Medical attendance rules

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Amendment I-X



Name of the Medicine              Page No.       Column No.



Chemdigestion                     ...7                2


Hemiphos                          ...19               2


Protinex                          ...32               1


Barical                           ...36               1


Vita Pepsin                       ...44               2


Vistaril Tea                      ...45               2




The  under  mentioned  items  may be  inserted  in  the  list  of

Inadmissible Medicines referred to above :-










Sat Isabgol


                        AMENDMENT No. Ill


(No.41-1/67 MG (Director-Genl. of Health Ser.), New Delhi, Dt. 3-



Delete   the  following  medicines  from  the  latest   list   of

Inadmissible  Medicines  (Revised  upto the  1st  January,  1967)

forwarded  with  this Directorate letter  No.  41-1/67-MG,  dated

16th/17th February, 1967 :-



Name of the Medicine         Page No.            Column No.



Mulvit (Syrup)               ...26                    2


Waterbury's Compound         ...47                    1




Insert the following in the referred to above


Absorbant Cotton


Bandage  Not drug


Calcinol Syrup


Dol Cal




Elixir B C. 50


Gauze (Not drug)


Livules - 52




Feedlab Bottle (Not drug)


                        AMENDMENT No. IV


Copy  of letter No. 41-1/77-MG, dated 10th September,  1958,  New

Delhi, Director-General of Health Services, addressed to (1)  all

State  A.M.Os.,  (2) All Ministries of the Government  of  India,

etc., (3) All Administrative Sections.


Delete   the  following  medicines  from  the  latest   list   of

Inadmissible  Medicines  revised  upto  1st  January,  1967  (and

subsequent  three amendments) which supersedes the previous  list

issued in 1958 and its subsequent Amendments I-X.



Sl.No.   Name of the Medicine          Page No.     Column No.



1.       Alvite Capsules               ...1           2


2.       Alvite Drops                  ...1           2


3.       Ancoloxin Tablets             ...2           1


4.       Corex                         ...12          1


5.       Digene                        ...12          1


6.       Erythron Forte-12             ...13          2


7.       Hepatoglobin                  ...10          1


8.       Pre Natal Capsules            ...32          2


9.       Quamaresh                     ...35          2


10.      Sorrison Collyrium            ...30          2


11.      Neogadine Sulphogulacoted     ...41          1




The  undermentioned  items  may  be  inserted  in  the  list   of

Inadmissible Medicines referred to above :


1.  Perilexmalt


2.  Phosformin


                         AMENDMENT No. V


Copy of letter No. 41-6/69-MG, dated the 12th August, 1969,  from

the  Director General of Health Services, addressed to all  State

A.M.F.Os., all Ministries of Government of India.


Deleted   the  following  medicines  for  the  latest   list   of

Inadmissible  Medicines  revised  upto  1st  January,  1967  (and

subsequent amendments) which supersedes the previous lists issued

in 1958 and its subsequent Amendment I-X.



Sl.No.      Name of the Medicine     Page No.       Column No.



1.        Phosformin(Ammendment



2.        Hemopatol                   ...19           1


3.        Sorbiline                   ...39           2


4.        Metatone                    ...28           1


5.        Orheptal                    ...32           --


6.        Sedocorodil                 ...32           9


7.        Radio-Stolem                ...37           1


8.        Multivitaplox Elixir        ...26           2


9.        Cough Syrup                 ...7            2


10.       Livules 52(Ammendment

          III,Dt.April,1968)          ...             ..




Regarding  item  'Powders' on Page 33, Column (2)  of  the  above

mentioned  list  of  Inadmissible  Medicines  is  clarified  that

'Powders' prepared from Inadmissible Medicines or talcum  powders

will be inadmissible.


Insert  the  following  medicine  in  the  list  of  Inadmissible

Medicines  referred to above :


1.  Liv. 52                    ...  25                2


                        AMENDMENT No. VI


Copy  of  letter No. 41-1/67 MG, dated  9-1-1970,  from  Director

General  of  Health Services, New Delhi, Addressed to  all  State

A.M.Os.,  all  Ministeries  of Government of  India,  all  Admn.,

Sections and the Comptroller and Auditor General, New Delhi.


Deleted   the  following  medicines  from  the  latest  list   of

Inadmissible Medicines revised upto 1-1-1967 (and subsequent four

amendments)  which supersedes the previous list in 1958  and  its

subsequent Amendments I-X.



Name of the Medicine              Page No.       Column No.



Elixir Aminoxyl                   ...13               2


Calcinol Syrup                   Ammendment III

                                 Vide letter No.






