Maroondah canopy tree protection area

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Maroondah Planning Scheme

19/01/2006 VC37

Shown on the planning scheme map as SLO2.


19/01/2006 VC37

.0 Statement of nature and key elements of landscape

The combination of canopy trees and steep to undulating topography contribute to major elements of the urban character of Maroondah. Canopy trees in particular soften the impact of buildings in the environment and provide a distinct leafy character to Maroondah.

The continuous nature of the canopy vegetation throughout Maroondah provides a strong character element and is valued by the community. The canopy vegetation is a defining element of the urban character of Maroondah.

Reference: Assessment of the Tree Canopy Cover in the City of Maroondah, J.J.O’Neill, 1995

19/01/2006 VC37

.0 Landscape character objective to be achieved

To conserve the existing pattern of vegetation, landscape quality and ecosystems within the area.

To encourage the re-generation of vegetation.

To maintain a dense vegetation canopy that contributes to the special environmental character of Maroondah.

To maintain the overall scenic beauty of the municipality.

19/01/2006 VC37

.0 Permit requirement

Buildings and works

A permit is not required to construct a building or construct or carry out works.

Vegetation removal

A permit is required to remove, destroy or lop vegetation. This does not apply to:

  • A tree having a single trunk circumference of less than 0.5 metre or a diameter of less than 16 centimetres at a height of one metre above ground level and that is less than 5 metres in height.

  • The pruning of a tree for regeneration or ornamental shaping.

  • A tree which is dead or dying or has become dangerous as declared by a suitably qualified person.

  • A tree within 3 metres of an existing house or other building.

  • Removal of the following vegetation:

19/01/2006 VC37
.0 Decision guidelines

Before deciding on an application, the responsible authority must consider:

  • The effect of the proposed removal of the vegetation on the character and canopy of the area.

  • The significance of the vegetation to the character and environment of the area.

  • The habitat value of the vegetation.

  • The role of the vegetation in providing vegetation and habitat corridors throughout Maroondah and the region.

  • The role of the vegetation in contributing to and maintaining biodiversity and the landscape of Maroondah.

  • The benefits of requiring replanting elsewhere on the site.

  • The benefits of seed collection from any indigenous vegetation.

  • The reason for removing the vegetation and the practicality of alternative options which do not require the removal of the vegetation.

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