May Newsletter 3M

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May Newsletter 3M
Spring is here! We hope that you and your families have had the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. As the warmer weather arrives please ensure your child comes to school with a hat to wear outdoors and sunscreen. Also, it is important for the students to be hydrated especially during our runs; therefore, please ensure your child has a water bottle and running shoes at school every day.
In class, all our third term units are well under way. In religion, we have been looking at the start of the liturgical year cycle and I Am a Gift from God. As we move into May, students will learn about honoring Mary by saying the Angelus prayer and Rosary. Students are also learning about the Seven Sacraments.
In Language Arts, we are doing a read-aloud with Frindle by Andrew Clements. The author Andrew Clements has many titles that are grade appropriate for our students. We encourage students to explore other books written by him. As students listen to the story, they are visualizing (making pictures in our minds) the events and making inferences about the events and characters. We will also discuss literary elements such as setting, character, plot, conflict and solution with this novel study. We are well into our unit on Paragraph Writing as students have been writing lots of descriptive paragraphs. In May, 3M will focus on writing persuasive paragraphs.

In science, we are continuing with our Plants unit. We have a field trip to the Van Dusen Garden booked on Thursday, May 28th.

In social studies, we are wrapping up Government and we are digging into our paths: personal/family and the community’s history. Students will be creating a timeline to track their family or individual history.
In math, we are wrapping up our measurement unit and have carefully measured the Intermediate Playground’s perimeter. This is an essential part of our calculations for the kilometers covered in our Run Across Canada challenge.

In May we will focus on 2D and 3D Geometry, and will wrap up 3D/solids with a fun 3 dimensional Art project, in anticipation of summer.


3M Students will be singing a song that they have learned in Music.

3M students will be participating in the Vancouver Children’s Festival in May. We are looking forward to a fun day of singing and dancing!
Dates to highlight this month:

  • Friday, May 15th NOON DISMISSAL

  • Monday, May 18th Victoria Day (no school)

  • Monday May 25th Vancouver Children’s Festival

  • Thursday, May 28th Field trip to Van Dusen Garden

  • Friday, May 29th NO SCHOOL (BAZAAR SET UP)

  • Saturday, May 30th SFX Bazaar

We wish all mothers an enjoyable and restful Mother’s Day on Sunday May 11th!

Ms. Frances Raab, Miss Joanna Wong

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