                        AMENDMENT No. VII


[No.41-6/69-MO,  Director General of Health Services, New  Delhi,

Dt.  4-5-1970)Delete  the following medicines from  the  list  of

Inadmissible  Medicines  revised  upto  1-1-1967  and  subsequent




Sl.No.   Name of the Medicine          Page No.       Column No.



1.       Cremaffin                     ...7            1


2.       Betonin                       ...4            2


3.       Liv.52(Tablets &Drops).

         Ammendment No.V               ...3




                       AMENDMENT No. VIII


Copy  of  Letter  No.  41-6-69-MG,  New  Delhi,  21-1-1971,  from

Director  General  of Health Services,  Medical  General  Section

addressed  to all State A.M.Os., all Ministries of Government  of

India and Administrative Sections.


Delete   the  following  medicines  from  the  latest   list   of

Inadmissible  Medicines (revised upto 1st January, 1967) and  its

subsequent amendments.




Sl.No.   Name of the Medicine          Page No.       Column No.



1.       Deschien's Syrup of

         Heamoglobin C.Vit.B-12        ...11           1


2.       Ostomalt                      ...52           1




List of Inadmissible Medicines in the Indian system of treatment


1.  Iftari

2.  Imlas-e-Kimiyaai

3.  Al-Ahnar

4.  Arastu-Hair Oil

5.  Akseer-e-Azam

6.  Akseer-e-beh

7.  Akseer-e-mardan

8.  Akseer-e-Nayab

9.  Aala (2) mukammal

10.  Almas

11.  Baluti

12.  Be-nazeer Hair Oil

13.  Bahare-e-Jawani

14.  Pur-Zar

15.   Pur-Kai

16.  Tadheen

17.  Jentol

18.  Jenoid

19.  Jernol

20.  Jameelen

21.  Jameelin

22.   Habbe Mobahhi Khas

23.   Habbe Mulazziz

24.  Habbe Mumsik-e-khas

25.  Habbe Mumsik-e- Mushki

26.   Habbe Nishat

27.  Habbe Ahmar Muqwwi-e-bbh

28.  Habbe Kibr-e-tilai

29.  Habbe Mumsik Tilai

30.  Habbe Uroos

31.   Habbe Mumsikh Surkh

32.   Habbe Mumsikh Ambari

33.   Habbe Kaleed-e-Ishrat

34.  Habbe Wumsikh-e-khas

35.   Habbe Munaish

36.   Habbe Ahmar .

37.   Habbe Seen

38.   Habbe Ombar Moyai

39.   Habbe Kaifnawaz

40.   Habbe Mein-e-Shabab

41.   Habbe Momyai

42.  Habbe Mumsik

43.  Habbe Ambar

44.   Halwa-e-Baiza-e-Murgh

45.  Halwa-e-Gazar Maqz-e-Ser-e-Kanjaksh Wala

46. Halwa-e-Salab

47. Hal wa-Mughz-e-Kanj ash

48. Halwa-e-Maqawwi

49. Hayat Baksh

50. Dawa-e-Tikor

51. Dawa-e-Shafieb-awar

52. Dawat-e-Shabab

53. Roughan-e-Bhang

54. Roughan-e-Beer Bohoti

55. Roughan-e-Jonk

56. Raughan-e-Kharteen

57. Roughan-e-Jalaq

58. Roughan-e-Morcha

59. Roughan-e-Zalu

60. Sufoof-e-Bah

61. Sufoof-e-Beejband

62. Sharbat-e-Nishat-e-afro

63. Zemad-e-Shabad

64. Tila-e-Azam

65. Tila-e-Shabab-Awar

66. Tila-e-Muqawwi-e-khas

67. Tila-e-Uroosak

68. Tila-e-Almas

69. Tila-e-Ajeeb

70. Tila-e-Keemiya Taseer

71. Tila-e-Musakkin

72. Tila-e-Mushk Wala

73. Tila-e-Ejaz

74. Tila-e-Akseer

75. Tila-e-pih-e-shers Wala

76. Tila-e-Surkh

77. Tila-e-Mushakkin

78. Tila-e-No. (1)

79. Tila-e-Agrr Ambari

80. Tila-e-Khas

81. Tila-e-Sabz

82. Tila-e-Aqer Qarha

83. Tila-e-Munaiz

84. Tila-e-Muqawwi

85. Tila-e-Mumsik

86. Tila-e-Hama Sifat

87. Tila-e-Akhzar

88. Tila-e-musakkin

89. Tila-e-murallib

90. Tila-e-majlooq

91.  Tila-e-Siyah

92.  Tila-e-Sufaid

93.  Tila-e-Zard

94.  Tila-e-Darchini mushkwala

95.  Tila-e-mumsik-o-mulazziz

96.  Tila-e-Ishrat

97.  Tila-e-Hire-Wala

98.  Tila-e-Jeded

99.  Tila-e-Jauzbuna

