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1. Introduction

2. Pack Contents

3. Setup & Configuration

3.a. Connecting your LAN Adapter to your Wii and Wired Network

3.b. Existing Network Requirements

3.c. Configuring your Wii to Use the LAN Adapter

3.d. What to do if your Wii Fails the Connection Test

4. Using your LAN Adapter

5. Technical Support & Customer Services

1. Introduction
Congratulations on your purchase of Datel’s LAN Adapter for Nintendo Wii. This LAN Adapter allows you to connect your Nintendo Wii to a wired broadband Internet connection via your Wii’s USB port.
Setup and operation is very straight forward. Please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with the contents of this manual to ensure trouble-free installation.
2. Pack Contents
Please ensure you have all the parts listed here. If anything is missing, please contact Datel’s customer service department (see Section 4).

  • 1 x LAN Adapter unit (with attached USB cable)

  • 1 x Ethernet cable

  • 1 x User manual

3. Setup and Configuration
3.a. Connecting your LAN Adapter to your Wii and Wired Network
Connect your LAN Adapter to your Wii by means of a free USB port on your Wii console. The other side of the LAN Adapter has an Ethernet port ready for you to connect to your existing wired broadband network using the supplied Ethernet cable.
Connect your LAN Adapter to a free Ethernet port on your hub/switch/router.

IMPORTANT: For your LAN Adapter to be recognised by your Wii, the adapter must be connected to a USB port on your Wii console before you boot your console.
If you connect your LAN Adapter to your Wii whilst the console is switched on, you will need to re-boot your Wii in order for it to detect the LAN Adapter.

3.b. Existing Network Requirements
In order for your Wii to be able to use your wired broadband Internet connection, please ensure your network is configured as follows:

Note: It might not be necessary for you to understand the points below. If a device such as a PC or laptop can connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable on your network without the need for any special configuration, it’s likely the Wii will be able to use the Internet connection too.

  • You are connected your Wii to a broadband modem/router that has an ‘always on’ Internet connection.

  • Your network includes a device (probably your modem/router) that is configured to act as a DHCP that will allocate an IP address to the Wii automatically.

  • If you have enabled a hardware or software firewall on your network, it needs to be configured to allow access to the Internet to the IP address range that could be allocated to your Wii.

If you are in any doubt about how to configure your wired network to meet the above requirements, please consult the documentation supplied with your network hardware.

3.c. Configuring your Wii to Use the LAN Adapter
Configuring your Wii console to use your wired Internet connection couldn’t be simpler. Please follow the illustrated steps below to complete the configuration:

Choose ‘Wii Options’ then ‘Wii Settings’ then click right to view the 2nd page of options.

Choose the ‘Internet’ option on the 2nd page of the Wii System Settings.

Next choose ‘Connection Settings’.

Choose any empty connection (displayed with ‘None’ alongside).

Choose ‘Wired Connection’.

Finally, choose ‘OK’ to test the new connection.

Setup is now complete.

Once you have completed the above steps, your Wii should be able to access all available online services through your wired Internet connection.

3.d. What to do if your Wii Fails the Connection Test
Because there is no configuration to be made on the LAN Adapter itself, if your Wii fails the Connection Test during setup, you should check the following points:

  • Your LAN Adapter must be connected to your Wii before you switch the console on – reboot your console with the LAN Adapter connected to make sure.

  • Make sure your wired network is up and running – test the connection from a PC or other network device if possible.

  • Check the LAN Adapter is firmly connected to a USB port on your Wii and that it is firmly connected to your router/switch/modem etc using the supplied Ethernet cable.

Further troubleshooting
If after checking the above points your Wii still fails to connect, the problem likely lies with your network configuration. Consult the documentation that came with your network hardware.
4. Using your LAN Adapter
Once configured (see previous chapter) your Datel LAN Adapter will provide a seamless link to your wired Internet connection, giving access to all online-enabled services on your Wii.
Communication lights
The LAN Adapter has two built-in lights to indicate communication. The light on the right (nearest the Ethernet connector) shows Ethernet traffic whilst the light on the left shown traffic on the USB port.
Note: There may be times when neither the Ethernet or USB lights are illuminated; this is perfectly normal and simply means there is no data being transferred.
5. Technical Support & Customer Services
If you’re experiencing difficulties with any aspect of your LAN Adapter for NINTENDO Wii™, please ensure you have read and understood the contents of this user manual before contacting Datel’s Technical Support department.
When you contact Datel’s Customer Services or Technical Support department, please have ready information on your technical problem along with when and where you purchased the product.
Customers Services,
Datel Ltd,
Stafford Road,
ST15 0DG
ATTN: Customer Services,
Datel Design & Development
15500 Lightwave Drive, Suite 101,
ClearwaterFL 33760
Telephone: 727-431-0650
LAN Adapter for NINTENDO Wii™ is a 100% unofficial product and is NOT sponsored, endorsed or approved by NINTENDO, nor any games developer or publisher.
© 2007 Datel Design & Development Ltd. Wii is a registered trademark of NINTENDO.

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