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You must use black ink to fill out this form.

Your Name:

Mailing Address:

Telephone: Message phone:

NOTE: If for any reason you do not wish the other party to know your physical address, you must still provide a mailing address so that the court and the other party can serve you by mail.



City or Town where the Court is located


Plaintiff, )

v. )



) Your Case No.

Defendant. )



Without Minor Child(ren)
I, ___________________________ , state that the following facts are true and

(Print your name here.)

request the following relief:

1. Residence

I am a resident of the State of Alaska.

2. Facts of the Marriage
Date of marriage: Place of marriage:
Date of separation: (Optional)

  1. Basis for Decree of Divorce

Our marriage has completely broken down and we can no longer get along on any level. It is impossible to live together as husband and wife.

  1. Restoration of plaintiff’s former name

 I desire that my former name be restored:_____________

(Print your full former name here.)

  1. Property and debt

5A.  There is no property or debt to be divided by this court and we can each keep what we have in our possession or control.
5B.  There is property and debt to be divided by this court. I request that the marital property and debt be divided in a fair and equitable manner.  I have attached a Property and Debt Worksheet. (If you think there is any chance the defendant will not answer, which will allow this case go to default, attach a Property and Debt Worksheet telling the court specifically how you want to divide the property and debts.)
I am currently aware of the following types of property and debt:
 Land  Bank / credit union account(s)
 Building(s) (include your home here)  401(k) / 403(b) retirement account(s)
 Car / truck  IRA account(s)
 Snow machine / 4-wheeler  Pension
 Boat(s)  Other retirement funds
 Plane(s)  Household goods
 Gun(s)  Debt related to property (mortgages,

vehicle or equipment loans etc.)

 Tools  Credit card debt(s)
 Other property  Other debt(s)

  1. Minor Child(ren) (If you answer “YES” to i(a) or ii, you cannot use this form.)

  1. Are there any minor children of this relationship born prior to or during the marriage and/or adopted during the marriage?  NO  YES

    1. If YES, do you still have parental rights for the child(ren)?  NO  YES

  1. Is the wife pregnant?  NO  YES

If you marked “YES” to i(a) or ii, STOP. Do not use this form.

Use the Divorce (With Minor Child(ren)) Complaint, SHC-101 Word | PDF.

If you marked “NO” to all of these questions, please continue with this form.
7.  Other: For example attorney’s fees, spousal support, etc. If you want the court to award you attorney’s fees or spousal support before the end of the case, you must file a separate motion in addition to writing it in this section. See for forms.)


1. That the court end our marriage and issue a Decree of Divorce;
2. That the court enter a Final Order and Judgment regarding property and debt as requested in section 5 of this Complaint;
3. That my former name of be restored to me;

(Print full former name here)
4. Other:

5. For such other and further relief as the court deems fit and proper.

I have attached the following documents:

 Property & Debt Worksheet, SHC-1000 Word | PDF


Date Your Signature (In blue ink if possible)
Service Instructions
Copies for the defendant:

After you open the court case, you must serve the defendant with a copy of this form and all of its attachments by:

To learn more about serving the defendant, please visit:

Other Useful Contact Information for Family Law Cases
Alaska Court System’s Family Law Self-Help Center


  • (907) 264-0851 or (866) 279-0851 (toll-free in Alaska but outside Anchorage)

Court Contact Information:


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