100. Tila-e-Zood-asar

101. Tila-e-Seemab

102. Tila-e-moatter

103. Tila-e-Itr-e-Nagesar

104. Tila-e-mulazziz

105. Asbol

106. Arq-e-Shahzor

107. Ishrati

108. Itr-e-mulazziz

109. Ghazah-e-Husn afza

110. Fauladi

111. Qures-Tila-e-Azam

112. Qurs-e-Ajeeb

113. Qurs mumsik Jadded

114. Qurs-e-Akseer

115. Qurs-e-Tila-e-momyai

116. Qurs-e-Foulad ambari

117. Qurs-e-momayai

118. Qurs-e-Foulad Ambari

119. Qurs-e-Momyai

120. Luboob-ul-Asrar

121. Luboob-e-abresham

122. Luboob-e-Jawahar

123. Lubbob-e-Abresham ambari

124. Majun-e-Jalai

125. Majun-e-Hayat Ambari

126. Majun-e-mubahi Antaki

127. Majoon-e-Muqawwi-e-bah Maseehul-Mulk wala

128. Mahoon-e-Muqawwi-wa-mutnsik

129. Majoon-e-Tiryak-al-Maseehy

130. Najoon-e-Sur-at

131. Majoon-e-Maddatul Hayat

132. Majoon-e-Musallib

133. Majoon-e-Ispand

134. Majoon-e-Afrasiyab

135. Majoon-e-Aurangzaib

136. Majoon-e-Buzu

137. Najoon-e-Jund Bedastar

138. Majoon-e-Bah-Man Amabari

139. Maboon-e-Jadeed Khas

140. Majoon-e-Raiq-Mahi

141. Majoon-e-Raiq-Mahi Ambari

142. Majoon-e-Mubahhi Ajeeb

143. Qurs-e-Afai

144. Qurs-e-maseehi

145. Qurs-e-Mumsik

146. Qurs-e-Shabab-awar

147. Mulazziz-e-Ajeeb

148. Mumsik-e-Benazeer




1.    The  claims  of  all  Hon'ble  Minister's,   the   Hon'ble

Speaker,the  hon'ble High Court Judges, and members of All  India

Services,who  are  Governed by the All  India  Services  (Medical

Attendance).Rules,1954  shall  be preferred  to  the  Accountant-

General  Direct  for  the Scrutiny and  payment  of  the  amounts

claimed  with the referrence to these rules, provided the  claims

are covered by the rules.


Note:- Any relaxations in individual cases will be dealt with  by

the Government in the General Administration Department.


2. The reimbursement bills arising-


    (i)  In  the  district will be  Scrutinised  and  passed  for

payment by the concerned District Medical Officers;

    (ii) In the Hyderabad city will be Scrutinised and passed  by

the        superintendents        of        the         concerned

Hospitals.(G.O.Ms.No.2133,Health,Dt.26-7-1963                 and



Note:-    All    cases    requiring    special    sanction     or

relaxation,clarification  or interpretation of the State  Medical

Attendacne  Rules  should be referred to the  Government  in  the

Health Department for orders.


                      EXECUTIVE INSTRUCTION


Medical  attendance  - Reimbursement of expenditure  incurred  by

Government  Servants under Integrated Medical  Attendance  Rules,

1972 - Reference to Medical & Health Department - Instructions  -



(G.O.Ms.No. 3142/K1/85-1, Medical and Health Dept., Dt. 17-4-1986)


Order  :-According  to Rule 5(3)(iii) of the  Integrated  Medical

Attendance  Rules, all claims for refund of expenses incurred  on

account  of  the  purchase of the  special  medicines  should  be

preferred  in the manner indicated in Appendix III. According  to

para 2(ii) of the said Appendix, the reimbursement bills  arising

in the Hyderabad City will be scrutinised and passed for  payment

by  the Superintendents of the concerned Hospitals. According  to

para  4 of the said Appendix claims for reimbursement  should  be

accompanied  by an Essentiality Certificate from  the  Authorised

Medical  Attendant  or from the Medical Officer incharge  of  the

case in the hospital.


