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Registering a Domain Name

Free Domain Names at

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to

  2. In the REGISTER A DOMAIN NAME box, enter your desired domain name and click the OK button. If that domain is already registered, click the Back button and try a different domain name.

  3. If the domain is available, you will a Domain name registration (Step 1 of 4) page. Scroll down and accept the default selection of FREE DOMAIN NAME. Enter a working email address and click Continue. You can use a address if you like, to avoid spam. To do that, just make up any name and add it in there, such as

  4. In the Domain name registration (Step 2 of 4) page, enter your Web Site. Scroll down and fill in the rest of the form. Click Continue.

  5. In the next page (also labeled Domain name registration (Step 2 of 4)), scroll down and fill in the form. Click Continue.

  6. In the Domain name registration (Step 3 of 4) page, enter a fake name, address, and phone number. Use the same email you used before. Click Continue.

  7. Now you need to read that email. Open another browser window and look for a message from If you used a mailinator address, read it at

  8. Find the CONFIRMATION CODE in that email message, and copy it to the clipboard. Click the link in step 1 in that email message. Paste in your CONFIRMATION NUMBER and click Confirm Registration.

  9. You should see a message like the one shown to the right on this page saying Your Dot TK domain has been set to active.

  10. Open Internet Explorer and type in your domain name. it has to start with www and end with .tk, like

  11. It took a long time (ten minutes or even longer) for them to activate my domain, so if yours is not working yet, take a look at the two I made to see how they work:

CNIT 100 – Bowne Page of

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