Medical attendance rules

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The AP Government Employee's Loans Medical Attendance & Family Welfare Code

The Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance Rules, 1972






                    MEDICAL ATTENDANCE RULES


        The Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance

                        Rules, 1972


1.       Short  title :--These rules may be  called  the  "Andhra

Pradesh Medical Attendance Rules,1972.


2.       Extent  of Application :-(a) They shall  extend  to  the

whole of the State of Andhra Pradesh.


(2) These rules also apply to persons who are entitled to medical

attendance  under  the  Secretary  of  State  Services   (Medical

Attendance)   Rules,  1938,  the  All  India  Services   (Medical

Attendance)  Rules,  1954 and also to the  Andhra  Pradesh  State

Higher  Judicial Officers who are to be treated on par  with  the

I.A.S. and I.P.S. Officers, but only to the extent to which  they

are not inconsistent with these rules. .


3.       Definitions :- In these rules unless there  is  anything

repugnant in the subject or context -


(1)    "Government Servant" means a whole time Government Servant

employed under the Government of Andhra Pradesh and includes such

servants  employed under State Governments with  whom  reciprocal

agreements  in  respect of medical attendance have  been  entered

into, but does not include part time or honorary workers ;


(2)     "Hospital" means a Government Hospital and  includes  any

Special  Hospital in the State or any other  Medical  Institution

recognised by the Government.


Note  :-Non-gazetted Officers and Employees of the  local  bodies

drawing salaries not exceeding Rs. 300 per mensem in the  greater

Hyderabad city are permitted to take treatment for their families

in the Maternity and Child Welfare Centres of the Corporation  of

Hyderabad  only  in  emergencies and  get  reimbursement  of  the

expenses incurred by them, the emergency being certified as  such

by the Medical Officer in charge of the Centre;


(3)      "Registered   Medical  Practitioner"  means   a   person

registered  under  the  Madras  Medical  Registration  Act,  1914

adopted   to   Andhra  State;  and  the  Andhra   Ayurvedic   and

Homoeopathic  Medical Practitioners' Registration Act,  1956  and

the  Medical Act No. 1 of 1312 Fasli of the  erstwhile  Hyderabad



(4)     "Authorised  Medical Attendant" means a  Medical  Officer

attached  to the Government Hospital or Dispensary in  the  State

who  has been nominated by the Government, from time to time,  to

Serve as Authorised Medical Attendant for the State Government

Servants ;


[A  list  of  Authorised Medical  Attendants,  appointed  by  the

Government is given in Appendix I to these Rules.]


(5)    "Patient" means a Government Servant or any member of  his

family and to whom these rules apply and who has fallen ill ;


(6)    "Station" means the town or place in which the  Government

Servant and other entitled person falls ill ;


(7)     "Family" :-(a) In the case of a male Government  Servant,

family means his parents, wife, legitimate children including  an

adopted son and step Children residing with and wholly  dependent

on him ;


(b)  In  the  case of a woman Government  Servant  it  means  her

parents, husband and children residing with and wholly  dependent

on her.


(i)     The word 'wife' includes more than one wife.


(ii)     The claims for reimbursement of expenses in  respect  of

parents  should  be accompanied by declaration  in  the  proforma

given below.




I, .................................................. (full  name

and      designation)      hereby      declare      that       my

father/mother.....................has  no property or  income  of

his/her own and that he/she is wholly dependent on me.



                                            Signature and date.


(iii)  A  married  daughter who is under the  protection  of  her

husband  does  not  come within the definition  of  "family"  for

purposes of these rules.


(iv)  The  deserted,  divorced,  or  widowed  daughters  who  are

residing  with entirely dependent on the Government Servants  and

Employees of local bodies drawing salaries not exceeding Rs.  300

per  month  are  eligible  for  medical  concessions  allowed  to

Government Servants under these rules.


(v) Their family for purpose of these rules will include adoptive

parents  who are wholly dependent on the Government Servants  but

does  not  include  the  real parents,  though  they  are  wholly

dependant  on  the  Government  Servants  once  the  adoption  is

effected].  [G.O.Ms.No.  123, Health, Dt. 25-11-76  &  G.O.Ms.No.

718, Health, Dt. 18-7-1975]


(vi)  Medical  reimbursement  bills of the Member  of  the  State

Legislature can be presented directly to the District Treasury or

Sub-treasury  as the case may be, from which they are  authorised

to draw their salaries; on the basis of essentiality  certificate

issued by the Authorised Medical Attendant without insisting  for

the countersignature of the District Medical and Health  Officer,

or Superintendent as the case may be.]


