Instructor: Dr. Calvin Burgoyne

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Math 1113


Instructor: Dr. Calvin Burgoyne


Text: Precalculus by Cohen (UGA edition)

Room: 303 Boyd

Time: MWF 12:20 – 1:10

Office Hours: MW 2 - 3

T/Th 9 - 10

Web Page: 1113/1113home.htm

Note that you may also find the web page by going to and then clicking on the course web pages, and finally on 1113.
Please see the web page for all assignments, current announcements, and things to do the first week and so on.

We will have several quizzes throughout the semester. No make-up quizzes will be given. On occasion we will have homework handed in to be graded. Note that homework plus quizzes are worth 10% of your grade. One quiz and three homework assignments will be dropped. Note that September 12 is the last day to switch to an intensive section or to math 1110.

See the Web Page and syllabus to see the department syllabus and test dates. Also see the homework assignments. We are in testing group 1.

Exams 1through 6 10% each

Final Exam 25%

Homework (on the web) 5%

Quizzes and assignments 10%
You will need to sign up for each exam on line
The final exam may be taken any day during the finals week. Sign up on a first come first serve basis.
Of course, you should adhere to UGA’s Academic Honesty Policy, as described on the web-site:
You are expected to attend class. If you have 4 absences you will be dropped from the course!

The grading scale is as follows:

a   92-100

a-  89-91

b+ 87-88

b   82-86

b- 79-81

c+ 77-78

c   72-76

c-  69-71

d   60-68

f < 60

For help with this course see:

For disability services see:

Changes to this syllabus may become necessary as the term goes on.

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