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Department of Classics

Georgetown University

320 Healy Hall

Washington, DC 20057

(202) 687-7102


Fields of Expertise: Roman history; Latin literature
Experience: Professor of Classics, Georgetown University (2010-present)
Associate Professor of Classics, Georgetown University (2007-2010)
Assistant Professor of Classics, Georgetown University (2002-2007)
Assistant Director of the Classical Summer School, American Academy in

Rome (Summer 2002)

Instructor and Teaching Fellow, Yale University (1998-2001)

Yale University Ph.D., Classics May 2002

M.Phil., Classics December 1999

M.A., Classics May 1997

B.A., Classics, summa cum laude May 1996


co-edited with Susanna Morton Braund, A Companion to Persius and

Juvenal (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012)
Claudius Caesar: Image and Power in the Early Roman Empire

(Cambridge University Press, 2011)
A Suetonius Reader (Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 2011)
Caesar’s Legacy: Civil War and the Emergence of the Roman Empire

(Cambridge University Press, 2006)

Articles and Notes:

“The Rise of Empire in the West (264-50 BC)” in H. Flower, The

Cambridge Companion to the Roman Republic, rev. ed. (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)
“Julius Caesar and Spanish Triumph-Hunting” in C. Lange and F.

Vervaet, The Roman Republican Triumph (Danish Institute of Rome, forthcoming)

“The Topography of Roman Assassination” in G. Fagan and W. Riess,

The Topography of Ancient Greek and Roman Violence (forthcoming)
Breviarium totius imperii: the Background to Appian’s Roman History

in K. Welch et al., Appian and the Romans (Classical Press of Wales, forthcoming)

“Suetonius and the Succession to Augustus” chapter in A. Gibson, ed.,

The Julio-Claudian Succession: Reality and Perception of the “Augustan Model” (Brill, 2012)
(with Susanna Morton Braund) “Imperial Satire Theorized: Dryden’s

Discourse of Satire” chapter in S. Braund and J. Osgood, eds., A Companion to Persius and Juvenal (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012)
“Making Romans in the Family” chapter in M. Peachin, ed., The Oxford

Handbook of Social Relations in the Roman World (Oxford University Press, 2011)
“The Education of Paulinus of Pella: Learning in the Late Empire”

chapter in C. Sogno, E. Watts, and S. McGill, eds., The Long Fourth Century (Cambridge University Press, 2010)

“Caesar and the Pirates; or How to Make (and Break) an Ancient Life”,

Greece & Rome (2010) 319-36
“The Pen and the Sword: Writing and Conquest in Caesar’s Gaul”

Classical Antiquity 28 (2009) 328-58
“Caesar and Nicomedes” The Classical Quarterly 58 (2008) 687-91
“The Vox and Verba of an Emperor: Seneca, Claudius, and le prince

idéalThe Classical Journal 102 (2007) 329-54
“Eloquence under the Triumvirs” The American Journal of Philology 127

(2006) 525-51

Nuptiae iure civili congruae: Apuleius’ Story of Cupid and Psyche and

the Roman Law of Marriage” Transactions of the American Philological Society 136 (2006) 415-41

“Cicero’s Pro Caelio 33-34 and Appius Claudius’ Oratio de Pyrrho

Classical Philology 100 (2005) 355-58
Contributions to Reference Works:

Seneca, Apocolocyntosis, article in The Literary Encyclopedia (online,


“Asinius Pollio,” “Augustus,” “civil war,” “consul,” “Horatius,” “Iulia

gens,” “Pompey,” “Porcius Cato, Censor”, “Porcius Cato, Uticensis,” “principate”, and “Res Gestae”, entries forthcoming in The Virgil Encyclopedia (Wiley-Blackwell)
“Julius Caesar” and “Augustus”, articles in The Encyclopedia of Ancient

History (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012)
“Mark Antony”, “Messala”, “Pharsalus”, and “Pollio, Gaius Asinius”

entries in Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome (Oxford University Press, 2009)


Review of Icks, The Crimes of Elagabalus in The History Teacher 42

(2013) 298-99
Review of Winterling, Zwischen Strukturgeschichte und Biographie.

