be no problem. Cllr Braat went on to say that a lot of landlords use HMO's as an investment. Absent HMO landlords are an issue. Most complaints he receives involve concerns where HMO landlords are not present.
Time and place of next meeting.
Tuesday, 2nd March, 7.30, Anderston & Kelvingrove Church.
Minutes of the meeting were prepared by Ramsay Urquhart.

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