Minsk Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Scientific-production private unitary company

166, Rokossovsky Pr., 1st floor

220101, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/214-5848

Fax: +375 17/248-4566

e-mail: info@adani.by


Production of medical digital radiography systems, radiography systems for personnel screening.


Close Joint-Stock Company

17, Briketa St.,

220003, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/313-7770

Fax: +375 17/313-7770

e-mail: market@adipol.by


Production of tubular electric heaters.

Aktagor-prom” V.A. Minderov

Foreign private unitary scientific-production company

Brestskaya St., д. 87, office 3Н, room 1

220099, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/212-2712, 275-6162

Fax: +375 17/212-6712, 212-2712

e-mail: aktagorprom@tut.by

Production of antenna, tele- radiosets, audio- and video recording equipment, monitoring equipment for induStial processes.


Scientific-technical Close Joint-Stock Company

51, F.Skorina St., Liter Ж, office 308а

220141, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/285-9359

Fax: +375 17/285-9359

e-mail: alarm@alarm.by


Production of security devices and systems.


Foreign Limited Liability Company

7, Bekhterev St., office 407

220026, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/291-5996

Fax: +375 17/291-5997

e -mail: arkoplast@tut.by

Production of low voltage diStibution boards.

Services: installation, repair and maintenance of diStibution, adjusting and transmitting equipment and other electrical equipment.


Private Trade-production unitary company

P.O.Box 182, 220004, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/541-5232

Fax: +375 17/276-2263

e-mail: sablina07@mail.ru


Production of equipment for medical enterprises, laboratories and food induSty enterprises.


Close Joint-Stock Company

61, Pobediteley Pr.,

220035, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/218-6222

Fax: +375 17/203-9697

e-mail: info@atlant.by


Production of household refrigerators and freezers, of spare parts for them.


Scientific-production unitary company of Open Joint Stock Company “MNIPI”

5, Gikalo St.,

220005, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/293-6753

Fax: +375 17/284-5135

e-mail: info@atomtex.com


Production of radiation monitors, spectrometers, dosimeters for X-ray, beta and gamma radiation.

Aeston Horizont”

Private production and trade unitary company

7, Krasnaya St.,

220029, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/288-1450

Fax: +375 17/288-1450

e-mail: aeston@aeston.by


Production of broadband cable TV systems, digital satellite TV systems, radio sets for Ultrashort wPrs/FM, Automated Teller Machines and payment terminals, switching units and control boards for electric vehicles.


Belarusian and American Joint Company

Limited Liability Company

14, Partizanski Pr., office 301

220070, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/249-9078

Fax: +375 17/249-4051

e-mail: info@bevalex.by


Production of computers, printers and accessories.

Services: development and introduction of software.


Limited Liability Company

51, Permskaya St., office 11, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/243-3223

Fax: +375 17/243-3223

Production of high-precision aspherical optical details from metal and glass.


Limited Liability Company

5 Melezh St., Building 1, office 402

220113, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/237-2266

Fax: +375 17/237-2266, 262-5468

e-mail: besborod@belatra.com;



Production of games, toys, game machines, PC Boards WT 0494 V90-9 for game.

Services: entertainment facilities.


Limited Liability Company

15, K. Marks St., office 301

220030, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/227-8558

Fax: +375 17/227-8558

e-mail: bel-emv@tut.by

Production of electrical equipment of average and high voltage, switching units and alarm systems.


Limited Liability Company

9, Smolyachkov St., office 320

220005, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/288-2980

Fax: +375 17/288-2888

e-mail: belconsultservice@tut.by

Trade in electric illumination equipment


Foreign Limited Liability Company

65, Timiryazev St.,office 616

220035, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/228-5559

Fax: +375 17/211-0572

e-mail: bellaridez@rambler.ru


Production of amusement rides, spare part in compliance with Italian documents.

Trade in amusement rides of Zamperla S.P.A.

Services: installation, maintenance and design of amusement parks.


Production and trade republican unitary company

16 Mogilevskaya St., building 4

220007, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/224-3552

Fax: +375 17/256-0935

e-mail: info@belmt.com


Wholesale trade in medical equipment, spare parts and reagents.


Close Joint-Stock Company

19, Sharangovich St., office 758

220018, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/259-0684

Fax: +375 17/259-0529

e-mail: belnasosprom@mail.ru


Trade in pumps, ventilators, compressors, electric motors and valves.

BelOMO-S.I. Vavilov Minsk Mechanical Plant”

Open Joint Stock Company

23 Makaenok St.,

220114, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/267-0222, 267-1190

Fax: +375 17/267-0222, 267-3163

e-mail: belomo@belomo.by


Production of household and induStical optical and electric optical equipment, space and aerial photographic equipment, photorecorders, photogrammetric equipment, compressors, compasses, gas meters, sights, guiding mechanisms and rangefinders.

