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Meeting called by:

ABDA President, Cathy Fornabaio

Type of meeting:

Annual Member Meeting


Cathy Fornabaio

Note taker:

Tabetha Ritch


Tabetha Ritch

9:45 AM Start

10:58 AM End


Jessica Badillo Savona, Belinda Rivas, Tabetha Ritch, Therese Feeman, Carolyn Marks, Cathy Fornabaio, Stephen Barone, Irma Ruiz*, Ben Hernandez, Andrea Hernandez*, Joanne Zeis, Penny Wickman

*Non-members, accompanied member


Cathy Fornabaio– ABDA President: Formally Calls the Annual Member Meeting to Order at 9:45AM.
Cathy Fornabaio– ABDA President: Addresses the Members

She recapped yesterday’s walk. She noted she was disappointed with the turnout for the walk, but was pleased with the amount of money raised. Bausch and Lomb’s (B&L) support helped us to make more than expected. She informed the group about the new drug for uveitus that B&L will be launching in 2005.

Cathy informed the membership that the next ABDA Medical Conference is being pushed out to the spring of 2006 because of physician availability. Many are not able to attend a fall 2005 conference because of other medical conferences that are being held. The fall seems to be a busy time of the year for medical conferences/conventions and it was suggested we move our conference to the spring when there are less conflicts due to other obligations of the physicians. She suggested that we do a member survey to determine what dates are good for the members. She also noted we are looking at 3rd or 4th week in Sept. 2005 for our next Walk for Behcet’s.
Cathy informed members about the changes that have been made to the ABDA Board. The following changes have occurred since our last meeting.

  • Bettina, the ABDA President, has resigned but will stay on as volunteer.

  • Cathy Fornabaio has moved up from VP & Director of Fundraising to be the ABDA President.

  • Susan Legacy, the Medical Liaison and a Medical Advisory Board Member, has also stepped down.

  • Jessica Savona, Webmaster and Publications stepped down due to her job but she will still remain an active participant of the ABDA.

  • Possible new webmaster will be Angela Arkolli.

  • Therese Feeman has moved from the Secretary position to Vice President.

  • Tabetha Ritch has been appointed as the new Secretary.

  • Belinda, Treasurer, will be continuing in her position and will be working on straightening out the database and getting financials in order.

Belinda Rivas– ABDA Treasurer: Addresses the Members

Belinda updated the members on some statistics of interest:

ABDA Hotline

  • has received 707 calls in the last 9 months

  • Sandy is our hotline coordinator plus we now have 3 new operators helping her.

ABDA Webpage

  • has received over 132,000 hits since April 2002

ABDA Listserve

ABDA Database

  • Initially the database started with 600 records and now has 1750 records

ABDA 2003 Medical Conference Summary

  • 100 patients attended

  • 17 physicians attended

  • Belinda noted that from feedback that was received after the 2003 Medical Conference “even the physicians were impressed” with the conference

  • Goals for next conference are to

    1. Make CME (Certified Medical Education) credits available to those medical professionals attending the conference.

    2. Offer 2 tracks, one for patients and one for medical professionals.

Belinda reviewed the list of Capital Equipment that was purchased over the past year.

Capital Equipment purchases consisted of:

  • A LCD projector to be used at the conference and for future conferences.

  • 3 laptop computers for Board Members to be use for ABDA Business.

  • A storage space/ building to store ABDA history and tax records.

  • ACT database software (for 5 users) to create and manage a member database.

  • Upgraded QuickBooks Pro 2004 to be used by the Treasurer.

  • XP Office Professional software to be used on the 3 new laptop computers.

  • A doctor database that was used to mail out 10,000 invitations to physicians in the Chicago area, inviting them to attend the 2003 ABDA Medical Conference. Although the mailing didn’t provide us the feedback we were looking for, we did see a spike in membership in the Chicago area. The ABDA is considering testing such mailings in other cities in the future.

Belinda presented a Summary of the ABDA’s Financials.

Year End May 31, 2004

Income $80,296.01

Total Expenses $87,282.84

Balance ($7,242.41)

A Negative Balance has been noted as the trend in the past during a year in which a Medical Conference is held.
Assets $686,486.42

Minimal Liabilities

The financial standing of the association should be improved this coming year because

  • Renewals have not been sent out for over 2 years.

  • 675 renewal letters were mailed out just before the walk.

Previously, the association had not turned off/”expired” a membership when a member did not renew their membership. However, the association will now start turning off/“expiring” those members that do not renew their membership.

Belinda addressed the membership to see if there were any questions.
No financial questions were posed.
Cathy Fornabaio – ABDA President: Opens the Floor to Comments from Members
Joanne Zeis – Member: suggested the medical conference not be held in May. She suggested to not have it in early March, either, because of potential snow delays.
Ben Hernandez – Member: suggested not waiting for another walk for more fundraising.
Therese Feeman– ABDA Vice President:

She encouraged members to look for ways to find “in-kind” donations for support such as the printing that Jessica gets donated.

She informed members that we will be looking into getting a “grant” writer.
Cathy Fornabaio– ABDA President:

Reviewed the ABDA’s 2005 Goals:

- Create and launch a new and improved website

(wanting it to be self managed and have database functionality)

- Increase fundraising - Possibly by a Golf outing, Walk, or On-line (Current, iGive)

Any suggestions?

  • Joanne Zeis – Member: suggested not Current or others like it because of school kids bringing home their own.

  • PennyWickman – Member: asked how was response for getting people to contribute to the walk in other states?

  • Cathy Fornabaio – ABDA President: noted multiple members that didn’t attend or were outside the state of NY that raised money and made contributions to the walk.

  • Next Medical Conference is slated to be held in Las Vegas, NV in March 2006.

  • Behcet’s Awareness Month – looking into a spring date. Informed that the association could do a raffle or some other “stay at home” fundraiser. We will offer tools to members to assist them in spreading the word on Behcet’s.

  • Association will make a greater effort to supply members with the tools needed to raise awareness.

  • Association would like to do medical mailings again and will target cities where we have formal events occurring.

Cathy Fornabaio – ABDA President: Opens the Floor to Final Comments/Suggestions from Members
Joanne Zeis - Member: Interested in doing “Spirituality and Behcet’s” survey/questionnaire to send out to members. She wants to send the survey out in an ABDA newsletter or do an individual mailing. She is also interested in other questions to obtain from the newsletter. She is looking for any suggestions for questions to include in the survey.
Penny Wickman - Member: She is interested in creating awareness and getting support from corporations on Long Island. She is interested in getting a letterhead to provide to those she is seeking support from to prove backing by association/legitimacy to gain access to hospitals, etc. She says isn’t able to get in the door now because she does not have an official association with the association. Jessica Savano/Badillo suggested we could post a template on line to assist members in the leg work to gain access to the corporations that Therese Feeman can then use to pursue support from those corporations. Cathy Fornabaio suggested companies can check with “GuideStar” to check our 501C-3 status.
Carol Marks - Member: She asked if the association can post what type of help the association needs on a monthly basis on the website. She was informed that the next newsletter will be providing a list of volunteer positions we need filled.
Jessica Badillo Savona - Member: She informed everyone that the board is going to try to formalize our member meeting notes so that they can be posted on-line and the association will be having more formal member involvement.
Cathy Fornabaio –ABDA President: Formally Calls the Annual Member Meeting to a Close at 10:58AM.

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