[Inserted by G.O.Ms.No.418, H&M, Dt. 26-6-1979]


(8)      "Well-to-do-person" means a person who is in receipt  of

an annual income of Rs.  1,200 or more or who is a member of  the

family of such a person and actually dependent on him.


4.      Medical Attendance :-(1) Medical Attendance in respect of

a  Government  Servant whose pay is not less  than Rs.  500  p.m.

means :-


(i)  Attendance  in a hospital or at the consulting room  of  the

Authorised  Medical  Attendant or at the residence of  the  Govt.



(ii)  All pathological, bacteriological, radiological  and  other

methods  of  examination  for the purpose of  diagnosis,  as  are

available  in  any Government Hospital within the State  and  are

considered necessary by the Authorised Medical Attendant ;


(iii)  Any  consultation with a Specialist in  Government  employ

within the State or other Medical Officer similarly in Government

employ within the State or that the Authorised Medical  Attendant

may certify to be necessary to such extent and in such manner  as

the  Specialist  or  Medical Officer  in  consultation  with  the

Authorised Medical Attendant, determine.


(2)      Medical  Attendance in respect of any  other  Government

Servant, means-


(i) Attendance at a Government Hospital or at the consulting room

of  the Authorised Medical Attendant or in case of illness  which

compels  the  patient  to be confined to his  residence,  at  the

residence of the Government Servant;


(ii)  All methods of examination for purposes of  diagnosis  that

are available in the nearest Government Hospital.


(iii) Any consultation with a Specialist or other Medical Officer

stationed in the State that the Authorised Medical Attendant  may

certify to be necessary, to such extent and in such manner as the

Special Officer may, in consultation with the Authorised  Medical

Attendant, determine ;


(3)      There  will  be cases of not  infrequent  occurrence  in

which,  it  will be proper for the medical officer to  visit  the

Government  Servant  in  receipt of  salaries  under  Rupees  one

hundred  at  their residences. The Government trust to  the  good

sense and good feeling of the medical profession in preference to

laying down any precise rules for such cases.


(4)     It should be distinctly understood that a medical officer

will  not  be  expected to attend a  Government  Servant  at  his

residence  unless the patient is unable to wait upon the  medical

officer  either at the latter's residence or his consulting  room

or till such time as may be appointed by the Medical Officer  for

the purpose ;


(5)     Medical Officers who are Authorised Medical Attendants to

the  Government Servants, should not charge any  consultation  or

other   fees  from  the  Government  Servants  for  the   Medical

Attendance rendered to them.


5. Medical Treatment :-Medical Treatment means use of all medical

and  surgical facilities available at the Government Hospital  in

which the patient is treated and includes :-


(1)       Employment  of  such   pathological,   bacteriological,

radiological  or  other methods of investigation,  etc.,  as  are

considered necessary by the Authorised Medical Attendant ;


(2)      Supply of such medicines, special or ordinary  vaccines,

sera or other therapeutic substances as are ordinarily  available

in Government Hospitals in the State ;


[Note  :-Wherever  a Government Servant  consults  an  Authorised

Medical Attendant/ Specialist in the latter's consulting Room and

medicines were prescribed, the Medical Officer of the Secretariat

Dispensary  is  authorised to issue medicines to  the  Government

servant  and  their families of the prescriptions  given  by  the

Authorised  Medical Attendant, Specialist although they  are  not

attached  to  the Secretariat Dispensary. In case  the  medicines

prescribed by the Authorised Medical Attendant/Specialist are not

available  even  at the Secretariat  Dispensary,  the  Government

Servants  may purchase the medicines outside and get  the  amount

spent thereby reimbursed later as per rules. The Medial  Officer,

Secretariat  Dispensary, is not ordinarily bound to purchase  and

supply  the medicines. He will, however, stock all the  necessary

medicines in the dispensary to meet the requirements.] [Added  by

G.O.Ms.No. 1274, M.&H. (Kl), Dt. 29-12-1978]


(3)      Supply  of  such  medicines,  vaccines,  sera  or  other

therapeutic  substances  as  are  not  ordinarily  available   in

Government  Hospitals  as the Authorised  Medical  Attendant  may

certify  in writing to be essential for the recovery or  for  the

prevention of deterioration in the condition of the patient.


(i)  The  refund  of  the cost  of  preparations  which  are  not

medicines but are primarily foods, tonics, toilet preparations or

disinfectants is not admissible under the rules. Prescription  of

expensive   drugs,  tonics,  laxatives  or  other   elegant   and

proprietary  preparations  for  the use  of  Govt.  Servants  and

members  of their families when drugs of equal therapeutic  value

are available in hospital and dispensaries is prohibited. List of

items  for  which  refund is not  admissible  under  the  Medical

Attendance Rules are given in Appendix II.