Belarusian Association of sight-impaired persons”

Public Association

7, Amuratorskaya St.,

220004, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/203-2480

Fax: +375 17/226-6440

e-mail: typhlo-bel@mail.ru


Production of wiring accessories, lighting engineering, low voltage equipment, filter elements, woodworking products, brushes, products for cultural, household and general purposes.


Production private unitary company

12б, Platonov St., office 303

220005, Minsk

Tel.:+375 17/284-0509

Fax: +375 17/284-0593

e-mail: satsys@tut.by


Trade in transport monitoring units.

Services: installation, setting-up and repair of equipment; electrical communication.


Joint Belarusian and American company Limited Liability

19, Fominykh St.,

222720, Dzerzhinsk, Minsk Region,

Tel.: +375 1716/55-050

Fax: +375 1716/57-051

e-mail: info@bel-fer.by

Production of illuminating devices and visual alarm systems for vehicles.


Limited Liability Company

31а, Veliki Gostinets St.,

222310, Molodechno, Minsk Region.

Tel.: +375 1767/60-115

Fax: +375 1767/60-115

e-mail: belhol@mail.ru

Production of details for freezers and refrigerators: capacitors, brackets, poles, amplifiers and shelves.


Open Joint Stock Company

12, Berestyanskaya Str.,

220034, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/294-5022

Fax: +375 17/293-0745

e-mail: bеm@ bem-by.com


Production of low and high voltage electrical equipment, wiring products and frames.

Services: installation, wiring and setting-up for industrial and civil purposes.


Limited Liability Company

7б, Kozlov line, office 17

220037, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/210-5821

Fax: +375 17/299-5753

e-mail: info@beleltika.by


Production of electrical equipment.


Open Joint Stock Company

18, Akademicheskaya St.,

220012, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/293-5359

Fax: +375 17/290-9530

e-mail: mail@bern.by


Production of spare parts for power equipment.

Services: setting-up and repair of power equipment, design , reconstruction and updating of power equipment.


Scientific-production private unitary company

60, Kalvaryyskaya St., office 3

220073, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/210-2311

Fax: +375 17/210-2311

e-mail: energo@belenergo.by


Production of distribution and adjusting equipment.


Belarusian-Russian Joint company

Limited Liability Company

10а, Stebenev St.,

220024, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/207-6066

Fax: +375 17/207-6404

e-mail: belcab@tut.by


Production of cable products.


Joint Close Joint-Stock Company

21, Selitski St., building 5

220075, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/299-6822

Fax: +375 17/299-6822

e-mail: et@ beltelecabel.by


Production of telephone cables, aluminum cables for power transmission lines and aluminum wire.

Services: production of copper wire on a give-and-take basis.


Open Joint Stock Company

Subsidiary “Wiring products plant”

10, Biruzov St., P.O.Box 149

220073, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/204-0922

Fax: +375 17/204-0922

e-mail: bem-zemi@tut.by


Production of wiring products, products from ferrous metal and plastic.


Scientific-production Association Limited Liability

55, Bykhovskaya St.,

220007, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/213-1081, 213-1082

Fax: +375 17/213-1494

e-mail: berlio@berlio.by


Production of automated information and measuring systems “Berlio” for monitoring technological process of oil products distribution.

Services: design, production, installation and maintenance of equipment for electronic cards transactions.


Minsk production private unitary company Limited Liability “Belarusian Association of the deaf”

20, Gusovsky St., office 301

220073, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/204-3353

Fax: +375 17/204-3362

e-mail: info@vitok.by


Production of Class II springs of all types, non-contact front switches, liquid level sensors, control boards and wire bundles for refrigerators, automobiles.


Double Liability Company

28, Engels St., office 1

220030, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/227-4882

Fax: +375 17/227-0769

e-mail: geolminsk@inbox.ru


Production of refrigerator condensing units.

Trade in sales and refrigerator equipment.


Scientific-production company limited liability

54а, F.Skorina St.,

220141, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/265-8203

Fax: +375 17/265-8203

e-mail: info@Stumen.com


Production of water meters, measuring equipment, valves and water purifying filters.


Open Joint Stock Company

7, Krasnaya St.,

220029, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/286-7859

Fax: +375 17/286-7680

e-mail: predko@horizont.bn.by


Production of TV-sets, cable TV equipment, radio sets, TV blocks and units.


Scientific-production unitary company OAO “MNIPI”

5, Gikalo St.,

220005, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/331-5980

Fax: +375 17/331-5980

e-mail: lcd@ display.by


Production of liquid crystal displays.

Semiconductor Device Factory”

Production republican unitary company “Integral”

12, Korzhenevskogo St.,

220108, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/278-2626

Fax: +375 17/278-7980, 278-1622

e-mail: dzum@integral.by


Production of electronic components: integrated circuits, liquid crystal displays and panels, phones, bank and sales devices, electronic and plastic cards and reading devices.