Probleme und Perspektiven einer neuen römischen Kaisergeschichte in sehepuntke


Review of Coşkun, Cicero und das römische Bürgerrecht. Die

Verteidigung des Dichters Archias in Gnomon 84 (2012) 459-60
Review of Richardson, Augustan Rome in Bryn Mawr Classical Review


Review of Robb, Beyond Populares and Optimates in The American

Historical Review 117 (2012) 264-65
Review of Shackleton Bailey, Cicero: Philippics (rev. Ramsey and

Manuwald) in Exemplaria Classica 15 (2011) 393

Review (co-authored with Charles McNelis) of Breed et al., Citizens of

Discord in Bryn Mawr Classical Review


Review of Mackay, The Breakdown of the Roman Republic in Ancient

History Bulletin 24 (2010) 152-55
Review of Roller, Cleopatra in Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Review of Wyke, Caesar: a Life in Western Culture in International

Journal of the Classical Tradition 17 (2010) 459-62

Review of Aldrete, Daily Life in the Roman City in The History Teacher

42 (2009) 507-8

Review of Scheidel, Morris, and Saller, The Cambridge Economic

History of the Greco-Roman World in CJ Online


Review of Wiseman, Remembering the Roman People in CJ Online



Review of Tatum, Always I Am Caesar in The History Teacher 42

(2008) 128-29

Review of Connolly, The State of Speech: Rhetoric and Political

Thought in Ancient Rome in American Journal of Philology 129 (2008) 601-5
Review of Dufallo, The Ghosts of the Past: Latin Literature, the Dead,

and Rome’s Transition to a Principate in Classical Review 58 (2008), 475-76
Review of Linderski, Roman Questions II, in Bryn Mawr Classical

Review (
Review of Bücher, Verargumentierte Geschichte. Exempla Romana im

politischen Diskurs der späten römischen Republik in sehepunkte

Review of Manuwald, Cicero, Philippics 3-9. Volume 1. Introduction,

Text and Translation. Volume 2. Commentary, in Bryn Mawr Classical Review (http://ccat.
Review of Flower, The Art of Forgetting: Disgrace and Oblivion

in Roman Political Culture, in The American Historical Review 112 (2007), 1588
Review of Canfora, Julius Caesar: the Life and Times of the People’s
in The New England Classical Journal 34 (2007), 359-61
Review of Scheid, ed., Res Gestae Divi Augusti, in Bryn Mawr Classical

Review (

Review of Wyke, Julius Caesar in Western Culture, Kamm, Julius

Caesar: a Life, and Goldsworthy: Caesar: the Life of a Colossus in

The Classical Review 57 (2007), 466-69
Review of Riggsby, Caesar in Gaul and Rome: War in Words in The

American Historical Review 112 (2007), 559-60
Review of Nappa, Reading after Actium: Vergil’s Georgics, Octavian,

and Rome in Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Review of Højte, Roman Imperial Statue Bases: From Augustus to

Commodus in The American Journal of Archaeology online reviews 110.4 (October, 2006)

Work in Progress:

The Fall of the Roman Republic (thematic textbook)
Suetonius: the Divine Augustus (edition)
Turia: A Roman Woman’s Civil War (study based on Laudatio Turiae)
numerous articles and reviews
Awards: 2008 Summer Academic Grant, Georgetown University Graduate School

of Arts and Sciences

2006 Summer Academic Grant, Georgetown University Graduate School

of Arts and Sciences

Visiting Research Fellowship, Yale University, Spring 2005

2005 Junior Faculty Research Fellowship, Georgetown University

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

2004 Summer Academic Grant, Georgetown University Graduate School

of Arts and Sciences

2003 Summer Academic Grant, Georgetown University Graduate School

of Arts and Sciences

John Addison Porter Prize (May 2002): highest prize at Yale University

for academic writing, awarded for dissertation “The Missing Years: Italy, 44-29 BC”

Samuel H. Kress Foundation/Jesse Benedict Carter Pre-Doctoral Rome Prize Fellowship in Archeology and Classical Studies, awarded by

the American Academy in Rome (September 2001-August 2002)

Enders Summer Fellowship (Summer 2001)

Enders Research Grant (Summer 2000)

Alice Derby Lang Prize (May 1999): Yale University Department of

Classics prize, awarded for essay “A Women’s Point of View: Agathon, The Meidias Painter, and Fantasy in Late Fifth-Century Athens”

