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Exposition of the Ministry of Defence of CR at the 11th International

Defence and Security Technology Fair

IDET 2011

10 – 13 May 2011


The department of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic participated with its separate exhibition in all previous ten IDET Fairs. It has become a tradition that the department is presented by a compact exposition located in all spaces of an exhibition pavilion and a significant part is located in the open of the facility ground. This year, the military exposition is located at the “Z“ pavilion, while the most attractive exhibition area are occupied by units and facilities of the Joint Forces, Support Forces and the Military Police. Also the University of Defence, the Castle Guard and other parts of the defence department are presented at significant areas. All these individual expositions in “Z“ pavilion covering almost 4,000 square metres of area create free-open and comfortable show for visitors. The exposition installed in the open covers almost 2,000 square metres.

This year exhibition, which presents equipment and technology used by the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (ACR), is shown at more than 40 exhibition stands. A significant part describes foreign activities of ACR supported by a photo gallery documenting service of ACR units on missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan.
Major pillars of the MoD expositions at IDET 2011 Fair
The basic focus of the MoD exhibition at the 11th International Defence and Security Technology Fair – IDET 2011 is concentrated on presentation of today’s ACR, their equipment, gear and material used for meeting tasks both on the Czech territory, as part of the Integrated Rescue System, and within foreign missions. Three key exhibits, that reflect the the fair focus, are located at the centre of the “Z“ exhibition pavilion:

Light Bridge Set MS was predominantly used in the aftermath of floods. Both for the purposes of the exhibition and after the floods, this set was provided by the Czech Administration of State Material Reserves. The construction of bridges was made by personnel of the 15th Engineer Brigade from Bechyne.

Rescue Helicopter W-3A Sokol of the Air Rescue Service base at Plzen-Line. The same helicopters from the Prague-Kbely air base were the very first aid after the foods which reached the worst affected areas.

Wheeled armoured personnel carrier Pandur II 8x8 presents itself for the first time at the IDET Fair within MoD exposition. One of the most modern personnel carrier in Europe, the Czech military is equipped with since 2009, is on display not only as final product but also during three phases of its manufacture.

Within presentation of technical innovations as a result of research and development also new technical means of mobile systems of personal checking, vehicle checking and a check point of central protection of the Military Police are displayed.

The main contribution of MoD participation at this fair is in a complete promotion of the most modern equipment the Czech military is equipped with in front of eyes of domestic and international political, military and professional public. To share the Czech military technical capacity, the Czech Minister of Defence Alexandr Vondra invited to the IDET 2011 full range of EU and NATO defence ministers and of some other countries, the defence department plans to cooperate in the armament field in the future.

The IDET fair is a traditional place for meeting representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic with officials of Czech defence and security industry. The important impetus for further development of this cooperation is the Agreement on Mutual Cooperation in the field of Defence and Security Industry signed by the Ministry of Defence and the Association of Defence and Security Industry at the International Engineering Fair in Brno in September 2010.

A considerable element of the IDET 2011 is also the CATE International Conference (stands for Community-Army-Technology-Environment) which traditionally forms a bearing pillar of the specialised associated programme of the Fair. This year, it is formed by the following five sub-conferences: International Conference on Military Technologies; Distance Learning, Simulation and Communication; Security and Protection of Information; Army and Knowledge Society; and Security Management and Society.
Exposition of the defence department at the “Z“ pavilion.

The exposition is located at five colour-distinguished segments of the “Z“ pavilion. At these areas it would be possible to see for example the following equipment, armaments and gear:

Yellow Segment

  • Wheeled Armoured Carrier Pandur II 8x8, process of manufacture

  • Up-to-date equipment of the military geography and hydrometeorology service (Military Geography and Hydrometeorology Office)

  • Bridge Set MS (153rd Engineer Battalion)

Green Segment

  • Up-to-date equipment of the Czech military – IVECO vehicles (74th Light Motorised Battalion), DINGO 2 (Training Command – Military Academy), Land Rover LRD 130 MA 4 KAJMAN (43rd Airborne Mechanised Battalion), anti-tank weapon KARL GUSTAV (43rd Airborne Mechanised Battalion)

  • Soldier of the 21st Century Project

  • Mobile workplace of Crisis Staff (University of Defence)

Pink Segment

  • Field hospital – stomatology room, surgery room, Intensive Care Unit and medical equipment (Hospital Base at Hradec Kralove)

  • KUB missile (25th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade)

Orange Segment

  • Engineer and chemical equipment – special mobile workplace IEDD/EOD + TEODOR and gear of explosive ordnance personnel (15th Engineer Brigade), emergency vehicle Tatra T-815 (a rescue company of the 153rd Engineer Battalion), Tatra T-815 as a decontamination vehicle ACHR-90 (31st Brigade of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection)

Blue Segment

  • Modernised self-propelled air-defence missile set 2K 12 KUB, air-defence missile set RBS-70 (both of the 25th Air-defence Missile Brigade), radar ARTUR and vehicle Tatra T-518 with a container (13th Artillery Brigade)

Dynamic display in front of the “Z“ pavilion

  • Demonstration of rescuing persons being trapped in fall of material – personnel of the 15th Engineer Brigade from Bechyne (emergency vehicle Tatra T-815, rescue and relieve vehicle AV-15, mobile crane AD-20, water tender fire-engine vehicle CAS-32 T-815, universal finishing machine UDS 214a ) and 24th Air Transportation Base from Prague-Kbely (helicopter W3A Sokol of Search and Rescue Service)

Dynamic demonstrations at the polygon

  • Demonstration rides of wheeled equipment – DINGO, IVECO, Pandur II, LRD 130 MA 4 KAJMAN, T-815 8x8 and T-810 6x6

  • Demonstrations prepared by the University of Defence - tactical group COMMANDOS (hostage rescue, assault of a check point, etc.), engineer school (engineer blasting practice in the aftermath of floods and natural disasters)

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