Location: Alloa School Gymnasium/Library

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Alloa School Council

Meeting Minutes
Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Location: Alloa School Gymnasium/Library

(Prior to the regular Council meeting a Public meeting was held in the Gymnasium)
Replacement School Update

  • Special guests - Superintendent Uniac, Trustee Suzanne Nurse, Trustee Stan Cameron and Design and Construction manager- Dave Dundas were present to present and discuss the plans for the Alloa Replacement school

  • The replacement school will be located on10 acres on Mississauga Rd, north of Mayfied (map of site was presented). The Board now owns the land following completion of expropriation in July/2012. The school is to be a 61,000 square foot, two story building, K-8 with a projected student population of 650. The school will be on a septic system and utilize either a well or water holding system. Budget for the new building will be approximately $8-9 million.

  • The school will be a similar layout to Palgrave and SouthFields. Main level - Office is located at the front entrance, 6 kindergarten classrooms, 6000 sq. ft two storey double gym with stage, library and computer lab, science and technology centre which can accommodate woodworking. Second floor - classrooms on the exterior to allow natural light, sound insulated music rooms (2), science room. One elevator and four staircases. The school will be equipped with wireless and roughed in for LCD projectors in each room. Energy efficient windows and insulation will be used.

  • Unfortunately some issues have been identified with the property and the Board is in consultation with various agencies to resolve these concerns prior to beginning construction. Follow up is required with:

    • The Credit Valley Conservation Authority as a further environmental assessment is required due to the flood plain and drainage ditch crossing the property. Also, there is a possibility of 2 endangered bird species nesting on the property.

    • The Ministry of Transportation as the property is located in the proposed GTA West corridor.

Due to these issues and approvals required the new completion date for the school is September 2014 with construction to begin in August of 2013.

  • Questions arose regarding the amount of useable land since the front 1/3 is deemed flood plan. It was indicated that there would be approximately 6 acres of land for the school and septic system. The school would be set towards the back of the property due to the flood plain. Concern expressed regarding appropriate amount of play area for the students – the Board feels this will not be an issue since most schools are built on 6 acre sites. Real Estate consultants were used to find and purchase the land, therefore Dave Dundas was unable to speak to the issue related to the question - "Did the Board know of the restrictions on the property prior to purchase", Superintendent Uniac will follow up. No boundary changes are planned. No plans to close Creditview school. Funding for the school has been secured from the Ministry of Education.

(15 Minute Break – Council reconvened in the Library)

Attendees: Tammy King, Christina Brulotte, Darren Pennock, Stephanie Hamilton, Darren Pennock, Karen Salt, Cristin McNeely, Kathy Skale, Kendal Francey, Colleen Buker, Brenda MacKenzie, Paul Hamilton, Debbie Pennock

Previous Minutes Reviewed

  • October 9th 2012 Minutes reviewed and accepted with no changes

School Council Update

  • Peel School Council Orientation Evening took place on November 29th. If you are wanting information on the presentations it can be found at http\\:www.peelschools.org/parents/schoolcouncils/orientation/Pages/default.aspx

  • Information shared on babysitting and home alone courses offered by St. John Ambulance. Information, costs and dates will be posted on the school website.

  • The QSP fundraiser was successful with approximately $2200 in profit.

  • Council minutes will be distributed as soon as possible following each meeting to those subscribed to the Council email. Minutes will be posted on the school website and bulletin board once they are approved by Council at the following meeting.

  • All School Councils have been provided with $500 from the Ministry of Education to be utilized to support parent communication and engagement efforts. Council discussed using this funding for the Synervoice phone messaging system which would allow recorded messages related to the school and its activities to be sent to each student household. Cost is approximately $1/student per year. Council voted unanimously to utilize this funding for the Synervoice system for this school year. Ms. King will follow up and have the system activated.

Principal’s Update

  • Facility Update – see above

  • Picture day & Retake day were successful

  • The Mayfield Secondary road show is coming to Alloa on October 19th. Heart Lake Secondary Student information session was on November 29th. Both are very informative assemblies for the grade 8s.

  • Cheryl Mountain is the dairy educator currently visiting Alloa and speaking with the students about healthy choices

  • The OPP are working with Alloa students on various safety initiatives. The grade 6 DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program has just finished and a graduation assembly will be held on December 14th. The grade 7 GREAT (Gang Resistance Education and Training) program has just begun.

  • Alloa’s athletes have been active; the cross country running team had a great showing at the Heart Lake conservation center. Both the girls and boys flag football represented Alloa well finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. The girls volleyball played well in their tournament. A championship banner will be raised in the gymnasium as the boys volleyball team won Division 5 championship. Congratulations to all the student athletes.

  • Alloa students have enjoyed some great entertainment. The primary classes attended the Oakville theatre to watch Fred Penner. The intermediate classes visited Mayfield Secondary for presentation of The Nutcracker. Mrs. Wilson is still working on a trip for the juniors. Troy Sexton (former STOMP member) visited Alloa this week with his Music Makers tour. A thank you to the School Council for funding his visit.

  • Respect assembly – took place on October 26th

  • Alloa’s Remembrance Day assembly took place on November 9th

New Business
- Photo - feedback received regarding Lifetouch photos (possible online purchasing next year, purchasing CD only and class pictures appear too far away and there are no names). Since this is the first year Alloa is using Lifetouch, Council will follow up with Lifetouch regarding concerns/questions raised.
- Rumor addressed regarding possible drugs at Alloa. Ms. King confirmed that this is a rumor only. The school has investigated the issue and will continue to monitor.
- Strike update - Reviewed information sheet brought home be students on December 5/12. Student safety is the priority. Food days will continue, teachers will collect money until Friday, December 7/12, after that date students will have to bring the money directly to the office. Volunteers will be utilized to hand out food on the food days. Book fair will be continuing as planned. Staff will continue to collect the items for CAS families until Wednesday December 12/12. All field trips are suspended at present.

Next meeting: February 12, 2013
Following meetings: April 9th, May 14th, June 11th

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