Lectures: tr 10: 00 – 11: 50 A. M. in Jb-387 Instructor

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MATH 553-01 (class # 42850): Analysis I
Spring 2010

Lectures: TR 10:00 – 11:50 A.M. in JB-387
Instructor: Dr. Min-Lin Lo E-mail: mlo@csusb.edu

Office: JB 318 Phone: (909) 537-5371

Office Hours: TR 2-4 pm and by appointment
Text: Introductory Real Analysis (ISBN: 0-395-95933-0), by Dangello and Seyfried.

(We will cover most of chapters 3-5 in our text book.)

Prerequisite: MATH 252 and 355.
Course Web Page: http://blackboard.csusb.edu for homework assignments, lecture notes, and important information.
Class Activities: Classes will consist of small group activities, discussion, individual activities, and lectures.

Homework: Will be assigned and discussed, but NOT graded. Each homework assignment will consist of a large number of problems; I strongly encourage you to work jointly on homework with your study group or other members of the class, and then write up the problems on your own.

Attendance: You are expected to attend/participate in each class.
Administrative Drop: Students who fail to attend TWO consecutive class meetings in the first three weeks may be dropped!
Quizzes: Weekly quizzes will be given. The lowest quiz score will be dropped, therefore makeup quizzes will not be given.
Exams: There will be a total of 3 exams given throughout the quarter and in the finals week. The lower of the first two exam scores will be dropped, so makeup exam will not be given.
► You are required to know the material in the lectures, the textbook (even if not covered in lecture), the homework, and quizzes.
► All exams (including final exam) will most likely to have a bonus question for 5 points extra. I might ask you to state certain theorems and definitions as well. Grading will be focus on your understanding (how well you show your work and how correct is your work), not just on the final answer. Therefore, partial credits will be given.

► The final exam (exam 3) is not comprehensive and this score can not be dropped!

One Minute “Quiz”: At the end of some class periods I will ask you to hand in a sheet of paper on which you have filled out the following:

  1. What was the most important topic covered today? (That is, what was the main point?)

  2. What was the most confusing idea that was covered today? (That is, which concepts did you find complex or hard to understand?)

  3. Any questions or comments?

You need not sign your name unless you have a specific question that you want me to address to you. I will frequently respond to one minute quizzes during the next class period.
Grading Policy:

  • NO “make-up” exams or quizzes.

  • There will be plenty of opportunities to obtain bonus points in class and exams.

  • NO CALCULATORS will be allowed during exams or quizzes.

Midterm Exam1&2 (pick the better score) → 100 points

Final Exam (score can’t be dropped!) → 100 points

6 in-class Quizzes (pick best 5 ×25 points each) → 125 points

Total 325 points maximum

























Academic Honesty: Cheating will be dealt with as harshly as University regulations (please review this at 09-10 CSUSB Bulletin, pages 53-54) permit. Once you cheat in any way, you will obtain F automatically for your course grade
Support for Student with Disabilities:
If you are in need of an accommodation for a disability in order to participate in this class, please contact Services to Students with Disabilities at UH-183, (909)537-5238.
How to Do Well in this Course:

This is a very difficult course. We cover a lot of material quickly. You are expected to understand it really well, and you will be required to do new proofs on the exams. You should plan on spending a minimum of 10 hours a week in preparation/homework.

Come to class, take good notes, go over the lectures every night after class, meet with your study group, ask questions on the material you do not understand, do the homework, participate in class, and get help as soon as you begin to fall behind. The most important thing is to study hard and to know the definitions and theorems. Help is available from me (make an appointment before or after class or e-mail me) and from some of the free tutors in the Math Peer Tutoring Center at JB-391. You may find it useful to make flash cards for definitions and the theorems.

Have fun learning Analysis

MATH 553-01 Spring 2010

All exam and quiz dates are tentative!



4/06 First Class


4/13 Quiz#1


4/20 Quiz#2


Note: 4/23 is the last day to drop w/o record

4/27 State Budget Closure Day (No class)

4/29 Exam 1



5/11 Quiz#3


5/18 Quiz#4


5/25 Exam 2


6/01 Quiz#5


6/08 Quiz#6

6/10 Last class


Final Exam 10:00-11:50am

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