Introduction to Adobe After-Effects

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Introduction to Adobe After-Effects

This 2 day Introduction to Adobe After-Effects course is designed for those users who wish to take video, animation or stills to the next level of creativity. This course introduces delegates to the basic concepts of working with After Effects. It aims to give delegates the confidence to begin using the application in a professional environment to produce smooth animation and sophisticated special effects.


Knowledge of the windows interface would be required. No experience of Adobe After-Effects is necessary.


Course is ideal for anyone who wishes to develop their skills to produce complex to basic video productions for commercial or home use.

Course Content

Introduction to the Interface

Project window

• Composition window

• Timeline

Layer window

• Palettes

• Managing your workspace
Working with footage

• Photoshop files

• Illustrator files

Image sequences

• Movies (QuickTime; AVI)

• Audio

• Basic transformations

• Keyframe types

Keyframe Assistants

• Rostrum work (Panning and Zooming)

Basic Compositing

• Drawing Masks

Animating Masks

• Understanding Channels

• The Magic of Blending Modes

Creating Track mattes


• Understanding effect properties

• Animating effects

• Effect order & collapsing


• Nesting & pre-composing

• Adjustment layers


• Basic text formatting

Working with Text Animators

• Working with imported text


• Basic Rotoscoping

Animating paint properties

• The Clone tool

Fundamentals of 3D & parenting

• Working with 3D Tools and interface

• Understanding 3D layers

• Using the cameras

• Working with lights

Parenting and Nulls

Technical Issues

• Interlacing and field issues

• Colour and luminance issues

Understanding aspect ratios

• Working with Codecs

• Output options

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