Its Smart to feel

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Its Smart to feel
Emotions matter and felling is the most powerful resource we have. Emotions are life lines to self-awareness and self-preservation that deeply connect us to ourselves and others ,to nature and the cosmos. Emotion and intellect are two halves of a whole. The intelligence of the heart is EQ. EQ is deliberately reminiscent of the standard measure of brainpower, IQ. IQ and EQ are synergistic resources ,without one the other is incomplete and ineffectual .IQ without EQ can get you an A on a test but won’t get you ahead in life. The messages from our senses – our eyes, our ears – are first registered by the brain structure most heavily involved in emotional memory-the amygdala-before moving into the neocortex-the thinking part of the brain. When the parts of our brains that enable us to feel emotions are damaged ,our intellects remain intact. We can still talk ,analyze, perform excellently on IQ tests, and even predict how one should act in social situations. But under these tragic circumstances we are unable to make decisions in the real world, to interact successfully with other people and/or to act appropriately, to plan for the immediate or long term future, to reason or finally to succeed. This suggests that the rational and emotional parts of the brain depend on each other. The root of the word emotion is the Latin motere , which means “to move”. Intelligence helps us recognize a range of actions but doesn’t drive us to act; emotion does. Likewise you can get stuck with your IQ forever ,whereas feeling or believing ,can get you out of the intellect . A beautiful mind and a personality lies in feeling the right things at the right time. Unfelt feelings make us do an say the wrong thing at the wrong time or do nothing at all. Without the self-knowledge that emotion provides ,we do things we later regret, we lack the passion to act quickly and appropriately based on what’s important to us, and we have no idea how to interact effectively with others. Our EQ is evident in everything we do and say. An EQ smart person can easily win himself and win others with ease and this can be achieved by knowing ,realizing and implicating the ‘feel factor’ in our lives . So to live and love life fully ,its smart to feel. If a fear of negativity for the ‘feel’ comes in our minds, positive feeling controlling the sentiments can only get us ahead in our lives. So feel freely with a positive attitude to attain liberation and to make good things come to life .
--Preetam Bose
Some contents of the article ‘Its smart to feel’ are taken from the book ‘Raising your Emotional Intelligence’ by American Psychologist Jeanne Segal ,verified by Psychologist Dr.Adwait Padhye of Dombivali, Mumbai.

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