Lease of state lands for certain purposes without advertising; terms and conditions

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3728137-281.  Lease of state lands for certain purposes without advertising; terms and conditions

A.  All state lands are subject to lease as provided in this article for a term of not more than ten years for agricultural, commercial and homesite purposes, without advertising.  The leases shall be granted according to the constitution, the law and the rules of the state land department.

B.  No lease shall be granted as provided by this section without application.  All applications for leases shall be made upon forms prepared and furnished by the department, shall be signed and sworn to by the applicant or his authorized agent or attorney and shall be filed with the department.  In lieu of signing and swearing to the application before a notary public or other person authorized to take acknowledgments, the applicant may affix his signature to the application, accompanied by a certification, under penalty of perjury, that the information and statements made in the application are to the best of his knowledge and belief true, correct and complete, and the application shall be accepted as duly executed.

C.  Any material false statement or concealment of facts made by an applicant, his authorized agent or his attorney in the application to lease, which, if known to the department, would have prevented issuance of the lease in the form or to the person issued, shall be grounds for cancellation of a lease issued upon such application.

D.  No lessee shall use lands leased to him except for the purpose for which the lands are leased.

E.  No lessee shall sublease lands leased to him without written permission of the state land department. 37281

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