Meignant, Theodor, and Hobkirk, Georgina Amy Rose, 1849: Marriage 17 July

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Meignant, Theodor, and Hobkirk, Georgina Amy Rose, 1849: Marriage 17 July:

"Today, 17 July, one thousand eight hundred and forty to nine [17/07/1849] at eleven in the morning quarter (The number Written After" hours "looks like" nine "yes, it is not objective. It is we all the right pages of the register, it must Be The page number?)

Before us by Charles Nicolas Duterme Deputy Mayor of the town of Saumur in Maine et Loire department, which will act as public officer of civil status, appeared at City Hall, the sieurThéodore Meignant, carpenter (joiner, carpenter), Saumurle born in October 23 [23/10/1822]. one thousand eight hundred twenty two; domiciliéà Saumur, adult son (= he is older Than 25 years old) of RenéToussaint Meignant, farmer living Enson, died Nov. 7 at Saumur thousand eight hundred and thirty to five [07/11/1835] and died MarieChabanon His mother, on the twenty 6 July, eighteen hundred and thirty nine [07/26/1839] ------------------------------- ---------------------- Of a hand
Amy Rose and demoiselleGeorgina HOBKIRKsans profession, born in Cheltenham (England) September 10 June, one thousand eight hundred and twenty four [06.17.1824] as appears from an affidavit given by Mr. jugede the peace of the township south of this city , attested by his clerk on June 20, eighteen hundred and forty nine [20/06/1849] registered and approved by the civil court of this city July 14, eighteen hundred and forty nine, [14.07.1849] domiciled in Saumur in Jagueneau, daughter major (she is older Than 25 for a month) from Mr. Adam Hobkirk, owner, residing in Saumur auJagueneauabsent but consenting to the marriage before this act to report and his colleague Deon Master Notaries in Saumur dated 9 June twenty thousand eight hundred forty nine [29/06/1849] registered, and Dame Joan Cartwright Price died, his wife, at Saumur, 3 March eighteen hundred and forty nine [03/03/1849] -------------- --------------------------------------- d'autre hand,
Which we are required to make the celebration of their marriage whose publications and posters were made at midday under the law, at the outer gate and Main Hall of the Town Hall on Sunday September 10 Saumur June 4 and twenty, eighteen hundred and forty nine.
The future and the four witnesses hereinafter stated under oath that they know perfectly well the future, they ignore the place of death and that of the last home of his forefathers and foremothers parternels and maternal. They further stated under oath and notoriety that there is identity between the lady Mary Chabanon as established on the birth of the future and the Lady Mary Chabaneau as established in the act of death of 26 July, one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine [07/26/1839] and that this is indeed one and the same person. (All That to Say That no one knows the grandparents of Theodore Meignant, and That and Ms Chabanon ms are Chabaneau The Same person).
No opposition to this marriage we have been served by granting the request of future reading made as parts required by law and the facts of this previous to which they remain attached, as the title five of chapter six of the Civil Code entitled The marriage, we asked if they want future be the spouse, each of which responded affirmatively and separately we declare on behalf of the law that the Sieur and Demoiselle Theodore Meignant Georgina Rose Amy Hobkirk are united in marriage.
Detout what we wrote this deed in presence of Sieur Pierre Joulain farmer aged sixty-one years, uncle of the husband, Rene Meignant, farmer, aged thirty eight years, the groom's brother, Pierre Esnault carpenter, aged twenty-seven years, and Alphonse Poitou farmer aged twenty nine years, all four witnesses required by the parties.
And the parties and the witnesses signed with us, save (= except) Sieur Joulain not know who said, after reading everything.
[Signed by] ... Hobkirk, Georgina Amy Rose
Meignant Theodore Alphonse Poitou,
 Meignant, P. Esnault
C.N. Duterme (Assistant)
[Former Departmental Archives of Maine-et-Loire - Parish registers and vital statistics: 1846-1850 Saumur - Weddings (view / page 200)]

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