(ii)  Sales  Tax  paid by Government  Servants  while  purchasing

special medicines from the market is refundable under the  Rules.

Packing  and  postage  charges paid by  Government  Servants  for

purchasing   special   medicines  from   out-stations   are   not



(iii)  All claims for refund of expenses incurred on  account  of

the purchase of the special medicines should be preferred in  the

manner indicated in Appendix III.


[Note :-Bills for small amounts upto Rs. 157- at a time need  not

be  countersigned  by the Authorised Medical Attendant.  In  such

cases,  Essentiality Certificate should specifically mention  the

names  and quantum of medicines required. Also, that  certificate

should be marked as cancelled while the bill is submitted so that

it cannot be used again.]


[Added by G.O.Ms.No. 1274, M.&H. (Kl), Dt. 29-12-1978]


(4)    Treatment of confinement cases of a Government Servant and

includes prenatal and post-natal treatment.


Note :- The pre-natal and post-natal treatment can be had at  the

Government Medical Institutions in the State where facilities are

available  and  where no such facilities are available  the  case

should be referred to the concerned nearest Government specialist

by  the Authorised Medical Attendant. These treatments should  be

treated as "other treatment" for which a woman Government Servant

or  the  wife or other members of a male Government  Servant  are

entitled.                (G.O.Ms.No. 1466, Health, Dt. 31-8-1965)


(5)      Such  accommodation  as is ordinarily  provided  in  the

Hospital and is suited to the status of a Government Servant with

reference to his pay as indicated below :-


(i) Government Servants drawing          "A"class ward.In case

    Rs. 500 and above p.m.                accommodation in"A"

                                          class ward is not


                                          ward.(single rooms

                                          with/without attached



(ii) Other Government Servants            "B"class ward(cement

     drawing Rs. 250-499 p.m.              or wooden partitioned




(iii) Government Servants Rs.            "C"class ward(curtained

      100-244 p.m.                          drawing cubicles).


(iv)  Government Servants                   General ward.

      drawing below Rs. 100 p.m.


                         (G.O.Ms.No. 1382, Health, Dt. 9-4-1964)


(6)     Such nursing as is ordinarily available provided  in  the

hospital  and is suited to his status and includes  such  special

nursing  as  the  Authorised Medical  Attendant  may  certify  in

writing to be essential for the recovery or for the prevention of

serious deterioration in the condition of the Government Servant.


If  at  all a Government Servant requires extra  nursing  he  may

engage an attendant at his own cost.


(7)     Such diet as is ordinarily provided to other patients  in

the hospital.


Note  :-This  concession is applicable only to  the  Non-Gazetted

Officers and Employees of local bodies drawing pay not  exceeding

Rs. 300 and members of their families.


(8)    Blood transfusion service.


(9)    Provision of ambulance service wherever necessary for  the

transport of the patient to the Hospital.


Note  (1)  :-Charges  paid  to  hospital,  ambulance  or  to  the

ambulance  of  a  social service organisation  (if  there  is  no

ambulance   attached  to  the  local  Government  Hospital)   are

reimbursed  on  production  of a  certificate  from  the  medical

attendant   that   the   use   of   ambulance   was    necessary.

(G.O.Ms.No. 1466, Health, Dt. 31-8-1956)


Note   (2)  :-[The  cost  of  artificial  limbs,  hearing   aids,

corrective glasses, artificial teeth and invalid chairs,  charges

are reimbursable to the eligible patients who are entitled to the

facilities for sanction of medical reimbursement].


(Subs,  by G.O.Ms.No. 175, H.M. & F.W., Dt. 7-3-1990 w.e.f.  1-3-



Note  (3)  :-Under  Rule  5  (9) cost  of  pace  marked  and  its

replacement charges are reimbursable.

(G.O.Ms.No. 502, Health, Dt. 8-8-1978)


6. Persons entitled to free medical treatment :-(i) The following

persons are entitled to free medical attendance :-


(a)      All Government Servants under the rule making powers  of

the  Government  of  Andhra Pradesh  subject  to  the  conditions

specified  in  these rules, Government Servants are  entitled  to

free medical attendance irrespective of whether they are on  duty

or on leave, anywhere in the State.


(b)      Employees   of  the  Local  Bodies   (Zilla   Parishads,

Municipalities,   Panchayat  Samithis  and  Panchayats)   drawing

salaries not exceeding Rs. 3007- p.m.


The  Employees  of  Zilla Grandhalaya Samsthas  drawing  pay  not

exceeding  Rs.  3007  -  p.m.  are  eligible  for  free   medical

attendance in the Government Hospitals in the State.


