Man, Abu, I am starving

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Aladdin Point of View Through Abu
“Man, Abu, I am starving,” said my friend Aladdin. I call him Al for short. We do not get a lot of food since we do not work. Aladdin is a street rat and I am a monkey, so we do not have any money coming in. Aladdin usually just steals us some bread or a couple of apples.

“I think I am going to steal us some breakfast. What do you think of some fresh bread?” Nod if you want bread Abu,” said Aladdin. I nodded and he ran off in a flash.

When I caught up to Aladdin, he had the Arabian guards right on his tail. I stayed hidden until one of the guards grabbed Al. When Al was grabbed I jumped on the guard and pulled the guard’s shirt over his head. Then we continued to run from the guards.

When we finally got lost the guards, we sat down to eat. Al saw two beggar children and gave his half of the bread to them. I did not want to look bad so I gave away my half as well. Almost at the same time Al saw a girl in the market. She also looked like a street rat, but she was extremely beautiful. She was looking at apples in the market when a poor child came up to her. She took an apple from the market stand and gave it to the child. The cashier saw her and grabbed her arm in a violent way. Al went over to the stand, tricked the cashier, and ran away with the beautiful girl. We did not have to deal with the guards this time.

Al took the girl back to our hideout and started talking to the girl. I overheard their conversation. Al asked, “What is your name?”

She answered, “My name is Jasmine.” After they got situated the guards came and took Al away. We also found out that Jasmine was the Arabian princess. I did not know where they were taking Al so I hid under some blankets.

About a day later Al came back with an old man who said, “I can take you two to find many treasures and become rich.” I always wanted to be rich with my best friend Aladdin so I jumped on Al’s shoulder and we were off.

The old man took us to a cave in the desert and told us that only we can go into the cave. He told us to go into the cave and not touch anything except to bring back a lamp. He told us that the lamp was at the back of the cave. We went into the cave without hesitation and saw mountains of gold. Al saw a carpet and when he picked it up we found that it was a magic flying carpet.

When we finally made it to the back of the cave Al found the lamp and started to admire it. I found a sparkling, golden gorilla holding a huge, lustrous, red ruby. I picked up the amazing piece of jewelry. As I picked it up the cave started to crumble on top of us. We hopped on the magic carpet and started to fly out of the cave.

As we got to the end of the cave, a rock hit our carpet and Al and I fell off. We survived the fall but we were trapped in the cave. Al then started to rub the lamp and an enormous, blue genie flew out of the lamp. The genie sang a very catchy song and when he was finished, he told us Al had three wishes. Al then tricked the genie into getting us out of the cave so we did not have to waste a wish.

Genie flew us to an oasis in the middle of the desert. Al then used his first wish. He wished to be a prince so he could marry princess Jasmine. Genie flew us back to the city. When we landed, this crazy genie turned me into a humongous elephant. We then paraded through the city to make a good impression on the townspeople.

After the parade Al and I went into the palace and met Jasmine’s dad, the king. He loved Al but his wicked right-hand-man tried to separate Al from the king. The right-hand-man’s name was Jafar. Jafar wanted to take over the palace by marrying Jasmine.

After that Al went to visit princess Jasmine. Al and Jasmine went on a magic carpet ride and really bonded. They bonded so much to the fact that they fell in love.

After Al and I got settled in Jafar knocked Al out. The city guards tied cannon balls to Al’s feet and through him into a lake. Genie saved Al even though he did not wish for it. Genie just took one of his wishes away.

Al told the king that Jafar tried to kill him. Jafar used dark magic to disappear so he would not be arrested. Jafar stole the lamp from Al and wished to be the most powerful sorcerer in Arabia. He then wished to be the king of the Arabian city. Then sentenced Aladdin to be killed in the mountains. Genie used his magic to transport Al, magic carpet, and I to the snowy mountains to freeze. Thankfully the magic carpet was with us so we flew back to Arabia.

Once back in Arabia, we went to the palace and Al started to fight with Jafar. Al did not have Genie on his side so Jafar was mostly winning. Then Al tricked Jafar. Jafar yelled out, “I am the most powerful being in the entire world.”

Al yelled back, “No you aren’t Jafar. Genie will always have more power than you.” Jafar then made his last wish. He wished to be an all-powerful genie. When the wish was complete Jafar was trapped inside a lamp just like Genie’s.

After Jafar was taken care, Al used his last wish. He had a choice between becoming a prince or he could set Genie free. He wished for Genie to be free. Aladdin’s wished touched the king’s heart so much that the king changed the law. He decreed that the princess might marry whom ever she wants.

Aladdin and Jasmine lived happily ever after. My life as Al’s best friend was not to bad. I got all the gold I ever could have wanted and all the food I could ever eat.

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