Kalchenko lighting engineering plant”

Limited Liability Company

11, Second Shestaya liniy St., 9, office 18

220013, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/331-5448

Fax: +375 17/3315-448

e-mail: kalchenko@mc.com

Production of spotlights.

Heat engineering plant”

Joint Limited Liability Company

50, Knorin St., building 22, office 305

220103, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/281-2650

Fax: +375 17/281-2650

e-mail: manounion@infonet.by


Production of pressure measuring devices and accessories.

Plant Transistor”

Production republican unitary company

16, Korzhenevskogo St.,

220108, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/212-4141

Fax: +375 17/212-4141

e-mail: office@transistor.com.by;



Production of integrated circuits, power conditioners, transistors, diodes, voltage variable capacitors and voltage variable capacitor matrixes, silicon wafers.

electronics and household appliances Plant Horizont

Private production unitary company

62, Kovalevskaya line, office 16

220014, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/226-3601

Fax: +375 17/226-3607

e-mail: azarov@horizont.by


Production of household appliances: TV-sets, DVD-players and tuners.

Etalon Plant”

Production republican unitary company

2а, Novatorskaya St.,

220053, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/233-2788

Fax: +375 17/233-2788

e-mail: etalon@newmail.ru

Production of weight measuring equipment, household produces and stationery.


Close Joint-Stock Company

120б, M.Bogdanovich St. office 6

220040, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/266-2392

Fax: +375 17/266-2394

e-mail: info@zapservis.by


Production of fire alarm units, heat and manual control boards, security and fire alarm and control systems.


Optical mechanics republican unitary company

26, Chapaev St.,

222410, Vileika, Minsk Region.

Tel.: +375 1771/39-968

Fax: +375 1771/39-969, 54-151

e-mail: zenit@zenit-belomo.com


Production of household and industrial optical equipment, medical equipment, balances, products or cultural and household purposes, accessories for tractors.


Limited Liability Company

155, M.Bogdanovich St. office 907, P.O.Box 184

220040, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/293-1842

Fax: +375 17/293-1845, 262-5167

e-mail: office@izovac.com


Production of vacuum equipment.

Engineering-production association “Ekrum”

Limited Liability Company

167а, Normandia-Neman St.,

222514, Borisov, Minsk Region.

Tel.: +375 177/74-7780

Fax: +375 177/72-0682

e-mail: ekrum@mail.ru

Production of electric kettles.


Innovation Limited Liability Company

5, Gikalo St., office 306

220071, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/202-0175

Fax: +375 17/202-0175

e-mail: corwin@solo.by


Production of gas sensors, meters and thermochemical elements.

Institute NIPTIS”

Research and development republican unitary company

15, F.Skorina St.,

220114, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/263-8191

Fax: +375 17/263-5121

e-mail: up-niptis@rambler.ru


Services: scientific research in resource saving technology, design of buildings, constructions, equipment and mechanisms.

B.I. Stepanov Institute of physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

State scientificе Organisation

68, Nezavisimosti Pr.,

220072, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/284-1755

Fax: +375 17/284-0879

e-mail: ifanbel@ifanbel.bas-net.by


Services: scientific research and instrument engineering in laser physics, nonlinear optics, spectroscopy, elementary particle physics and nuclear processes physics. Developments in application of laser in medicine, biology, ecology, metrology and industrial technology.

Instrumental technologies”

Close Joint-Stock Company

1, Kuprevich St., building 3

220141, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/265-9151

Fax: +375 17/211-8629

e-mail: intech@adsl.by


Production of computers, lighting engineering, measuring devices and equipment.

Services: development of software.


Foreign Limited Liability Company

P.O.Box 97, 220140, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/257-0664

Fax: +375 17/259-4356

e-mail: info@inelt.by


Production of uninterruptable power sources.

Services: maintenance, diagnostics, repair, setting-up and starting-up of machines and equipment; wiring.

Wholesale trade in electric cars and equipment.


Scientific-production republican unitary company

2, Partizanski Pr., building. АЛК

220763, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/226-1205, 223-7109

Fax: +375 17/226-1205

e-mail: office@kbtem.avilink.net


Production of optical mechanical equipment for technological and measuring purposes: for production of microelectronics, templates (laser image generators, optical mask steppers, laser templates repair systems).


Limited Liability Company

ул. Чеботарева, д. 14

220009, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/230-3535

Fax: +375 17/230-8789

e-mail: katraby@mail.bn.by


Production of heat and water meters, heating system controls.

Services: maintenance of heat and water meters, heating system controls.


Limited Liability Company

1, Kuprevich St., building 3, office 241

220141, Minsk

Tel.: +375 17/211-8324

Fax: +375 17/211-8324

e-mail: comtid@tut.by


Production of sound, light and sound alarms for security and fire alarm systems.

Design bureau of engineering for special purposes”

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