Alice Derby Lang Prize (May 1997): Yale University Department of

Classics Prize, awarded for essay “A Pastoral Singing Contest in Meleager”

Winthrop Prizes in Greek and Latin (May 1996)

Phi Beta Kappa (October 1995)

Talks: “Julius Caesar and Spanish Triumph-hunting” (“The Roman Republican

Triumph” conference, Danish Institute of Rome; January, 2013)

“A Roman Woman’s Civil War” (Kenyon College; October, 2011)

“Suetonius Segmented” (CAMWS Annual Meeting; Grand Rapids; April,


“Tiro’s Monument” (Princeton University; October, 2010)

Breviarium totius imperii: the Background of Appian’s Roman History

(Appian and the Romans Conference; University of Sydney; July 2010)

“The Changing Image of Claudius” (Washington Classical League; May


“The Pen and the Sword: Writing and Conquest in Caesar’s Gaul”

(McKibben Lecture, Grinnell College; April 2007; Ancient

Historians Colloquium of the Atlantic States; University of

Pennsylvania; March 2008)

“How to Make a Roman Province: Claudius’ Annexation of Lycia and

the Dossier of Veranius” (Johns Hopkins University; February 2007)

“The Roman Family as a Socializing Force” (Indiana University;

December 2006)

“The Aedileship and the Annalistic Tradition” (University of Virginia;

March 2006)

“The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche: A Roman Fairy Tale” (Yale

University Topics in Roman History Seminar Series; January 2005)

“The Memory of Philippi” (APA Annual Meeting; Boston; January 2004;

and Stanford University; February 2005)

“Missing Years: The Triumviral Period of Roman History and Literature”

(CAMWS Annual Meeting; Saint Louis; April 2003)

“A Fight For Greece: Marathon”; “Thy Kingdom Come!: the Birth of

Christianity”; “The Fall of Rome” (Smithsonian Institute Associates Program course ‘Turning Points in Western History’; October 2003)

“Land Appropriations: Vergil’s Eclogues and the Triumviral

Confiscations” (American Academy in Rome; April 2002)

“Satires of Circumstance: Memories of Civil War in Italy after the Death

of Caesar” (University of Colorado at Boulder and University of Texas at Austin; February, 2002)

“The Ashes of Our Fathers: Propertius, the Volumnii, and the War at

Perugia” (University of California at San Diego; January 2002)

“A History in Anecdotes: Tales of the Triumviral Proscriptions”

(CAAS Meeting; New Rochelle; April 2001)

“‘Since the new settler came’: Horace Sat. 2.2 As a Response to Vergil”

(Columbia University Graduate Student Colloquium; April 2001)

“The History of Loss: Vergil Eclogue 9 and the Triumviral Confiscations”

(APA Annual Meeting; San Diego; January 2001)

“Coining Fortune: Fortuna, Octavian, and Vergil’s Eclogues

(“Coinage, Politics, and Ideology in the Ancient World” Societas

Colloquium; Cumae, Italy; May 2000)

“Learning and Play: Dolls from the Roman Empire”

(New York University; March 2000)
Service: at Georgetown University:
First-year Student Academic Workshop (advisor fall 2003, fall 2004, fall

2005, fall 2006, fall 2007)

Georgetown College Executive Council (member 2003-present; secretary

2004-5; on Steering Committee, 2005-6)

Villa Le Balze Steering Committee (member 2004-2012; chair, 2009-


Judicial Hearing Board (member 2005-present)

Faculty Senate (member 2007-2010)

Faculty Library Advisory Committee (member 2007-present)

Georgetown College Awards Committee (2007)

Georgetown College Admissions Committee (2010-2011)

First-year Student Mentorship Program (Spring 2003, Spring 2007)

Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (Fall 2004;

Fall 2006, Spring 2007)

Advisor of numerous senior theses (in American Studies, History,

Classics, Interdisciplinary Studies in Georgetown College; and also in the School of Foreign Service)

Conference “Greek Poetry in Italy,” held at Georgetown’s Villa le Balze (June 2007, co-organizer)
Service on numerous departmental committees
Refereeing of articles and books for various journals and presses

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