Mesoscale modelling for air pollution applications: achievements and challenges

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(COST 728 Final Workshop)
25-26 February 2010
Salle A, WMO Secretariat, 7 bis av de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland

Organisers: COST 728, WMO/GURME and MEGAPOLI


Day 1 - Thursday, 25 February 2010
08:30 Registration

SESSION 1.1 Chair: Liisa Jalkanen

09:00 Opening Address and Welcome (Prof. Hong Yan, Deputy Secretary-General, WMO)
09:10 GURME Overview (Liisa Jalkanen, WMO)
09:30 Advances in mesoscale modelling – European and international perspectives (Ranjeet S Sokhi, COST 728 Chair, University of Hertfordshire, UK)
09:50 Future of Air Quality Modelling (Greg Carmichael, GURME SAG Chair, University of Iowa, USA)
10:10 Online Integrated Modelling: Towards a European Strategy and Prospects for End-Users (Alexander Baklanov, Vice-Chair COST 728, DMI, Denmark)
10:30 Tea/coffee break and group photo

SESSION 1.2 Chair: Alexander Baklanov

11:00 Use of parameterisation schemes in mesoscale models for air pollution applications (Sven-Erik Gryning, Risoe, Denmark)
11:20 How to evaluate the performance of mesoscale models in the AQ framework (Heinke Schluenzen, Vice-Chair COST 728, University of Hamburg, Germany)
11:40 Establishing protocols for multi-model ensemble comparisons (Stefano Galmarini, JRC, Ispra)
12:00 Implementation of mesoscale applications for air pollution research – case study on assessing the impact of Russian wild fires over Europe (Jaakko Kukkonen for Mikhail Sofiev, FMI, Finland)
12:20 Lunch

SESSION 1.3 Chair: Heinke Schluenzen

13:30 Air Quality Model for Austria - results from COST 728 case studies and evaluation (Marcus Hirtl and Ulrike Pechinger, ZAMG, Austria)
13:50 Air Quality and Meteorological Simulations over Po Valley (Marco Deserti, ARPA, Italy)
14:10 Assessing the impact of forest fires in Portugal on regional air quality (Ana Isabel Miranda, University of Aveiro, Portugal)
14:30 Comparative analysis of CMAQ simulations of a particulate matter episode over Germany (Volker Matthias, GKSS, Germany)
14:50 Seasonal Variation of Air Pollution over the Eastern Mediterranean in 2008: a Modelling Study (Ulas Im, UOC, Greece)
15:10 Developments in Chemical Weather Forecasting (Jaakko Kukkonen, FMI, Finland)
15:30 Tea/coffee break

SESSION 1.4 Chair: Ranjeet S. Sokhi

16:00 Policy Relevance of and Support Provided by Meso-scale Models (Bernard Fisher, Environmental Agency, UK)
16:20 Caliope: an Operational Air Quality Forecasting System for Europe and Spain
(Jose M. Baldasano, BSC, Spain)
16:40 An Investigation of High Summertime Ozone Levels in Instanbul with MM5/CMAQ Modelling System (Incecik Selahattin, ITU, Turkey)
17:00 Impact of Grid Resolution and Surface Exchange Parameterisation on Meteorological and Air Quality Parameters Simulated with GEM-AQ Model (Joanna Struzewska, WPU, Poland)
17.20 Open discussion
17:30 Adjournment
17:30 Reception - WMO Attic
Day 2 - Friday, 26 February 2010
09:00 Welcome

SESSION 2.1 Chair: Greg Carmichael

09:10 Developments in online coupled WRF-Chem model (Georg Grell, NOAA, USA)
09:30 Community multiscale air quality (CMAQ) model: Recent developments and evaluation (Ken Schere, USEPA, USA)
09:50 High resolution mesoscale modelling with GEM-AQ (Jacek Kaminski, York University, Canada)

10:10 Air Quality Forecasting for the Commonwealth Games (CWG-2010) in India (Gufran Beig, IITM, India)
10:30 Tea/Coffee break

SESSION 2.2 Chair: Stefano Galmarini

11:00 Overview of the EC FP7 project MEGAPOLI: Megacities: Emissions, urban, regional and Global Atmospheric POLlution and climate effects, and Integrated tools for assessment and mitigation (Alexander Baklanov, DMI, Denmark)
11:20 The CityZen Project - Bridging the Scales with Focus on Megacities (Hermann Jakobs, Koeln University, Germany)
11:40 Urban Impact on Air Quality in RegCM/CAMx Couple for MEGAPOLI Project - High Resolution Sensitivity Study (Tomas Halenka, CUNI, Czech Republic)
12:00 Air Quality Assessment over Northern Italy for the reference year 2005 (Sandro Finardi, Arianet, Italy)
12:20 Lunch

SESSION 2.3 Chair: Jacek Kaminski

13:30 User oriented training needs for mesoscale modelling (Gertie Geertsema, KNMI, The Netherlands)
13:50 AOD data assimilation in the Chinese meso-scale air quality model and the plan for the Canadian AQ forecast models (Sunling Gong, MSC, Canada)
14:10 Urban Metabolism: Mesoscale and Microscale Simulations using Remote Sensing Imagery and Data Assimilation Techniques in Madrid Area (Roberto San Jose, UPM, Spain)
14:30 A New Formula for Evaluation of Level of Air Pollution with Industrial Emissions (Sergiy Stepanenko, Odessa Environmental University, Ukraine)
14:50 Simulation of pollutant transport in complex terrain with a NWP - particle dispersion model combination (Balazs Szintai, MeteoSwiss, Switzerland)
15:10 Simulation of Global Krypton-85 Transport in ECHAM5 with Focus on Interhemispheric Exchange (Ole Ross, ZMAW, Germany)
15:30 Tea/coffee break

SESSION 2.4 Chair: Ranjeet S. Sokhi

16:00 Using Windprofiler Data in Time and Frequency Domain for the Evaluation of Meteorological Drivers Employed in Chemistry Transport Modelling (Markus Quante, GKSS, Germany)
16:20 Open discussion with Panel Members
16:50 Close of workshop

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