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PEB 1154 RHYTHMIC AEROBICS Example Syllabus
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Class Time: Class Location: 223 Melcher Gymnasium
Course Description

This course is designed to promote an understanding and the development of fitness through a variety of exercise activities. During most of the semester we will be doing ‘step-aerobics’ and most Fridays we will be walking or jogging. Students will develop a basic understanding and skill level in rhythmic aerobic activities. Principles, techniques, and safe practices of aerobics will be taught throughout the course.

Course Objectives

1. Students will be able to use pre-designed spreadsheets to calculate their target heart rate zone and level of aerobic fitness.

  1. Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the key elements of a sound aerobic program and basic human anatomy by designing a group workout. Groups will be formed whereby members must collaborate to effectively lead the class in an aerobic workout.

  2. Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of fitness and nutrition principles by completing specific reading assignments.


No text. All assignments can be found on the class web page.

Dress Code

Comfortable clothing that will insure freedom of movement is recommended. Jeans and open-toed shoes are not allowed. Athletic shoes with rubber soles MUST be worn in order to participate. Students enrolled in PEB classes may check out a pair of shorts, t-shirt, exercise towel, and bath towel on a class by class basis.


  1. Fifty percent of your final grade will be determined by attendance. Attendance means that you are dressed out and you participate in the activities. The remaining portion of your grade will be based on reading assignments, labs, and a group assignment. One point will be deducted for each day an assignment is turned in late.

  2. Department of Health and Human Performance Absentee Policy:

Missing 6 or more academic hours of class is considered excessive. An hour class absence = 1 miss and a 1.5 hour class absence = 1.5 misses. In PEB classes students have the option of receiving an ‘S’ or a ‘U’ grade which will not be used in GPA calculation (with an ‘S’ you still get the hour credit). This will be contracted by the last formal day of class. You may not receive an ‘S’ if you miss more than 6 academic hours; you will receive the grade you earn. Once a grade has been issued, no S/U to letter grade change (or letter grade to S/U) will be permitted

  1. Early departure may be counted against the student’s attendance at the discretion of the instructor. You will be marked late if you arrive 10 minutes after the designated class time and 3 lates equals 1 absence. After the first two weeks of class there will be a sign-up sheet on which you will be responsible for initialing in the appropriate box. The sign-up sheet will not be accessible after11:10; you must see me after class to receive credit. You will earn 2 points for each day you attend and participate in class. You can only earn 1 attendance point if you arrive after 11:30.

  1. The Grading System to be used is based on percentages: A = 94% and above, A- = 90-93, B+ = 86-89, B = 84-85, B- = 80-83, C+ = 76-79, C = 74-75, C- = 70-73, D+ = 66-69, D = 64-65, D- = 60-63, F = 59 and below. “I”s and “W”s are not available as a grade once coursework has been completed just because you do not like your grade.. If you stop attending class and do not have yourself formally dropped (your name is still on the roll), you will receive an ‘F’ in the class. Tuesday, November 4th is the last day to withdraw from a class. Remember that you are only allowed 6 Ws throughout your academic career and drops must be initiated by the student. Students need to get a drop form from the Welcome Center, fill it out, and have it signed by the instructor by the due date. Do this early as not all instructors are on campus full time.

Class Environment

Please respect others in class by turning your cell phone off. Phone calls are not to be taken at any time during class. The schedule and procedures in this course are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances. By maintaining enrollment in this course, you agree to abide be all points in this syllabus and the University’s policies and procedures. If at any time during the course you are unhappy with your performance, please contact me immediately. Failure to contact me immediately will most likely result in repeated poor performance and will tremendously limit your options.

Safety Concerns

As with any physical activity class, there is an inherent risk of injury associated with participation. The University of Houston does not carry health insurance for students in activity classes. The Department of Health and Human Performance and its instructors are in no way responsible for injuries incurred as a result of participation in its classes.
Disabilities Statement

Whenever possible, and in accordance with 504/ADA guidelines, we will attempt to provide reasonable academic accommodations to students who request and require them. Please contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at 713-743-5400 for more assistance and present the proper paperwork to me as soon as possible
Academic Integrity

Students are expected to abide by the university’s academic honesty policy in all matters concerning this course.  (  In particular, plagiarism, “Representing as one’s own work the work of another without acknowledging the source,” whether intentional or unintentional, will not be tolerated. 

Lab and Assignment Schedule (see web calendar for all other activity details)

Friday, 8-29, Fitness History is due (10 pts)

Friday, 9-5, Lab 1 is due (10pts)

Wednesday, 9-17, Lab 2 is due (10pts)

Wednesday, 9-24, Questions for Reading Assn #1 are due

Wednesday, 10-1, Questions for Reading Assn #2 are due

Wednesday, 10-8, Questions for Reading Assn #3 are due

Friday, 10-24, Lab 3 is due (30pts)

November 10th through the 21st, Groups lead the class for an aerobic workout (see guidelines on web) (50pts)

Friday, 12-5, Lab 4 is due (50pts)

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