Major repair and alteration

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(Airframe, Powerplant, Propeller, or Appliance)

U.S Department of

Federal Aviation

Form Approved
OMB No. 2120-0020

For FAA Use Only

Office Identification

INSTRUCTIONS: Print or type all entries. See FAR 43.9, FAR 43 Appendix B, and AC 43.9-1 (or subsequent revision thereof) for instructions
and disposition of this form. This report is required by law (49 U.S.C. 1421). Failure to report can result in a civil penalty not to exceed $1,000
for each such violation (Section 901 Federal Aviation Act 1958)

1. Aircraft



Serial No.

Nationality and Registration Mark

2. Owner

Name (As shown on registration certificate)
Steven N. Gervae



Address (As shown on registration certificate)
751 Seventh St.

Ontonagon, MI 49953



3. For FAA Use Only

4. Unit Identification

5. Type




Serial No.




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(As described in item 1 above)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




























6. Conformity Statement

A. Agency’s Name and Address

B. Kind of Agency

C. Certificate No.

James McNamara


U.S. Certificated Mechanic

A & P 1373065 IA

513 S. 8th St.

Foreign Certificated Mechanic

Escanaba, MI 49829

Certificated Repair Station



D. I certify that the repair and/or alteration made to the unit(s) identified in item 4 above and described on the reverse or attachments hereto
have been made in accordance with the requirements of Part 43 of the U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations and that the information furnished
herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


Signature of Authorized Individual

7. Approval for Return to Service

Pursuant to the authority given persons specified below, the unit identified in item 4 was inspected in the manner prescribed by the
Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration and is  APPROVED  REJECTED



FAA Flt Standards




Inspection Authorization

Other (Specify)



FAA Designee


Repair Station


Person Approved by Transport
Canada Airworthiness Group


Date of Approval or Rejection

Certificate or
Designation No.

Signature of Authorized Individual


FAA Form 337 (12-88)


Weight and balance or operating limitation changes shall be entered in the appropriate aircraft record. An alteration must be
compatible with all previous alterations to assure continued conformity with the applicable airworthiness requirements.

8. Description of Work Accomplished

(If more space is required, attach additional sheets. Identify with aircraft nationality and registration mark and date work completed.)

1946 Taylorcraft BC12-D N96608 S/N 8908

This aircraft is being modified I/A/W STC SA1-210 Conversion of Taylorcraft Model BC or Model BC12D to the equivalent of aircraft models BC12D85, F19. This STC incorporates fuel system modifications to allow the use of a larger engine. This STC also incorporates minor structural changes to allow a gross weight increase to either 1280 lbs or 1500 lbs depending on model choice, however these structural modifiacations were not accomplished per attached letter of approval from FAA Engineering dated May 21, 1974. Aircraft gross weight remains at 1200 lbs. The TCDS for the F19 allows the use of up to Continental 0-200 engines. I am installing a Continental C-90-12F engine of 90hp. Reference Aircraft Specification A-696 BC12-D-85 and TCDS 1A9 Model F19. This field approval is not valid without the installation of STC SA1-210 with exceptions noted above.

Installed Continental C-90-12F engine and Sensenich 76AK-40 propeller.Installed Hanlon-Wilson exhaust due to unavailable Taylorcraft exhaust for this combination, exhaust is certified for installation on C90-12F. Placarded engine instruments in accordance with the engine manufacturers operation manual limits.This engine and prop is a FAA certificated engine and prop combination. This engine mounts directly to the existing engine mount with no modification. No cowling modification is required. No weight and balance changes. No aircraft operational changes. Weight and balance accomplished and recorded in aircraft logbooks.

Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

#1 This form 337 will become part of the aircrafts maintenance records. These ICA's will be incorporated into the aircraft annual inspection

#2 Replacement of Continental C-85 engine with Continental C-90 engine. No interface with other systems.

#3 No special control or operation procedures

#4 No change

#5 Inspect at each annual inspection using Taylorcraft BC12-D Service Manual and Continental C-90 Engine Manual as revised and CFR 43 Appendix D.

#6 Reference Continental C-90 Engine Manual as revised.

#7 Remove In accordance with Taylorcraft Service Manual.

#8 N/A

#9 N/A

#10 N/A

#11 N/A

#12 N/A

#13 N/A

#14 No additional overhaul time limitations

#15 N/A

#16 For changes to the ICA's contained on this 337 a letter will be submitted to the FSDO for acceptance. Once accepted a log book entry will be entered in the aircraft logbooks identifying the revision, location, and date. END

 Additional Sheets Are Attached



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