Instructor: Michael Braun

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AAD 399 Arts Administration Practicum

Instructor: Michael Braun

Office: 111 Fine Arts Building

Telephone: 859 257 4142



Under the supervision of a faculty member, students must complete at least one practicum in order to meet their graduation requirements. Examples of practicums include conducting a publicity campaign for an event, working on a fundraiser, producing a publication, conducting research, assisting during a conference, updating a website, etc. While students are encouraged to complete their practicums in service to the department (Art and Theatre) or school (Music) that houses their arts discipline at the University of Kentucky this is not a requirement. Practicums may also be completed in service to other arts-related units at the University of Kentucky such as the Arts Administration Program, Singletary Center for the Arts, Student Activities Board and the UK Art Museum, or even off campus within the Lexington community, or other communities.

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Set realistic goals that can be accomplished within the time frame of a practicum.

  • Successfully apply the skills acquired in Arts Administration classes to a practicum.

  • Work cooperatively in a positive manner with the personnel of the organization hosting the practicum.

  • Submit the necessary evaluative materials.


Students are responsible for identifying and obtaining their own practicums. However Arts Administration faculty are always available to assist with these activities. Before starting a practicum, a student must receive approval from the faculty member who oversees AAD 399, and must complete a Learning Contract, which describes the practicum’s activities, and the organization that will be hosting it. Students must work a minimum of 40 hours during the practicum. These hours may be spread out over time, for example 3 hours per week over fourteen weeks, or they may be completed in a shorter time period, for example 20 hours per-week over two weeks.


Once the practicum is over, a student and their onsite supervisor are required to complete evaluation forms and to meet and discuss the student’s performance during the practicum. The evaluation forms can be found on the Arts Administration Program’s web site. The student is then required to meet with their UK Arts Administration practicum supervisor for an exit interview. Students will be given a passing grade as long as they have worked the required hours, completed their work in a reasonable manner according to their onsite supervisor, gathered the required evaluation forms and met with their UK Arts Administration practicum supervisor for their exit interview. Those who do not meet the preceding requirements will receive a failing grade.

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