                        (G.O.Ms.No. 915, Health, Dt. 8-7-1975)


Note (1):-Families of Government Servants and Employees of  Local

Bodies  drawing pay not exceeding Rs. 3007- p.m. are eligible  to

free  medical  attendance  and  the  rules  shall  apply  mutatis

mutandis to them as they apply to the Government Servant himself.


(2)     All the N.G.Os. and members of Local Bodies  drawing  pay

not  exceeding Rs. 300/- p.m. and members of their families  when

admitted  to State Government Medical Institutions  are  exempted

from  payment of diet charges and the entire cost of special  and

expensive drugs administered to them.


(3)     Employees of Local Bodies who are drawing more  than  Rs.

300  p.m.  as they will be treated as members of the  public  and

charges collected from them as per rules.


(4)      Law Officers viz., (Advocate-General, State  Prosecutor,

State   Counsel,  Government  Pleader  and  Public   Prosecutor),

President, Chairman and Members of Local Bodies, Reserve Bank  of

India  and Currency Officers and Retired Government Servants  are

not entitled to free medical attendance.


Note  :-These rules are applicable to the Local Bodies  Employees

who    are    drawing    pay    not    exceeding    Rs.    300/-.

(G.O.Ms.No. 699, M.& H, Dt. 23-7-1976)


(c)     Members of the State Legislature.


(d)    Village Officers and Servants.


(e)      Officers  of  the Hind Kusht Nivaran  Sangh  working  in

Government Medical Institutions.


(f)      Honorary  Medical  Officers, House  Surgeons  and  House

Physicians  employed  in  Government  Hospitals  in  the   State,

Students  of  Government  Medical Colleges in  the  State,  Nurse

Pupils,  Auxiliary Nurse-Midwives and Health Visitors  undergoing

training and Gramsevak Trainees.


Note  :-Students  in Medical Colleges include also  the  students

undergoing courses in such colleges, such as Sanitary Inspectors,

Auxiliary Health Workers, etc.


(g)     Persons appointed under emergency provisions in the posts

carrying  a  fixed  or time scale of pay, only so  long  as  they

continue  in  service during the period of their treatment  in  a

Government Medical Institution.


(h)     Retired  and re-employed pensioners  (Gazetted  and  Non-

Gazetted), (i)     Government Servants under suspension.


(j)  Menials  in  the service of both the  Government  and  Local

Bodies who are paid from contingencies on monthly basis.


(k)    The work-charged establishment of all departments. Note \-

Casual  and daily paid workers are not eligible for free  medical



(1)  The  staff  employed  in the Office  of  the  State  Welfare

Advisory  Board, Hyderabad and the Welfare Extension Projects  in

the districts drawing a pay not exceeding Rs. 300 p.m. and  their

families will be given the same privileges in respect of  medical

attendance,  treatment  and  accommodation  including  the   diet

charges and administration of special and expensive drugs as  are

allowed  to  the  employees  of  local  bodies  drawing  pay  not

exceeding Rs. 300 p.m.


(m)  The  disabled personnel from the Defence  Services  will  be

given free treatment including diet and specialised treatment  in

the  general wards of Government Hospitals irrespective of  their



(n) Sportsmen representing the State of Andhra Pradesh in  Inter-

State  tournaments at Government expenses, shall be  entitled  to

the  privileges  under Rule 10 of the Chapter on par  with  State

Government Servants.


Note  :-If  any such personnel are admitted in A, B and  C  class

warqs  or  in other special wards, the usual  charges  should  be

levied, but the Government will be prepared to consider the grant

of  concessions in individual cases on the recommendation of  the

Director of Medical and Health Services.


(a)     Telangana System of giving free treatment to the patients

in  General wards is extended to all Government Hospitals in  the



                        (G.O.Ms.No. 80, Health, Dt. 24-1-1976)


(b)     All Freedom Fighters who are drawing pension either  from

State      Government/Central     Government/Union      Territory

Administration  in respect of their income and  their  dependants

are  eligible  for free medical treatment  and  accommodation  in

Government Hospitals on par with members of the Legislature.


                        (G.O.Ms.No. 652, M.&H., Dt. 8-7-1976)


(ii)    Rulers of the Merged States and their families and  their

personal staff:-


(a)  The rulers of the Merged States and their families  will  be

treated  on  par  with  the members of  the  Secretary  of  State

Services for urposes of free medical attendance and treatment and

the  provisions of the Secretary of State Services (M.A.)  Rules,

1938   except   those  relating  to  travelling   allowance   and

reimbursement  of  any cost incurred in respect  of  the  medical

advice obtained by them will apply to them.


(b)  The  personal staff of the Rulers of the Merged  States  and

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