Meem 4220 I. C. Engines gt-power assignment#3 Objectives

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MEEM 4220 - I.C. Engines
GT-POWER Assignment#3

  1. Run the 4-cylinder engine model to obtain WOT performance curves for the engine operating on indolene, methanol and hydrogen. Be sure to run each fuel at a stoichiometric A/F ratio. Obtain a combined plot of brake power vs. RPM that includes each fuel.

  1. Compare the heating values of each fuel (MJ/kgfuel) to the peak power obtained for each fuel. Explain the trend.

  1. Generate plots of any other performance parameters that help explain the trend.


  1. The 4-cylinder engine model required for Assignment#3 (“assign3-model.gtm”) can be found at Save the model as “4cyl-assignment3.gtm” in your home directory.

  1. To run the model for indolene, go to Case Setup and change the Fuel-Type to “indolene-combust”, set the AFratio to 14.5 (stoichiometric for indolene) and the Vapor_Fuel_Frac to 0.3. Click OK. Run the model. In GT-POST you can obtain the desired plots by using the instructions from Assignment 1 and Assignment 2. See Step 5 (below) on how to get a combined plot of Brake Power vs. RPM that includes each fuel.

  1. To run the model for methanol, you again need to go to Case Setup in GT-Suite and change the Fuel type to “methanol-combust”. The Vapor fuel fraction remains 0.3. Find the stoichiometric value of A/F ratio from the Heywood textbook. Run the Simulation and obtain the required plots in GT-POST.

  1. Repeat the above process for Hydrogen. The fuel type is “h2-vap”, Vapor fuel fraction is 1.0 and use the text to find the stoichiometric value of A/F ratio.

  1. For obtaining a combined plot of brake power vs. RPM that includes each fuel, use the following procedure. When you get a plot of brake power vs. RPM for indolene, go to the ‘.gu file pane’ in bottom left portion of the screen, expand “Brake Power (HP), Part 7005”, then right click on 4cyl-assignement3 and go to “View Data”. Copy the X and Y values that show up in the table in an Excel file. When you obtain the power vs. RPM for methanol, go the .gu file pane, right click on Brake Power (HP), Part 7005 and select Add Data. Now choose 2-D Cartesian Data Set, click Next, give a appropriate Data name and click finish. In the window that shows up, paste the X and Y values for indolene from the Excel file. You should get a combined plot for indolene and methanol.

Add the Hydrogen data in a similar way.

(Alternatively when adding data, choose Excel as the data source, click on the

browse button on the right end, and choose the excel file where you saved the

X and Y values for indolene. Click next and choose the appropriate X and Y

DUE DATE: Wednesday, Oct. 5, beginning of class.

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