2.  With reference to the provisions referred to in para 1  above

employees  of  various departments of  Secretariat  are  claiming

reimbursement  of expenditure incurred by them on  medicines  for

treatment of self and family members on the basis of essentiality

certificate  and  certificate of non-availability  of  the  drugs

given  by  the  Authorised  Medial  Attendant  of  the  concerned

Hospital  and sometimes certificate of non-availability of  these

drugs  in  the  Secretariat dispensary,  issued  by  the  Medical

Officer of Secretariat Dispensary. The Departments of Secretariat

are referring such claims for reimbursement of expenditure to the

Medical and Health Department for concurrence. Reference of  such

cases  to this department has been on the increase  resulting  in

unavoidable work load in this department and delay in reimbursing

the  claims. The Secretariat departments are  therefore  informed

that  the proposals for sanction of reimbursement of  expenditure

for treatment in Government Hospitals within the State which  are

accompanied  by  an essentiality certificate and  certificate  of

non-availability   of  medicines  from  the  Authorised   Medical

Attendant  and  when  they are satisfied that  the  claim  is  in

accordance with the provisions in Appendix III to Andhra  Pradesh

Integrated  Medical Attendance Rules, 1972, need not be  referred

to  Medical  and Health Department for  remarks/acceptance.  This

applies  to  the cases referred by Heads of  Departments  to  the

Administrative Departments of Secretariat also.


3.   However  as  provided in the note under para  2(ii)  of  the

Appendix  III to the Integrated Medical Attendance  Rules,  1972,

all cases requiring special sanction or relaxation; clarification

or interpretation of the State Medical Attendance Rules should be

referred to this department invariably.


(iii)  For  District Medical reimbursement bills,  if  any  doubt

arises   the  medical  reimbursement  bills  other   than   those

pertaining  to the Municipal limits of the District  Headquarters

should  be  referred to the District Medical and  Health  Officer

concerned, and for the bills arising within the Municipal  limits

of  District headquarters to the Superintendent of  the  District

Head quarters Hospital concerned.


(iv)  In twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, if any  doubt

arises  the  medical  reimbursement bills arising within the

municipal limits of Hyderabad and Secunderabad should be referred

to the Superintendent, Osmania General Hospital  Hyderabad/Gandhi

Hospital, Secunderabad, respectively].


[Added by G.O.Ms.No. 1274, M.&H. (Kl), Dt. 29-12-1978]


3.  Any claim which has been preferred six months after the  last

date of the period of treatment shall ordinarily be rejected.


Note  :-(1) Belated claims of officers governed by the All  India

Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1954 and those by the  State

Medical  Attendance Rules shall be referred to Government in  the

General  Administration and Health Departments  respectively  for

special sanction.


(2)  15% cut will be imposed upon the belated claims.


                          [G.O.Ms.No. 2323, Health, Dt. 28-7-1961]


4.  Claim for reimbursement should be preferred in the prescribed

form  and should be accompanied by Essentiality Certificate  from

the  Authorised Medical Attendant or from the Medical Officer  in

charge of the case in hospital.


(The prescribed application form and essentiality certificate are

given below)


Application  for claiming refund of medical expenses incurred  in

connection  with  Medical Attendance and/or treatment  of  Andhra

Pradesh Government servants and their families.


[N.B. :-Separate form should be used for each patient.


       Declaration to be signed by the Government Servant


I hereby declare that the statements in this application are true

to  the best of my knowledge and belief and that the  person  for

whom  medical expenses were incurred is a member of my family  as

defined  under  the Andhra Pradesh  Government  Servants  Medical

Attendance Rules, 1972, and wholly dependent upon me.


                             Signature of the Government Servant

                                  and officer to which attached.


                    Essentiality Certificate


I  certify that  Mrs./Mr./Miss..............wife/son/daughter  of

Mr......................employed   in  the............has    been

under     my     treatment     for.............diseases      from and  that  the

under...................(my                            consulting

room)....................mentioned medicines prescribed by me  in

this       connection      were      essential      for       the

recovery............(prevention  of serious deterioration in  the

condition)  of  the patient.  The medicines are  not  stocked  in

the..............(hospital  for supply to patients) hospital  and

do  not  include  proprietary  preparations  for  which   cheaper

substances   of  equal  therapeutic  value  are   available,   or

preparations which are primarily foods, toilets or disinfectants.


Names of medicines :                   Price :



                                  Signature and Designation of

                                  Authorised Medical Attendant.



                             Signature of the Medical Officer-

                             in-charge in the case of the Hospital.




A.   Essentiality Certificate :


1.   The  essentiality  certificate should be filled  in  by  the

Authorised  Medical Attendant himself in the prescribed  form  as

shown on reverse.


2.   Separate  Certificate should be produced in respect  of  the

treatment given to each member of the family by the claimant.


3.   The  essentiality certificate should be signed only  be  the

Authorised Medical Attendant who actually give the treatment.


4.   Any Certificate countersigned by A.M.O., who is not  A.M.A.,

shall be rejected.


5.   It  shall  be the responsibility of the  A.M.A.  to  exclude

preparations which are primarily in the nature of foods, toilets,

or disinfectants. He should indicate in his certificate which  of

the items included in the vouchers come under these categories.


6.  Name of the patient, relationship with the Government servant

in  case of the family member, disease, period of  treatment  and

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